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  1. Yeah but Moun10bike does trade you his personal coins for your personal coins, so if he got into a bind (I hope that never happens) so should he ask for someones elses permission to sell that coin he traded for his?
  2. I agree, why does anyone need to anyones permission to sell any coin that he or she has obtained in a trade or bought?? After all once its been traded for then it's fair to do with as needed. I'm sure everyone has good reason to sell their pride of their collection , whether they want that reason known publicly or not!!!
  3. Are those scars from caching or scars from Daggy, but I guess you'll never tell!!
  4. Are the Indiana resident coins trackable? It doesn't say either way on order page. I know last years wasn't but just wanted to make sure before ordering. Also are they going to be limited in qty or just amount ordered?
  5. You need to read the book!! It's 10 times better than the movie. I didn't really like the movie version .
  6. Your an ANIMAL Mark! WTG!! Congrats!
  7. I really like this design. Hope this is close to what happens. I'm not sure if I like the interstate lines yet, but would look good if raised metal.
  8. interested in trading personal coins?
  9. Being an owner of 2 large parrots, I would definitely be interested in getting in on this one! please contact methru email as being an OTR truck driver its hard to keep up with forums these days. thanks.
  10. Wow, congrats. Looks like we got another mystery coin out there. Cool , hope I can find one of these for Easter!
  11. Wow, congrats. Looks like we got another mystery coin out there. Cool , hope I can find one of these for Easter!
  12. There are several cachers in the Akron, OH area if thats where you are talking about. Great area to cache also!!
  13. PengoFamily - polished silver PengoFamily - LE ant. gold
  14. You might need to grab it first for it to show up in your inventory.
  15. I just noticed that you were asking for emails for reservations. Email sent , hope it's not too late.
  16. Looks great! Hope to be able to trade for one!
  17. Good question, when we paid for ours I was assuming these where already done, then found out it was a preorder. It's almost March of 2007. Hope these are here soon. Not complaining, but anxious.
  18. I'd like a set depending on price of course.
  19. I know why we were out there ... we wanted to see if Neos2 could swim...LOL
  20. With us living in Indiana, only 40 miles away from Chicago, we REALLY need the Colts to win. The trash talk we get around here because of the Bears being so close makes it a must win situation for a true Colts fan in 'Bear County"! Go Colts, Trample the Bears! We want a full speed stampede!! I deliver in Chicago on Monday, wonder what kind of looks I get when I'm wearing a Colts Superbowl Championship Hat???
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