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  1. I've done quite a lot around here it's my favorite area, look on my profile email me for advice on any and i'll let you know if i would take my 2 yr old grandaughter on them. can't advise to much about the mud this time of year though but for starters......wier is it...surprise...highest derbyshire inn....3 card trick (a very nice 4 series on a very flat clean surface buggy friendly ... HOW MANY DO WANT!
  2. 13 still on top 13 more work for deego (another table ) nice one John edited because i could not put 13 emotions
  3. sent mine the other day, probably the first to log AGAIN. (i hate working, so many cache's to do)
  4. yes me, i'm off for a week but i'm out with seasider for my 200th milestone with a bit of luck
  5. see COTM in the uk forums go deego's reply (sorry i don't know how to transfer it to here , but i'm sure somebody will do it)
  6. WELL DONE it's been a very good month for you Ian with a new record breaker and hitting 400 and setting a few caches COTM is looking good for you steve
  7. happy birthday 3 minutes ago mate
  8. guess who's put his hand in a hornets nest ?
  9. they do! i've been working on a couple of yours for 3 weeks on and off
  10. is it possible that some body placed the cache there but had it refused, and just left it in place any way. back to you ecky
  11. But surely, you'd do them both in the end? yes ! but only when i've scored the bigger numbers. ooopps i am not a numbers man
  12. I'm not a numbers man, but if there was a series cache with a few log finds and a series cache with only one log find I would definatly do the one wih a few log finds. but thats the way I play the game/sport/pasttime
  13. dadgum i've just paid £50 from pc world where did you get yours from
  14. no ! i don't believe you you must of been running
  15. well done TED heres to the next 49 good luck in your new hobby/sport/pasttime
  16. happy birthday and well done on your 100th cache dolly girl
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