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  1. Arrived home after 2 weeks on the road and found your coin gift in my mail. Thanks for honoring all active duty military and vets with this coin. It will be treasured and is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  2. Or the person actually travels a lot! I know we have some long haul truck drivers who cache who could easily drop coins all over the US! Hope so, as this would increase my chances of finding one.
  3. I personally think this is totally wrong and immoral, especially since this isn't publicly known until now. I was going to have my new personal coin made by you all and a couple of other projects in the future. After this coming to light, there is no way that I will consider having them done by you guys. Keeping my other comments to myself.
  4. We got around 6-8" so far and more on the way, top that off with the blowing winds, it's made some of the roads really FUN to drive on. But we went out and grabbed 12 caches today!! On the way home on Hwy 39, it was blowing so hard we couldn't see the front end of the truck. But hey, it's Sunday and that means caching day, and nothing stops caching day More caches than inches of snow...WTG!!! Saw on the news where you were getting hammered..glad I'm on my way to Texas...LOL
  5. that was one of many suppliers out there. I just had that one bookmarked . Glad I could help.
  6. Let me try to help. Question #1 only if you do not use their logo #2 answered above, Groundspeak does not own copyrights to any colors. ie. they share the same colors as microsoft logo. #3Not that I know of. BTW most coin makers know the rules of what you can do, besides by doing a untrackable you have almost NO rules (except you cannot sell them on these forums) as long as you don't violate copyrights. Hope that helps and if I'm wrong on anything, I will bet someone will jump in and say so. BTW can't wait to see your personal coin!
  7. Try here: Look here for flips
  8. I'm looking for: Sydney Koala Geocoin (not the round one) gold or copper Trade made, Thanks!
  9. Is there a local truck stop nearby?? Would be nice to stop by if I'm in the area to do alittle caching and visit everyone at the event!
  10. We run into alot of turkeys also while caching..LOL
  11. I changed a name of a disabled cache before archiving to something like "Prairiepartners Geocoin Collection" and changed description so others would know what it was being used for.
  12. couldn't have been said any better. I totally agree.
  13. Thanks for getting this all started . Geotruckers.com has helped me continue caching since my new career change 6 mths ago. It's bookmarks has saved valuable time trying to find caches that an eighteen wheeler can visit and take a much needed break from the long day on the road.
  14. I'm Looking for : Lucky Scratch-n-Win Pirate Cat Antique Copper LE See my trading list . Email me for possible trade.
  15. Looks like you didn't move yet as I see that you're still caching in CA. Bet weather is better there
  16. How's there weather there in MO?? I just drove from St. Louis to Kansas City, then back to St. Louis yesterday. Get alot of ice buildup in your area?
  17. If anyone has one that would trade me , please email me. Thanks!
  18. Seems to me that if there were 5 additional Jeeps (Merlot) made, then the 5 Jeep owners should get each one so they have a complete set of each color. Whiich in this case would include an additional rare version. just my 2 cent comment on this situation. BTW if these jeeps are personal coins thats not being sold. I would love to trade for one!!
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