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  1. Within a list yes. I'm talking about sorting the lists Lists in the app are always sorted by last edit which annoys me a lot.
  2. Than why do I get a popup allowing me to enter something when I delete a image from a log? wouldn't that fall under the same logic?
  3. This morning I still had the disappearing act from my other post when clicking the "Pocket Queries" button. The search button still has that issue but the "Pocket Queries" button issue has replaced that of the forever spinning "loading" icon.
  4. Are there plans to add these sorting options to more than just the souvenirs? Because I would really love to see this on the lists in the app as well.
  5. When you delete a image from a log you do have that option. But for some reason you don't when deleting the log itself. I've never understood why you can do so on a image but not the log itself. I agree that it would be a good feature. Especially because all the new geocachers that have started due to covid don't seem to notice it when you send them a message trough the message center. You ask them to not mention a bonus code in the log or delete a image which shows the hiding location and they don't respond. But when you delete something they get an email to which most of them respond. Being able to add the explanation to that seems like a good idea.
  6. I've tried this on Windows in: Firefox 88.0 Chrome 90.0.4430.85 Edge 90.0.818.42 I've also tried on Linux (don't remember the versions) Firefox Chromium When I go to the browse map everything seems fine: But when I click "Search" or "Pocket Queries" the entire main menu disappears: And and piece of whitespace appears on the bottom: I've tried disabling: Tamper Monkey uBlock Origins Independent and together. But my edge installation is clean and has no addons. I've tried clearing all stored information for the website using F12, developer tools and deleting everything under "Storage" Using F12 I do see some errors before clicking anywhere: De bron van ‘https://tiles01.geocaching.com/map.info?ts=2&x=8471&y=5385&z=14&k=CjpK&st=Ar1_OU0ucAlmTVpAjVD5E_3QVdZe14eYMiO6DQDCpGeGKvnZ9TZU5_jtmWVLzsynGiRX7Zyp8pLoDznR8o8zDnXleDpQxFc_vkpK8vMXNallOTkS8T8YzarJ7LxHTp-v0&ep=1&callback=jQuery3510311044647920694_1619208401333&_=1619208401334’ is geblokkeerd vanwege een niet-overeenkomend MIME-type (‘’) (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff).
  7. The message center icon also changed. Or is this by design? Old New
  8. Thank you. I completely overlooked that. I deleted my previous post and will go there first next time.
  9. For some reason there are 2 version of the same lists since a couple of weeks when you temporarily creating a PQ from the list for the GPS. I just want to create a PQ from the list for use on the GPS. After that I want to remove the PQ and download the offline list as a backup/easier read when needed. Create a list and add some caches Create a PQ from the list You now find the list 2x in the app (list + PQ) Download the PQ for use in the GPS from https://www.geocaching.com/pocket/ Delete the PQ from the download tab. No matter what you do the second list won't disappear. This wasn't the case in the past, only 1 list would remain Refreshing the lists wont remove the 2nd list Logging out and back in also won't remove the 2nd list And as usual I have to retry downloading the offline list several times before it works
  10. On both maps. The browse map and the search map. (Because I still prefer the browse map over the search map) For the GPX file: The same as with the waypoints for a multi cache
  11. Can messages show a date/timestamp? Because now I can only see "Today" which doesn't tell me I'm on time with response to a question or if I'm already a hour late. Attributes are missing when using a offline list (was also a issue in the old app) I have to download the offline list multiple times because I keep getting errors (I know of other people with the same issues on their phones) Offline lists should be offline: If I'm somewhere remote where there is only 1G or Edge the app will still try to update a cache description Last couple of weekends there have been some server issues. I would like to stay logged in with my offline list saved instead of getting logged out and my offline data erased Do locked TB's show that they are locked? Like with the perseverance TB and people "logging it" because the app didn't show it was locked? Lists are still sorted by last edit The app now shows the correct number of souvenirs. The old app showed 1 souvenir extra for me for a very long time no matter what I did.
