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  1. Hey Jester! I'm in California right now. Contact me for someone to cache with while you're there.

    There are a number of really good ones in the area I can show you, but also a few that takes more than one person the three of us could get.

    Let me know.  You might have my phone number. Or just message or email me.

  2. I started caching because a friend showed me caching while hiking. I love to hike, so it seemed like a great add-on to hiking.


    Now one of the main things that keeps me caching is life stress. When I get stressed I go out and cache. I think it's something about finding tupperware in the woods that tells the psyche that everything has got to be okay if I can spend time doing that.

    It's amazing how well it works. When I get stressed now I crave caching. It works for me.

  3. I've done a lot of these. Generally I avoid them, but there can be some instances where they work.


    If it's a really special cache that they want to keep an eye on that's good, but I want the address on the cache page. I want other information to let me know I'm at the right spot.

    I hate showing up and being afraid my coords are off and I'm at the wrong house digging through someone's bushes. Not good.


    One house I arrived at, and stood on the sidewalk with GPS in hand, about ready to flee, and the cache owner walked out and said, "Yes it's here. Come on up".  It was on the porch. I never would have gone onto someone's front porch if they hadn't been there to say that. BUT an address and other information on the cache page (such as "blue rock" or "on porch, look for the red rocking chair" etc.) makes them doable.

    • In your mind, what is a high quality geocache?

    I like gadget caches, and caches in wonderful locations. I also like interesting and creative caches; caches that the owner has put a lot of thought and time into.


    • In your mind, what is a low quality geocache?

    Broken container, bad location (like next to a dumpster), one that has a high difficulty rating for bad coords, or high difficultly rating for a really dumb find, like "needle in a haystack" hides.


    • What steps can the community take to improve geocache quality?

    Participating in favorite point system. FINDING favorite point caches (which inspires great caches). Holding events that help people create good cache containers. Having events where people find high point caches (yeah, I know, I know).


    • What steps can Geocaching HQ take to improve geocache quality?

    The favorite point system was a really fantastic start. Now we need to take that to the next steps.

    1. Make high favorite point caches easier to search for on the app and on the website. On the website I need to be able to easily search for favorite point caches withing a small area. Are we able to find the on Pocket Queries yet? That's a good start. But we also need to do easy searches on our phones for them. Make the searches easy and prominent and applicable for small areas. When I search on the website I often get the entire state's highest favorite point caches, when I just want to cache in some local area, such as find all the best caches on Whidbey Island today, not find all the best caches in the state of WA today.


    2. More "cache of the month" recognition. We have local (Washington State) cache of the month awards. It would be good to have that all over and offer more recognition for those caches, perhaps on the blog and forums, but also perhaps as a pop-up on the app.


    3. Earning souvenirs for the favorite pointed caches worked really well. I went on some outings to just find favorited caches with a new cacher. She had been planning on places some caches. Now she wants to place GOOD caches. Big improvement and difference.I had been trying to convince her before to not do boring caches. Now she really gets it.

    This is one way to showcase those caches. It did work well before. It also brought someone back to caching who hadn't been involved in years. He bought a membership for the first time in 8 years. It works.


    4. Perhaps the person who earns top cache of the month gets a free membership for 3, 6 months or a year.


    5 the Gadget cache, Cache Maker events a while ago were a good start. More of that and expand on that. Encourage local maker cache events, offering a special icon for participants, like for some of the past events. People love icons. Make sure the events are at least an hour long and must incorporate learning about making better caches. Perhaps the event owner needs to submit a plan of action to do this, and the event form has possibilities, such as having a woodworker come and show how to make bird house caches, log caches, etc. Having a gadget cache maker come show how it's done. Have everyone bring their best cache ideas to show and tell. Have a slide show of exceptional cache containers (if it can be done without creating spoilers). Brain storm on ideas in Groundspeak and see what else you can come up with.

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  4. On 4/12/2018 at 10:45 AM, bflentje said:

    I seriously do not mean any offense by asking you this.. you've been caching for 9 years, you're only discovering this now? Or were you being facetious?


    I've tended to either find caches that were at cool places, or just start from one end of a city and work to the other to try to clear it out. I had never done a run of JUST high point caches.

