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  1. When you get another, I'd highly suggest some strict rules for yourself. I've read so many people talk about leaving their GPS's at caches that I've got strict rules for myself. I'm not allowed to set my GPS down at all. I bought a carabiner clip for it, and it gets clipped to my belt when I've found the cache. My other GPS has a lanyard and it goes around my neck. It does not get set down on the ground at all!!!! When I'm at home they go in my purse or in a certain drawer. That's it. Hard and fast rules. These suckers are expensive and SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO important!!!!! I'd hate to be without them. That would really suck!!!
  2. You might check with Garmin and see if that still qualifies for the refurbishing price, if you're happy with it. I had a 401T refurbished through them and it was great. I just sent it in and 99.00 and sent another one out the next day. You don't get the same one, but they work great. The prices vary depending on how old the unit is. The older the unit the cheaper it is to refurbish.
  3. OH NO!! That makes the happy meal toys sound good!!! Well... on second thought... maybe not.
  4. I also found the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. the answer to everything come on! Don't tell me you guys are just finding happy meal toys???
  5. and some R.O.U.S. (Rodents of unusual size) YIKES!! This one made me jump when I came across it. It was over a foot tall. I'll get back to you after I download photos. I found this and then was going to make my caching buddy sign it. I wasn't going to take the bison tube out of it's mouth, no way. Not with those nasty teeth and that look on it's face!!! Rodents of unusual size
  6. I also found some shrieking eels!!!! YIKES!!! shrieking eels
  7. Okay, first. I have not read this whole thread yet, but if you show up and start up with a rant then you're not going to make people really eager to get on your side. It's hard to get on the side of someone ranting. Next: what you're saying doesn't make sense. This should not be surprising since you seem pretty mad. Is it the Chinese who have a saying, something like, "Make someone stupid, make them mad"? Someone can correct me on the exact wording on that if you like. People don't think clearly when angry. Okay, so you state: "THIS PUTS EVERYONE ON AN EVEN FOOTING INITIALLY AND GIVES EVERYONE A CHANCE" yet you're complaining about Groundspeak wanting to make everyone on equal footing. And what you're doing does the opposite of putting everyone on equal footing (making past finds not usable until 3 people have found the cache). So you say you want to, complain that GS wants to, and then you do the opposite. Not making sense to me. You stated: "We have become the absolute WORST KIND of democracy here at geocaching.com." Okay, well geocaching.com is not a democracy, so it can't be any kind of a democracy. It's a business. A company. As consumers of it's product, we can give input to what we want, but it's not our decision to make. Actually I like it this way. The few rules they've made I tend to like. I think they're doing a pretty good job. You reference Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s book to explain your standing up for inequality. That makes no sense either. Caches are not all created equal for everyone to get. There are caches on the top of mountains and at the bottom of the sea. There are boat caches; everyone doesn't have access to a boat. There are a lot of inequalities. The rule you quote isn't about that at all. It's about creating a playing field. You can't have a game where the rules change every cache. You've got to draw a line somewhere. This isn't an anarchy. That is where they drew one of the lines defining the game. They've got to have lines for game definition. In that way we all need to be equal. It's like everyone starting the Monopoly game at the "Start." Then everyone having equal opportunity to buy property. There have to be certain rules defining the game. It's not about everyone being on equal footing but about everyone playing by the same rules. You've got to have rules to have a game. Does this make any sense? I could go on responding line for line, but the bottom line to me is that you created something that didn't follow the rules so you want them to change the rules for you. Life just doesn't work that way, and neither does geocaching. The rules are very well thought over and I agree with them. They don't create rules arbitrarily. They put a whole lot of thought into these rules. I think they do a great job. It can't be easy, but there's a lot of wisdom behind what they decide. If it were a democracy, the rules would still not change when one person wanted them to for their cache. I love challenge caches (the old style). I hope people who rant about them isn't going to cause their extinction. Geocaching.com doesn't seem to be really fond of them already. Let's just play by the few rules they have and appreciate that they allow them, even though they do not follow the ALR rules. They could easily decide there is too much drama and argument around them and disallow them altogether. Please don't ruin it for the rest of us. And yourself, as you seem to like them too.
  8. I found "True Love" this week. Link to True Love What have you found?
  9. I'm interested Jester, but can't go til next week. Kennelbarb is interested too, but since she's here with me in Darrington this week, she can't go til next week either.
