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  1. Recieved a cute Seahorse coin (Thanks Karma) and a Diabetes TB.
  2. Glenn Your in our thoughts and prayers !! Sorry to hear about your loss! Prairiepartners (Jim & Pam)
  3. email sent for possible trade.
  4. Hey big guy, are you really home for the holidays? That's pretty good in itself. Still helping the count along....safe and Happy New Year to all. (Don't forget that soon you will have to write 2007!) Yep and hopefully all week, my load isn't due til Jan 2nd , afternoon. But still need to call in tomorrow to see if they need me
  5. Merry Christmas Jim & Pam! Merry Christmas Northern Indianaians!!
  6. Ok my second guess: 6 boys and no girls
  7. Check this out: http://www.crazy-jokes.com/arcade-games/snow.shtml
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