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  1. Hope you're having alot of fun with our guessing!!
  2. Keeping my hopes up that TGF will visit my area and hopefully it will be on the weekend when I'm home from my route!
  3. OK, let me be the first to ask... Interested in trading?
  4. Answers to your question will be answered here: Tracking guidelines
  5. Here's another guess: 5" 5mm 10 oz
  6. ditto, life on the road keeps me away from internet , so I don't get online 24/7 like before. But life goes on....
  7. We would like to get a couple if there are any left over. add us to your waiting list. Thanks!
  8. Me too..... We would like to be on there too! I apparently have been left off too.
  9. HEY! Don't spoil it for us in IlliNOISE!!!!! Hey , you behave over there!! Hope you all survived the night!!!!
  10. recalculated, my guess was over 26 miles
  11. Ask a previous finder for coords to final....
  12. new account, no cache finds?? must be a sock puppet account??
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