    Of course I knew about them and had found many.


    The intent of my post was to let Geocaching.com know they hit a home run with this one.


    It's important for them to know their keeping their long-term players happy. It's a big way for the game to grow as those cachers share the game with their friends.


    I took one new cacher on a couple of these runs of "all high point caches".  Since then she has introduced 3 new people to caching who are getting into the game. I brought her in and also an old player who hadn't cached in many years. He bought a membership this month, when he hasn't done that for about 7 years.

    I think it's good to let GS know what keeps the players happy. This also encouraged people to create better caches. My one friend has been planning on putting one out soon. Now she wants it to be a high point favorite cache.

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  5. Forgive me, I don't have time to read this entire thread, but I just want to say,


    THANK YOU to the folks at geocaching.com. I think they hit a home run with this one, at least for me.

    We did some cache runs that were JUST the high point caches. Wow. What a difference that made. We found some really amazing caches we had no idea were out there.

    The best thing about it was that I went with someone new to caching, who plans on hiding some caches soon. So now that we've seen the best, those caches are going to be a lot better, I'm sure of it.

    We had some really great caching days too. I think going out and hitting all the high favorite point caches is something I'm going to be doing a lot more of.

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  6. Just now, Mausebiber said:

    What challenge? Planetary Pursuits is going on for another couple of days.

    Have fun, MB

    I, like others, have limited time out and about, especially with the variability of the weather right now.

    I still need over 100 points, so I may not be able to get out enough to fulfill that requirement.


    But if that's the worst thing I have to worry about this week I'm doing well. :)

  7. Just now, Mausebiber said:

    Yes, same here, Germany, Provider 1&1, Error 500

    I really wonder what has happened.  First thing I learned considering server, software, accessibility was, you NEVER mess around with a life system, you always have a test system /base where you can test/load any changes.


    Ah, you mean live. I thought you mean "Life" as in "life or death".  Hey, caching is important, but I wouldn't quite go that far (although some will disagree with me). :)


    Still things break.

    They may be experiencing a higher load because the last days of the challenge are closing in.


    Missing today may mean I'll miss the challenge, but hey, I think I'll survive it. :)


    Although I would really have loved to have those extra pixels in my souvenir page. Are there any awards for trying? :P   


    (oh yeah, I already got some)


  8. 4 hours ago, Gatwick Girl said:

    Same here.   I wonder if we'll get a partial refund on our Premium Membership?   (Won't be holding my breath...!!)


    Let's see, our memberships amount to about 9 cents per day, so if it's down half a day then you may be asking for 4 1/2 cents back. Perhaps if you show up at the office they may refund it. : )

    What's more urgent is our planetary pursuit. Perhaps they'll extend the challenge a day so cachers all over the world won't panic and run amok.


    I'm seeing the 500 error message when I was trying to log in. I'm glad i"m not the only one, so I won't take it personally.


    I had caching planned for the afternoon too, so I'll try not to panic yet. : )

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  9. 22 minutes ago, The A-Team said:

    Me too. I can't figure out what "Teampookel's 24 in 24" is. At first I thought maybe they had tried to log their own cache, but they don't have any hides.

    @TeamPooKel: Was this meant to be a message to a specific person instead of a post in the international forums? The way you seem to be speaking directly to Pam makes me think this is the case.

    I suspect they found 24 caches in 24 hours on a challenge, either geocaching challenge or spoken challenge.


    The poster appears to be a young, perhaps teen. I think it's great that people of all ages get involved with this game. I love to see new people of all ages and types get involved.

    I do believe there is an age limit for the forums though, unless things have changed.

    As long as there's not any trouble I don't see a problem though. Let the kid have his fun in geocaching (whatever he's doing there) and on the forums.

  10. 1 hour ago, Manville Possum said:


    Most virtuals left are ownerless now anyway, but I'm sure there were complaints, but remember who started the Waymarking site, the founders of Groundspeak.

    I have Waymarked several EarthCaches that require answers from a board, there are spoilers everywhere on the internet.


    Edit to add: What I thought to be funny was archiving a WM because it spoiled a Virtual listing. Won't never happen.