  12. How did I end up with a newer version of the app on my phone than the one list in the play store? 8.42 in the play store: 8.45 on my phone with a new layout:
  13. How does this help me in the field with playing the game? GPS doesn't show this. Even the official geocaching app doesn't show this. And before you go adding this to the app. Please fix actual issues with the app. e.g. The app can't even handle log formatting according to: https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=107&pgid=739 At least make it display a log properly first.
  14. Seems to work just fine. Can you make the list sorting sticky, like on https://www.geocaching.com/plan/lists? And sync the 2, so when I sort my lists by name on the List hub and than visit visit the map it is also sorted by name (preferably also sync this to the app because I still hate that the app sorts lists by last edit) Maybe also add a remove from list button?
  15. If you want a example of this: Try logging the Mars Perseverance Rover TB using the app. The TB is locked but the app doesn't show this and just tells you that you've logged the TB
  16. It feels like another feature that is designed for "new" geocachers. There are so many small improvements that can be done for the app that people have been asking for, but GC seems to be focused on making new things for new geocachers.
  17. Re-opened the app and now the stats/milestones are there. Wouldn't it make more sense to make the colors the same as on the website? Anything above 999 is not shown I don't know if it's related to the 999 limit but D2.5/T4.5 has a different color in the app than on the website Website doesn't show .0 but the app does
  18. The "button" in the newsletter/email sends you to https://www.geocaching.com/account/dashboard not https://www.geocaching.com/my/statistics.aspx Same with the the link and "button" on https://www.geocaching.com/blog/?p=83920/?newsletter=PM, they send you to https://www.geocaching.com/dl/profile which redirects to https://www.geocaching.com/account/dashboard
  19. I updated the Android app to the 10 feb. 2021 version and there are no stats/milestones under Profile It is mentioned in the release notes so it should be the version that supports the stats/milestones. I've also tried closing the app, removing it from memory and starting it again.
  20. I'm using GC91JYH as my example because we did that geocache yesterday and it explains my issue. This geocache has 12 waypoints which are all given up front because you have to match photos on the locations to get the final. On the website all waypoints are numbered by the prefix: On the GPS the additional waypoints are named [prefix] so [01][91JYH ] => 0191JYH as an example for WP1 But the prefix is not shown in the app so you just get a list of "Virtueel punt" because that's the name of the WP's: Would it be possible to add the prefix before the WP name? e.g. [P0] P [01] Virtueel punt [02] Virtueel punt Because we use both the App and the GPS do to Multi caches and it makes it easier to identify the WP in the App. And the WP list is sorted by distance but when you are on WP2 of this particular cache WP12 is closer than WP02. I checked the WP details to see if the prefix was mentioned there but it isn't But I would prefer it being displayed in the list so I don't have to open every WP to check.
  21. The dashboard keeps nagging that I should check some of my hides But the only thing is the unpublished celebration event The warning "Some of your hides may need attention." is not translated. The warning also doesn't tell me what I should check. Clicking on the 1 reviewer note takes me to the list which only says "Attention is required" and no further details Clicking on the ... for tools at the end gives me the option to react as a reviewer Which indeed gets places as a reviewer note The above example can be found on GC8NNQP
  22. Hamburger menu and profile page in the app are also different from each other and different from the "normal" page on the website itself
  23. Can you please fix the inconsistency for the cover image? How am I supposed to choose a cover image when different parts of the image are covered up in Profile and Dashboard? Wouldn't something like this for the profile be more consistent with the dashboard?
  24. Looking at the html element your are right. It used to be 350 but it has been reduced to 200. But when you want to upload a new image it still says that the ideal resolution is 790px by 350px or larger. And the preview you are getting is of the old image resolution, not of the new one
  25. I don't know the wording of the mentioned law or it's intent. So I'm also unsure if GC is liable if something would happen to it's users because of misuse of the metadata regardless if you're a creator (CO) or not. I just wanted to give a example of possible information that could be learned from the metadata
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