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  1. They are loaded on via mapsource.
  2. Like the title says. Ive deleted several way points, but when i connect the unit to my PC and run mapsource, the old way points still show up when i receive data from the unit. Checking the unit itself these points are not displayed. Any ideas?
  3. Would you recommend these over the Garmin Topo ones? What do experienced users prefer to use for a topo program?
  4. Should WGS84 only be used for caching? What about for everything else? Should NAD be used for mapping/exploring?
  5. Thanks for the answers =) And fizzy calc is awesome, it will help for planning stuff at home. Im really digging the 60CSx
  6. I just bought a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx and have a few questions about position format/datums. Sorry for the annoying questions, there’s just some confusion I cant get around and its really getting to me. I currently have it setup to use hddd mm.mmm WGS 84, but there’s different coordinate formats that just don’t add up when I try and enter them. I have a few books with some places I’d like to see, but they use a format that looks like N35 29.99 W117 48.18 The only format my GPS has that comes close looks like this when I enter it (im adding the zero obviously) N35 29.990 W117 48.180 Is this the correct way to do it? How can I use this thing properly? Even when trying to use Google Earth, the coordinates are different and are missing just one number. Example when using hddd mm’ss.s N35 24’42.00 W117 52’21.00 But my GPS will say N35 24’42.00.x W117 52’21.00.x (x is just a random number) Help me understand please =\
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