    I wasn't aware of this either.  I still find them the old fashioned way, of going to the site.

    Rather than archive the waymarked version, I'd rather see them just remove the spoiler information.

  11. Placements I like:

    Ones that show me something: beautiful places, unique local features, something to do with history, etc.

    I love gadget caches and unique containers.

    Caches that teach me something: history, facts about the area, etc.

    example below is one i just mentioned in another thread where they compared traveling through that pass and across the desert in the 1800's to now:


    Caches that give me a great experience: boat caches, island caches, multi's that are creative and lead me somewhere in a fun way, hiking caches, difficult, but not impossible to get to caches that are in a cool spot (like climbing a tough rock to get to view spot).

    This is still my all-time favorite cache that took me to the most amazing places, and on the most fantastic adventures was:




    Caches I don't care for:

    "needle-in-haystack" caches, such as finding a log in many containers, caches in ivy or rock walls, or real hell, an ivy covered rock wall (seen that).

    Caches that are in very busy public places (someone on the forums once said, "A cache that says, 'Stealth required' means it shouldn't have been put there in the first place"), Caches at people's houses (especially up on their porch, what if I get the wrong house? coordinates aren't always accurate),

    Nanos or small micros in the woods, especially in sensitive areas where people are trashing the place to find the cache

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  12. I also really enjoy the virtuals that are left.

    When I'm traveling I try to hit the virtuals along the way (along with the earthcaches). It's really great way to find the highlights of the area and see places I would have otherwise missed.


    I do remember, however, a really lame virtual that was probably part of the reason why they were no longer allowed. I got there and wondered what I was there for. It was so unremarkable, I don't remember what it was, but I do remember thinking, "So this is why they don't allow them anymore." It was the virtual version of a lamp-post cache at a Walmart.

    One of my all-time favorite virtuals. This is the stuff virtuals could have been made of:



    It's a virtual at a rest-stop that points out a sign. Doesn't sound exciting until you read it. It talks about the history of the settlers going over that road on their way to California, and how long it took them vs how long it took you. (something like 3 months vs a few hours). It also talks about a survey done in the 1800's of all the gravestones and dead livestock along the trail. That was the true cost of their passage, when now it costs a tank of gas.

    It's an amazing, clear look at the past in that area, vs today. It's a very exceptional cache that I hope lives on. 

    I would not have noticed that sign if it hadn't been pointed out.

  13. I'm not happy about the idea of throw-downs and cache owners who solicit throw-downs. We end up with a lot of broken containers with wet, soggy and moldy contents because the owner is hoping someone else will take care of it, and no one is replacing the container.


    On the other hand, there is someone recently I noticed, that is replacing containers regularly as a matter of course.


    If the cache owner is not maintaining their container, the cache should be archived, so someone interested in taking care of what is theirs can step in.


    When a cacher keeps replacing containers it's another problem. This one guy does it constantly and seems to think it's a good idea. We can't archive him, and we end up with a lot of caches continuing that are not owner maintained, and many that have multiple cache containers because he assumed if he didn't find it, it must not be there.


    One cache owner (who does maintain his caches) had a humorous response. He got tired of clearing out the throw-downs left when people couldn't find his cache, so he finally just left them all. His cache page now says that there are about 4 containers there. You are welcome to sign any of them and count it. :lol: 

    Not a response I would endorse, but funny nonetheless.

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  14. I'm glad there are some statistics available through a third-party website, but I'm glad GS doesn't supply them.


    I'm really glad you enjoy placing and keeping up your caches. Since there is so much more to good cache placement and maintenance it's difficult to place a number value on it, although that website seems to do a decent job, it's not simple.


    I'm one who travels a lot, so I'm not a good cache owner, so I don't have caches. I try to pitch in to help others caches where possible to make up for it, but although I'd love to place more, my circumstances wouldn't make for a good cache owner.


    There are others for other reasons make not the best cache owners.


    There are so many caches out there right now, the game isn't hurting for some of us not placing them. People who don't or can't do cache maintenance are best off not being cache owners.


    Those who enjoy it and are in a good position to make it happen, we thank you.

