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  1. When one of our TB's has been missing for a year we reuse the number on one of our wooden nickles. Only had one come back alive resulting in the same number being active in different areas at the same time.
  2. We like our Dakota-20. Light weight, all day caching on a set of charged NiMH batteries, quick loading of queries. Good caching unit. Only complaint I have is when using my Apple MacBook. Send to my GPS indicates the cache was written successfully, but done show up.
  3. My wife and I have used an eTrek H and found it OK. When one of input buttons failed while on a trip we picked up a Dakota-20 and really like it. It came with some maps, but like you we use the car mounted for road data and the -20 in a geocaching profile. It also lets you load queries containing many caches from an area or route. The only problem I have is when using my MacBook to send individual cache GPX data to the device. It indicates the file was written successfully, but when you try to bring it up on the devise it's not there. The queries load fine from the Apple. By the way, Garmin repaired the eTrek H under warrantee and we got it beck within 10 days.
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