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  1. yesterday i could not find a an estate in west yorkshire so i rang the hider of the cache and 15 mins later leecee & biffa turned up to escort me to the said estate & spent the rest of the day with me what a great day this turned out to be .thanks go to these two genuine truly helpful guys true yorkies cheers steve
  2. thanks rutson, I actually found all first but shared them with elderstuart, except the final one when WE solved the co ords (with help ) but i was thirsty for a pint so let him return on his own. i got my priorities right.I think ?
  3. i) a sport = trying for a first to find ii) a hobby = when you enjoy it iii) an addiction =when you want "just one more today" iv) a lunatic perversion =[edited] v) a lifestyle =nothing else to do vi) all of the above =yes probably
  4. e mail previous finders of the bug they may have retained the number, a long shot but it might work
  5. took number left number TNLN thanks for the contact TFTC cheers DONE
  6. i'm planing some of rutson's hides this year. can i have your phone number (just in case )
  7. i've phoned a friend i was doing fossil transfer and after an hour of searching i phoned a non cacher to get them to look at the spoiler and describe the picture to me,i found it very amusing how they discribed the scene.it did put me looking elsewhere and i found it. p.s well done on you 50th on the eve of new years eve
  8. seven & half month's 172 finds, 39 virgin cache's deflowered by me cheers steve
  9. well done slytherin & mongoose on your recent milestones
  10. email sent we met at blackpigs christmas coroboree
  11. Favourite Cache of the Year = all gowex hides Best swop of the Year = ? Favourite Software Application = gsak(when i can work out how to load it to pda) Favourite Web Site = gcuk/geohikes Personality of the Year = seasider
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