  15. Here is a bookmark list for scuba caches in the U.S.


    If anyone knows of any not on this list they can email the list owner and ask they be added on.




    There are scuba parks in WA State, along with many water caches of all kinds (a lot of boating caches).


    If you want all water caches you can go to the geocaching main search page, hit "filters" and slide the slider that will give you all "Terrain 5" caches. That will get you most boating, and scuba caches plus a few more very interesting ones.


    Have fun. :)

  16. I'm in the market for a new GPS. My old 400T is not doing well. It has been crapping out in many ways for some time and is only getting worse.


    Time to look at a new one.


    I was sorting GPS's by features on the Garmin website and wanted something with topo maps, paperless caching, and a large screen. It came up with the Montana, but I've never known anyone who has cached with it, so thought I'd ask around here.


    The info on choosing a GPS pinned at the top of this forums is from 2009, so is WAY out-of-date. Technology changes quickly, and thankfully, we've got much better GPS's now then we did in 2009.


    If you don't have experience with the Montana, let me know what your favorite is, especially if it has the qualities listed above.


    I'm open to other brand possibilities too. I've had such great customer service through the years with Garmin, it's hard to change, but I would consider it.

  17. Just got this reviewers note for a multi cache my family is trying to place. Its stuff like this that will push people away.


    Hello, I am a volunteer for Geocaching.com and I have just reviewed your new cache submission. I am temporarily placing your cache “on hold” in the review queue while we address a problem with the cache.


    I'm sorry, but Pokemon-Go is a competing location based game, and the staff at GC.com have determined that we cannot allow any direct or indirect references to Pokemon-Go on cache pages that are to be published on GC.com. You must remove all references to Pokemon-Go on the cache page, itself.


    And what does the staff at GC.com a company called GameChanger have to do with geocaching.com. Per your published pages about guidelines https://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx there is no reference about not mentioning pokemon go. Heck i can do a search of active caches and find pokemon themed ones like a simple search brought up over 395 like https://coord.info/GC2K1DK or this https://coord.info/GC6ZCTY place 2 weeks ago.



    This was my Geocache Description:


    Quick…what team are you? Valor members train and bond with their creatures. Instinct members are all about trusting their instincts. Mystic members are interested in the biology of their creatures and stay cool and calm no matter what the situation. Our geocaching family is diverse as we have members on each team!


    Adding smileys to our profile makes us happy, but “the other game” is fun for hanging outside together as a family when there are no more smileys in close proximity to be had. We hope you enjoy this cache as much as we do.

    PS – At the final PLEASE use the existing concrete path so as not to destroy nature. Thanks!


    What else can we not reference that is not listed. Do i just need to remove the Team Names or mention the Trading card game that is not location based. Will just removing "the other game" be enough. What is the difference between Pokemon Go and Pokemon reference?


    I agree with what someone else said here that it's a shock to see your cache denied.


    The main thing is to not take it personally.


    Just read the guidelines before you write up a cache. As often as we automatically check boxes when working on websites, this is a good one to not automatically check. There really is good information in there that you need.


    So read the stuff on placing caches and most of the problems will be eliminated.


    Don't take it personally, just adjust your text.


    It's kind of like not going into Target and advertising for Walmart; just not cool. So keep your games separate and you'll be fine.


    Have fun!!

  18. I just read this today, which means, without knowing it I got to hug the new president of Groundspeak last weekend!




    It couldn't happen to a greater guy!


    Thank you Jeremy for all of your hard work through the years. I'm glad you're staying on in another role. I've always appreciated your enthusiasm every time I see you. No matter what job you choose I'm sure you'll do great. I figure It's good to change things up now and then, for myself on a personal level.


    I'm so glad it's Bryan who is taking over. I know the company is in great hands.


    I hope this works toward the greatest happiness to you both!!

  19. I guess I should get caught up before making comments like above. We just bearly made the church service in Brawley, it's interesting how different the time estimates are between computer and GPSr. One said 45 minuts, the other said 1 hour - it makes a difference when you leave with just enough time for the first and the second is closer to the truth. Snce it would take only a couple of hours to get to Yuma, we diecided to grab a few more caches than usual along the way. Two of them were field puzzles with red herrings - very cleverly done. One was a LBH with a video to watch for directions, different. Add a virtual and an Earthcache rounded out a nice drive.


