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  1. An update on something similar to what happened around the time of my OP. I recently placed a cache, in fact the title was "A Park and Grab." It was published today and already has a DNF, as well as someone who wouldn't find it who contacted me. I think my "park and grabs" must not be that easy... :D

  2. On ‎9‎/‎13‎/‎2018 at 9:30 PM, icezebra11 said:

    Hey 321geocache, see what you started?!  :lol::lol:



    I know! :P Funny thing is, my original post had nothing to do about the CHS, or CHS emails. In fact, the original question I had has actually been answered, as I've had a Found It log on the cache in question. 


  3. 8 hours ago, justintim1999 said:

    I applaud the OP for checking up on the cache at the first hint of an issue.  I just hope they posted an owners maintenance log each time they did.  


    I posted an OM log. :D


    Looks like the cache was found two days ago, so that's good. Probably will keep the D/T rating the same.


    Will watch the debate in this topic. ;)

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    16 hours ago, humboldt flier said:

    Oh Oh ... a few more and the Cache Health Police will send you a nasty-gram


    Haven't received one yet. :P


    12 hours ago, Lorien99 said:

    I find some Park & Grabs to be elusive, even when people before me post, "easy find!" Then there are others I find right away, and others have posted "DNF" or "it took me a while." 


    It seems several things are at play, including the lighting, where I park, and how cooperative my phone is. 


    Some descriptions or hints will say "the usual place," which, at least around here, tends to be a guardrail. I've found guardrails to be challenging sometimes, especially when people hide magnetic hide-a-key containers. Peanut butter jars tend to stand out a bit more, even when attempts have been made to camouflage them.


    Then there are a couple of hidden in plain sight local caches that I haven't managed to find, despite people posting how easy they are. I think once I find one - or that type - I will find the other more easily.


    As I've gone along, I think I've gotten better about describing why I think I can't find the cache when I post a DNF. Sometimes, I just haven't been able to give it a good try and I don't bother logging at all. Sometimes, I'm attempting to find one on my way to work, and I just plain run out of time to search thoroughly.


    I know what you mean....I've been searching for a "park and grab" cache myself - returned to the place 3 times - and didn't find a trace of it. A lot of people have found it and said "easy find - obvious" or something similar. Yet I don't even see it at all after searching for almost an hour in total. :huh:


    12 hours ago, Max and 99 said:

    I do not think these geocachers will mind me sharing this funny photo, because I've told them before how much it makes me laugh! There were five of them looking.



    OREO funny photo.jpg


    LOL :D  



  5. If you mean power trail, I dislike most of them. Usually they're just pill bottles in a guardrail every 0.1 mile. 


    There are power trails with different varieties of caches, yes. The Monon Trail series in Indianapolis is one. The caches are many different container types and often have 2.5+ difficulty ratings. I have been wanting to go find some before they are archived. (It's a long story why they are being archived soon. :P

  6. 20 hours ago, The A-Team said:

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. The most recent DNF is from someone with only 2 finds, so they haven't yet developed a geosense to know where to look and what to look for. The other DNF is pretty vague, so it's hard to tell how much effort they actually put in to searching. It could be that they only tried for a minute and never read the hint.


    Yeah, I was thinking that. I'm just going to see what happends for now. More DNFs from experienced cachers, I might edit the listing or change the way the cache is hidden. More Found It logs, and I won't change anything. Thanks for your input.


    12 hours ago, Max and 99 said:

    I was just looking at the simple park and grab cache I told you about. I cannot believe that cache has been in play for almost ELEVEN years, and NOT ONCE has the container gone missing! That is such a rarity.  I also noticed that a lot of people changed their DNFs to Logs or didn't log a DNF, just returned to find the cache.  This is one of those caches where the CO loves the DNF logs (I'm 99% sure, even without checking, that the cache is there).

    I know - most of the caches around here that have been published for that long have often had the container replaced once or twice! That is pretty rare especially for a guardrail cache.

  7. I made it more specific after the first DNF. I’ll probably just wait and see. If I get several more DNFs I’ll probably move it back to the old location. 

    Thanks for your help! By the way, that sounds like a nice cache! I’m not a premium member so I can’t see it, but judging from your description and the found log, it sounds like a great cache! 

