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  1. I'm looking for: Original StashTrade made Geotruckers - gold Look at my trading list below . Thanks!
  2. Hmmm, I wander if you'd be interested in trading....?? Thought I'd be the first to ask on here.
  3. If they aren't done they way you like them, by all means, have them fix it til you are happy. After all, it is YOUR personal coin. BTW I like em either way, nice looking coin! If you decide do do any trading, let me know.
  4. There were 2 versions of that coin made, 1 trackable and 1 just numbered(non-trackable). Other than that I not too sure as I don't have either.
  5. Indy Diver has one hidden in Indiana. It doesn't get found much.
  6. I just want to tell you that this is one of the best coins out there!! Great job ODragon!!
  7. Yes it's spelled Jermiah on the coin that I got from her at GWS4.
  8. Just remember that some people are just slow at logging things, especially after large events/ caching trips like this. There might still be people out there that haven't returned home yet. Hope this is the case for you!!
  9. Would love to make a trade for your personal coin. Let me know about a possible trade! Great looking coin.
  10. I haven't posted here in awhile, but thought this one was worth mentioning: SEPAG This coin is one of the BEST out there!! Great job odragon!
  11. Do you think maybe someone might be playing with you for watching his moves?? After all this cache was a magnetic key holder. Don't seem like the size of a cache to place a coin of this type in.
  12. They had to resend mine to me, only took a week to get replacement coins. He's out on vacation now, but I believe he still has access to email as I've gotten returned emails from him.
  13. Congrats Wayne! Glad to see you out caching again!!
  14. Great, looking foward to receiving this coin!!
  15. Awesome Pepper!! You know we are interested in one of those little hotties!!
  16. Got mine today in Indiana, these are sweet!! Thanks!
  17. Any updates? really like this coin!
  18. Here's a place to I get most coin supplies from includeing the 2.5 x 2.5 flips hobby-supply store
  19. I'd hate to hike a long ways to a cache just to find a piece of paper. But thats a totally different subject. I'd like to see of an easier way to pull back alot of coins (mine) from an event all at the same time.
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