    One ironic thing happened, at the second field puzzle, we found a Golden Corral (a favorite) on one side and a Costco gas station on the other. We weren't able to take advantage of either one, not hungery enough and just filled the tank in Brawley.


    We arrived at the RV park an hour later than we expected, we passed the time zone line just shortly before then. So instead of getting in at 3pm we got there at 4pm - just as the office was closing! But they saw us and checked us in before closing. After dinner we went across town so Cathy could get to one of the Square Dances held during the week.


    This morning started with a light exercise time with a group in camp, then out to Golden Corral for lunch followed by a exploration of town. We found a few places we needed to get to during the time here, found a few fun caches, and walked along the river for a bit. One Wherigo - which we had a heck of time getting going on Cathy's tablet - started us with a question 'where do you think the cache is: in canal or LPH?' and then a few steps and we had the cache. Too funny, the hunt took much less time than getting the cartridge working on Cathy's device (which won't be a problem now that we got it all worked out).


    We're sitting here listening to a jam session of various people staying here. Hopefully we'll be able to get the hot tub for a bit after this. I hope your enjoying your snow.


    I am actually enjoying the snow a lot.


    We have a lot of food in the house, but with more snow called for this week, and it freezing tonight, I went out and went shopping today. May have been a good call. The woman in the Safeway here said they're not expecting any trucks in for delivery for the rest of the week. They can't get here. So I may be able to get out to go to the store (or not) but there may not be much food there, or not the food I want.


    Anyway, it is beautiful. I am thoroughly enjoying it.


    It sounds like you are having a great time. Looks like you've found some great places, with hot tubs and jam sessions. I'd love to know where you're staying. Sounds really great.


    I'm glad you're having such a great time.


    Keep up the checking in. It's fun hearing about your trip!!

  20. Well, the rain didn't hold off, it dumped on and off all night. It sure made a mess of the campsite, lots of mud and standing water greeted us in the morning. But as native Western Washingtonians, we headed in to SF and the Alcatraz tour despite the weather*. There wasn't much to see along the way, with patchy rain and fog, but what we did see was nice. In town it was dry with clouds and wind (not too strong, but noticeable). It took a couple of tries but we found a parking garage that didn't charge an arm and a leg for a day's parking ($20 dollars for the day, not $10-15 per hour). We walked the waterfront to the tour dock and arrived just in time for a boat. We spent most of the afternoon on the "Rock" - quite a lot of history to see/learn. The Audio Tour alone is worth the cost. We didn't get either of the caches - we didn't look at the virtual until after the Audio Tour (which covered most of what you needed) and didn't have the time or energy to cover all the ground again. At GZ for the Earthcache we couldn't find the reference fold in the rock, so moved on.


    After arriving back on the mainland, we headed for dinner - slowly. There's a lot to see along the waterfront. We were heading for The Stinking Rose, an Italian restaurant recommended to us, but that was several blocks away. We passed a cable car turntable and watched them turn one car around (all hand powered). We did get a couple caches along the way (Laughing Sal's is great - plan extra time there). Dinner was very good (you must like garlic to eat here) and the walk back to the car helped settle it. Then back to the campsite (which was still rainy - only a couple of very light sprinkles were felt in SF, but lots of water falling up north).


    This morning we took a very lazy time getting ready to leave. We did a little grocery shopping be for heading across the Bay and down the east side. We found a TB hotel letterbox which was different. We enjoyed a mostly dry trip (occasional showers) to just short of San Luis Obispo.


    Tomorrow, LA - mostly just passing thru, but there is one cache I'm trying for in town - the California half of Can't Cache Without You. I hope I have the right final co-ords, the CO hasn't responded to my check request.


    Enough for tonight, time for bed.


    What campground were you staying at that's close to SF? I can think of some north, over the GG Bridge, but don't know of any around SF.


    Did you find any virtuals in SF? There are a lot there. Did you get the one at the ferry dock?

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