  10. ((((((HUGS)))))) I am so sorry for this rough time you're going through. I am really worried about you. Losing your interest in things you love is a big sign of depression. It is hard to work on relationships if you sink too far down into that.. I just recently went through that. I couldn't do much for the relationship as long as I was so depressed but I was depressed because of relationship problems. I don't believe in antidepressants. There is a lot of help out there. Good friends are most important. Lots of friends. I'm glad you are reaching out to us. Keep reaching out to friends. Talk to people every single day, whether you feel like it or not. (Phone or in person) Hang in there. We care.
  11. We have awesome reviewers here that take care of things in a very timely manner. A lot of questions have been asked of the person starting this thread that have.not been answered. Until we get more info its tough to respond to that situation.
  12. This is actually very much ON topic, and will likely be moved into those forums, so don't start another thread there. This topic has actually come up in the main forums a number of times if you want to do a search there and see what answers were given at the time. I usually say, take them to places they want to go, but that only works if they are willing to let you pursue your hobby. Since he is not, you could try trading him time with his hobby, for example, if he likes watching ball games on TV, and you don't, you could join him in that for exchange for geocaching time. When you do go out caching with him, put the GPS in his hands. That seems like a really big thing with getting people interested in the game. Watching is not much fun, but with the GPS in one's hand it changes. I generally get within one or two hundred feet of the cache and then hand my GPS to a newbie who doesn't have much interest. If you give it to him too early then he'll lose interest and you'll miss the cache. Maybe at about 150 feet hand him the GPS and say you'd love it if he lead you to this one. Hopefully he goes for it. I've known people who don't have much interest become addicts that way. Also, take him to some caches that may spark his interest. Does he like history? Try history caches in your area. You said he likes hiking, are there any good adventure caches in your area? Perhaps ask around on your local forums for the best hiking caches in your area. Run a pocket query for your area on the caches with the most favorite points. People really put out some amazing stuff. Take him to the best in your area. That might help raise some interest. But for some, it's just not their thing. Another idea is to get a female geocaching partner. Leave him at home to his ball games, or whatever it is he likes to do. I've always believed healthy couples spend some time apart pursuing their own interests and friends. It makes the time they spend together more valuable among other things. In time he may try it again, wanting to know what is making you so happy.
  13. That's what car pools are for! Maybe we can plan a hike to go check on Shaddow's caches.
  14. Well, I do not know if there will be a 2/3rd majority here and am not looking at the rules when I post this, but I would have no problem with this. Its obvious you are someone in the area and who certainly can and have replaced your caches, you are just admitting that on certain caches, you do not mind if folks want to replace the caches if they are stolen, they can, without having to call you in advance or something. I would think you would have to make the hide very clear where it is or folks could replace a cache that is not even missing. I also am not looking at the rules, but it's fine with me. I'd love to help out and wouldn't mind planning a few trips with just that in mind, if I have time this year before it starts snowing. I know of other community maintained caches, and although I know GS does not think highly of it, because you are still maintaining them, it's just that they've turned into high maintenance caches and they are far out of the way, I think it's fine.
  15. Ooooo, I'm a good guesser I guess. Looks like there have been problems in that area. Not about you. It's official. You'll have to not take this one personally, and move on. Sorry.
  16. I can understand your frustration with the reviewer, but why would you punish fellow cachers by leaving their tb's unaccounted for? B. I didn't think it would be so hard to get a cache approved. I wasn't planning on hiking the 3+ miles to the final again the next day. Going out there for cache maintenance is once thing, and not expected for a few months at least, but I'm not going to hurry out there just so some silly tag can keep moving. I find the whole thing a bit offensive. I clicked that I had read the guidelines and adhered to them. I've "Proven" myself 200 times, I answered the normal questions before they were asked. Yet I still get treated as if I can't read and have no idea what I'm doing. I agree this list of questions would be helpful for a first time cache owner, or if the cache looks to be in a very urban area. I'm against anything that is a brainless "must do this, just because" and "zero tolerance" Hmmm, this might be the problem here. You're taking this very personally, when you really have no evidence that it's personal. You have no idea whether it's brainless or not. I would suspect that there has been a problem in this area with this sort of thing, or perhaps in other similar lands in that area. You're making some leaping assumptions here that very well may not be true. You have no way of knowing the real answers to those questions, so why jump to the conclusion that it's all about you?
  17. Hmm, they seem to be there now. I see you're finding over 5.6 caches a day this year. Wow! Maybe try them again? If this keeps being a problem then you can report it here: Bug reporting forum and you might get more response. I did a quick check and didn't see anyone else having the same problem, but it was a quick check and I might have missed something.