  8. 12 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

    I have the exact same situation with my very simple guard rail P&G. The logs are really funny, and lots of DNFs. Almost every single person who returns and finds the cache says the same thing in their log: "That's EXACTLY where I looked before!" 

    Some have said they've had to make numerous trips looking before they found it. You can literally park 2 feet from the cache.  I love some of the photos people have attached.




    My husband likes to explain it this way: "You THINK you can see everywhere on the guard rail, but you cannot see it, you have to feel for it"  It's a little bigger than a real OREO cookie.


    A log (others are similar):

    I don't understand, but this is like our 8th try here, and today it was right where we've looked all 8 times. Not only looked, but we have used our fingers on the entire length of that rail from big green box to end of fence on the north. And today, got out of the car and there it was. Mystical floating cookie, I guess. Anyway, now I can stop making this part of my Target shopping experience :) TFTC - a favorite!


    My advice: make sure the hint is really helpful if people are having trouble on a  1.5 D cache.



    I know what you mean - this is a really simple cache and yet there are already DNFs! Here's a link to the cache page:


    It's a bit hard to make the hint more specific - it basically directs people right to the cache already! :P I might move it back to its original location though - I guess it wasn't too obvious there.

  9. Hi,


    This post might sound a bit funny, but I decided to post it anyway. :P


    I recently placed a geocache that is a simple park and grab. After the FTF and a few other finds, I noticed the cache was rather visible. Not because someone had misplaced it, but because of how I hid it. So I decided to hide it a bit out of view, but it was still an easy P&G, 1.5/1.5 D/T rating. I then received a DNF log. Checked on the cache, all was well. I updated the hint to be more specific. I then received another DNF. Again, checked on the cache as I was in the area. It was in good shape and in the same spot. Should I increase the difficulty higher or make the hint more specific? I am just a bit confused about why there are 2 DNFs in a row for this simple P&G hidden in an obvious location. Or should I remove the "Park and Grab" attribute?



  10. On 8/5/2018 at 9:01 AM, coachstahly said:

    Not many from that area frequent the forums.  The caches are being archived because most of the locals have already found them.  The original owners aren't as active anymore and they adopted them out.  The new owners are looking to archive them and then open up the area for new caches for locals to go after, be it their own new hides or a bunch of new COs placing ones along the trail.


    Thanks for answering! Didn't look at this section of the forums and for some reason didn't get a forum notification about this. I was confused about this for a while. Might find a few of the old Monon hides before they're archived.

  11. I personally do not like the idea of throwdowns at all. Log an NM/NA, but please don't place a throwdown.


    Not too far from me, there's a cache that has had many Found It logs that claim the container is mostly intact but could use some slight repair. Then someone comes along, can't find it, therefore replaces the container. IMO, this is even worse than a "regular" throwdown. Not like throwdowns are great or anything, but this one is even worse...No indication the cache is missing, but you can't find it so you replace it? Not something that should be done in my opinion.

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  12. Central Indiana cachers might know about this. I noticed that almost the entire series of Monon Trail caches have been disabled, with plans to archive them. Has the Monon Trail outlawed geocaches? I'd be surprised if they did because there are still caches along the trail. Most of these are caches around 8 years old or so.


    A link to one of them - https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2K3CK_monon-trail-34-geobeavis

  13. I have noticed this effect as well.


    I own a cache that was placed over 2 months ago. After the FTF, there has not been a single find on it. It is a Small, 1.5/1.5 D/T. Other older caches in the area that are older get finds much more often.

  14. Bernike -


    As we are not Geocaching HQ Lackeys or Reviewers, we probably won't be able to help you out. I recommend you contact the reviewer that pulled the event. If you still do not understand why the event was pulled after speaking with the reviewer, you can contact Geocaching HQ. Unfortunately, I doubt we will be able to help as we are just cachers, not reviewers or lackeys.



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  15. Usually archived caches are rarely found and logged by finders. Did the cachers know the virtual had been archived?


    Rules for events have changed over the past year. This may be why your event was not published. Reviewers publish caches and events, not Groundspeak.


    Just my opinion.




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