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  1. You forgot NO TRACK LOG. I use my Forerunner for that but really wish they would add track logging to the Nuvi line.
  2. They are always working on the next model. The question is when are going to see the next models release?
  3. I bought an i5 for my wife for this very reason. It is very easy to use and anybody can pick it up and use it without reading the manual. My wife used to wrestle with my 60C, which I still love. I've been using my 60c for years, but I do recall it was a "must read the manual" type of device. It had features I didn't know what to do with when I first bought it, but now I miss them on the simplified units like my i5 and Nuvi (e.g. track log). I skipped that 60Cx upgrade, but really love to have the better/faster receiver and microSd card. I will probably wait until they redo the form-factor a bit. I do agree that the 60C/s/x controls probably needs some work. It isn't so bad that I wouldn't buy one because of it, but the 60 series could be so much more with a better interface.
  4. Email them. You might be able to get discounted rate. You're not likely to get it free, but you might get a discount. I got 50% off when my unlock was within a month of the release date. You may not get anything for 42 days, but it never hurts to ask. They must've updated the later builds of i5, because the one I just bought came with v8.
  5. Has anybody tried the Garmin Bluetooth GPS products? It should allow you to use your MapSource maps on a Palm, no? I haven't been able to find any reviews on this. I was interested in using it with my Palm TX. https://my.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=138&pID=420
  6. I find that there's less chance of break-in if your windows are tinted. It makes the glass harder to break and darker interior hides things better. It's no guarantee though. I don't even leave coins or jackets in the car. Even when there's nothing valuable to steal the inconvenience of a broken window is enough for me to always take all values with me. I've seen cars broken in for 50 cents. I have the friction mount for my 60C that I just take with me, leaving no evidence, but the original poster does make a good point. Disc mounts rings and probably suction cup marks on your windshield could tip off a thief.
  7. I think I get 30 hours with my 60CS. Me too. I get at least 30 hours.
  8. Aw, man- youve got to be kidding me! I just checked the properties on my v6: Created: Monday, May 30, 2005, 9:52:29 PM 26 hours!!! Contact Garmin. You could probably get a free upgrade.
  9. You guys who recently bought/activated ver 6 and didn't make the cut off should contact Garmin. Depending on how far from the release date you activated it could still be a free upgrade or big discount off the upgrade price.
  10. I ordered two from eBay since it was just $18.95. Much cheaper than any antenna I can get locally and the great reviews have convinced me. I can't wait to get it. btw, thanks for the ebay link.
  11. I find it interesting that a new feature is "Improved error handling while transferring data to removable media and Garmin cards". Hopefully this means there'll be new models coming that support external media (SD?).
  12. Nice case. I wish I had that. I dropped my 60C on a rock and the screen is slightly scratch... not unusable but a bit annoying. Thank god those things are made to be durable.
  13. The screen is the BEST part about the Garmin 60C/76C It's probably the determining reason why I bought it.
  14. Metro Guide Canada does generate auot-routing information. Basically with the current verison of City Select v6 vs Metro Guide Canada v4, City Select will have better urban coverage... things like new subdivisions and roads will appear in CS6 but not in MGC4. MGC4 does have more point of interest info... although it's also more out of date info. City Select seem to have caught up with Metro Guide in the rural coverage in Canada, but people still report that Metro Guide is still better in some cases. Like you, I couldn't find any differences based on the Map Viewer. Also, in my experience City Select picks better routes for auto-routing. So I would pick City Select if urban and auto-routing is a priority, otherwise pick Metro Guide for rural coverage. Also, the City Select license requires unlock codes but Metro Guide is lock free. Either one would be good for geocaching. I personally choose to go with City Select v6, and I may get the Canada Topo maps (basically same maps as Metro Guide but with elevation info) to complete the package.
  15. Still waiting for my update CD. I can't wait to get the extended coverage of v6 for Canada.
  16. Routing on "private roads" are not very useful. In most cases we're talking about large mall parking lots and stuff like that. You can usually see where you're going and there are enough signs to get you on the main road anyways. It's more critical that new subdivisions are mapped. I guess at a stage in my life where all my friends are buyign new homes... often in these new subdivisions that don't show up in MG but is there in CitySelect, even in v5. v6 just fills the gaps in the rural areas. I just think CS is a better product for auto-routing.
  17. I just checked with GPSCentral, they haven't received their shipment from Garmin yet. I guess Canadians will have to wait longer before we get our v6 Update CDs.
  18. I prefer CitySelect v5 (haven't got the new v6 yet) for city autorouting. Metro Guide Canada 4 does weird things like telling you to go through the opposite direction of a one way street or go through a deadend with a fence barrier. Although CitySelect v5's rural coverage is next to non-existent in Canada. v6 looks like it's a big improvement.
  19. Hmm.. is that why I haven't received my update CD yet?
  20. I as just about to ask the same thing. Can you install the Update CD if you uninstall v5 first?
  21. I got Garmin to give me a discount on the upgrade price (less than $75) because I unlocked v5 a couple of weeks before v6 was annouced. I've been getting great customer service from Garmin. They do go out of their way to make the customer happy. I'm still waiting for my update CD. Did anybody in Canada get it yet?
  22. I'm MGC4 is missing a lot in urban cemtres.... especially new subdivisions. I use my GPS for hiking and caching, but I also use it often for routing in my car. All my friends are buying new homes in places I'm not familiar with. 9 times out of 10, the address are in new subdivisions that appear in CitySelect v5 but not the MetroGuide Canada 4. I just checked out the map viewer for CitySelect v6 and it includes all the small roads in the rural areas (at least in Ontairo). I've decided to do the upgrade. CitySelect v6 is a big improvement over v5 for coverage in Canada.
  23. Can you post some specific examples? I like to see how far off it is.
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