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  1. I sign SP too! so which one of us is SParticus, I'm SParticus!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Put a smile on my face! GOOD LUCK!
  3. Results for July 2008 Position Name Caches Found Caches Hidden TBs Moved TBs Released Trigpoints Points Results not available
  4. Nice to be there and tease you a bit when you found it
  5. Just noticed the Mega Event coin has it's icon displayed
  6. What sheep, just been outside, nothing there!
  7. So without hesitation I asked for the charge rates Good morning, The internet access charge is £9.00 for a 24hour period or £5.00 for an hour. This can be purchased via a credit card or at Reception. Kind Regards Lyndsey
  8. I mailed the Hotel about this here is there reply Good morning Mr P, I would like to confirm that the hotel has internet access available for all residents in the public areas and also the guest bedrooms. Charges do apply for this service. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards Lyndsey Sales Office Manager
  9. yes! me and Mrs P (butty box hunters (granny)) are there Sat Sun depart Monday
  10. I have a couple of puzzles I need help with!
  11. Good idea Mrs B, I'm still here in S Yorks, if anyone wants a tour
  12. No, only the ones listed on the cache page!
  13. Edited to add - and my MM icons started going loopy a couple of weeks ago - I haven't changed any settings or imported any new icons into MM, but all of a sudden I'm getting blue dots.... Have GC changed something in the PQ's? I thought it was only me who was having this problem with the blue dots
  14. I mailed him last night after reading that log, and recieved a reply 1st thing this morning, not sure if he wrote it but it does read like it came from him
  15. Afraid not. We're Teasel too.It was only recently that we discovered that we could 'donate a PQ'. Have mailed Teasel direct to offer. But I did crack it last night. If I created a new search and ran that, I got our own data set, and downloaded the files for MM and TomTom. Later I reran the search and up popped Teasels dataset. Just tried running the search again and I'm Teasel. In fact if I run any previous search I'm Teasel, but if I create a new search I'm me. Richard NO NO NO! I'm Teasel
  16. Same here, I'm Teasel too Thanks Ian it's great to have the site back
  17. Thanks Adam for your hard work over the past 2 years (I hope someone takes the site over)
  18. PM Sent of the ones I've done + my own
  19. Thanks Mandy all sorted now with your help!
  20. Stevie are these the 6 TBs/coins you dropped into our Durham Bug Box? I will be up there later today and I will see if I can sort them out Mandy Spot on Mandy, I've managed to flick a couple over but there are still some I'm wanting numbers for
  21. I was away for over a week and put some t.b's and coins in a cache at the start of my hols, then I had a brain wave to log the items into the cache via my mobile phone, I did a search and the cache came up so I dropped the coins and tb's off.....only problem is it was a cache abroad with the same name and not the one in the UK.....how do I put the record straight, I don't have the tracking numbers
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