  18. Wow! I didn't know Harriet the Spy is a geocacher!! WAy too cool!! Thanks for that article Harriet. I really appreciate it. It looks like it's happening sooner than we were thinking: "During the actual cleanup, from spring 2013 to summer 2015, the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest plans to close the mining ghost town. With so much work taking place, people who value the old mining town worry that some history will be wiped away for good." This fall may be our last chance to see it for a while, and it looks like there is some question about how much history will be disturbed. There may not be time to hike it in the spring before it's closed. My guess is that they're going to close the road and get in there as soon as they can at the beginning of the season. Working with an area like that they only have the months when the snow is melted enough to get in there and work: and they can't clear contaminated dirt that is buried in snow. They may take advantage of all the time they've got. If this is so, then this fall may be all we get before the work is done. Of course it sounds like one should not be drinking water up there or much else before the work is done. thanks again Harriet. Don't know if I'll get the chance to get up there, but I may give it a shot.
  19. I've got an H and I love it. If its the same one I've got it may not have a joy stick to scroll. Turn on by lower button on right. Scroll through screens by upper button on right. When you see the screen that has a list of options with "mark" and "waypoints" etc. Then use two upper buttons on left to scroll up and down menu. Go to "mark" then hit enter which is lower left button. That will give you the coordinates for where you're standing. You then change those to the cache Coords. Scroll down with scroll keys on upper left side of unit. Go to: edit location. Now use the scroll keys to go across. When there is a number you want to change, hit the enter key. That will give you the little menu of numbers you can scroll through until you get the number you want. Then hit enter key. When you are done editing the location, scroll to enter. You must hit enter to save it. You don't have to change the name of it. It will give you a number for each waypoint. You do need to record this number. I used to write up a page (or print one) that said the cache name, size, difficulty/ terrain, hint and any other info I needed, then I'd enter the coords by hand and just write the number of the saved coords on that page. For instance, I'd record the cache name, "Squirrel Heaven" then next to it I'd write the number 1 because it was the first cache entered into my machine so the GPS gave me the number 1 for it. I would suggest writing up some of this info, or printing up the cache page (hit the button to decrypt the hint first before printing if you want to save some trouble). I say "used to" print up the cache info because since then I've gotten a GPS that records the cache information into the GPS. My old Etrex H is still more accurate though, so I still use it. If you get into this game and have been doing it a while, you can get a cable to download the caches into the GPS and you can get a membership so you can create pocket queries to download a lot of caches at once. I found many hundreds of caches by entering the caches one at a time though. I think I found 800 before I got the cable. Not sure. Have fun!!! (you can email me if you have more problems or questions with this unit. Once you get it down it is simple, but it takes a little to get it down)
  20. Find the compass page on the app and follow the arrow til you get as close as you can, which may be within 10-20 feet. Then you want to start looking for places to hide things. Look at the cache pages before you go and find caches that are larger to start. Also be sure to take a look at the cache description and hint. If its a micro it may be harder to find, but could be magnetic, so you could look for metal objects for it to be on. Under benches are popular. If its a wooded area it could be covered with a rock or sticks. Sometimes the cache name is a hint too. If you have trouble you can look at the logs of other cachers. Sometimes people will give a clue in their log. Most of all, enjoy the together time and have fun!
  21. What if there are donuts? Donuts and beer! Donuts early and beer late. And Bacon in between. I haven't heard back yet from anyone else for this year. We'll see if we get more interest. I do like the idea of going with Ambrosia, although more than one trip is possible too.
  22. I wish I would have known I could email the cache owner when I was new to this (oh wait, I'm an eternal newbie, forgot). I had a hard time with a lot of them to start. I've emailed a number of cache owners for hints since then, but generally I seem to get about a 50% reply rate. I've just accepted that's going to be what I'm going to get, and if I really want to know, I'll email at least two people (a recent finder and the C.O.) and I usually get a reply from someone. I generally get more cachers that respond than cache owners. (yes, I know cache owners are cachers, you know what I mean )
  23. Looks like just one car. It's happened over here too. My guess is that it was a stolen car, brought there and burned to cover evidence (as well as give them a thrill) These are cars left overnight at the trailhead by backpackers heading up the trail. Do you know what trail heads this has happened at? You are sure it was backpackers cars??
  24. Welcome home!! Sounds like a whole lot of fun!!! Glad you made it back safe!
  25. Well it looks like at least a couple of people are interested in hiking to Monte Cristo before it temporarily closes. Perhaps we can have another event next year. Maybe a "Monte Cristo" road temporarily closing event. I wonder if any of the caches will be in danger when they build the new road.
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