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  1. i paid through paypal and i phoned paypal when i did not receive my upgrade to premium status earlier this year,only to discover that I had mis typed my email address to G.C.COM. i got in touch with my service provider and they forced the reply email to me,totaly my fault
  2. beast of bodmin still views cache pages i.e last visit 5th dec. but still not bothered enough to put them selfs out
  3. vc is now on 85 2 days later at 0115hrs wednesday, and still not found any of mine. come on vc is that 6 dnf for you
  4. October has gone missing! I only noticed because it was our best ever month... still there for me.
  5. me too,seemed more personal. well done to all mile stoners
  6. it is now 1115hrs,and he/she has gone from 60 cache's to 57 i dont think it will be too long before he/she has lost some more
  7. 16th then 42nd now 28th " must get out more" but still content cheers brian
  8. merry christmas and prosperous new year to everyone
  9. seasons greetings pid and all yo ho ho bhar,humbug.
  10. 13miles,an event cache so i can't do it till the 18th
  11. i have saved spoiler,in case i visit the area (not cheating,just taking advantage of the situation while i can)my advice delete asap as pyoung1 suggests.
  12. hope your going to black pigs christmas camboree event this weekend
  13. a month's worth of cacheing,other than that life goes on same cxxp different day.
  14. i take -pen, a4,water proofs ,spare batteries,mobile phone, stick,pda,gps,maps,swaps,tb's,wellie's,spare socks ect ect
  15. try way point (GCKW1C) its a cachers get together near barnsley
  16. 2nd photo- "thats it me coats off just watch a pro" 3rd photo- "thats the way to do it"
  17. most of my nearest cache's to home are in west yorkshire, if we are off together any time i'm only to willing to pass on any advise i can,email me if you fancy a day out cache'ing in your area.i will be at black pigs christmas camboree on the 18th dec along with alot of other cacher's try this event it should be a great day out
  18. this looks like where i was stood with an accuracy of 28 feet would put it right
  19. OH NO! Iv'e only just started, and iv'e got really big plans during winter months when others are in the warmth i'm looking forward to Number one spot
  20. cheers seasider it's my round next mate
  21. surely he has not retired because of this
  22. i was curious to see how seasider went on with his isle of white 24 hour cache hunt so i went on to his profile to discover he retired on the 3rd dec, this man has been an insperation to alot of us and has suddenly gone cold turkey.
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