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  1. Ok, maybe I missed it..When will these be shipped?
  2. Glad to see ya got a personal coin made, email sent for a trade. Love the trade only coins!!
  3. I was talking about the 2nd floor window....
  4. Who's that in the window??
  5. Keep us in mind if your going to do any trading.
  6. Yea, someone has been trying to pawn these off as the real thing. Beware.
  7. GCC: June w/ pin geosquid silver and copper w/ pin
  8. At this time, I'm afraid not. If golds are still available later then some limits will probably be eased or removed, but for now I'm gonna have to stick to the party line in the interest of fairness. SQ Please DO NOT remove limit on gold ones, but removing limit on silvers sounds fair. What does everyone else think?
  9. I have a few Indiana Micro - XLE Black Nickel geocoins left to trade. I'm looking for the following: Utah Micro (ant. copper)trade made Loggerhead micro (blk. nickel) Georgia micro (blk. nickel) Dutch micro (blk nickel) Evil micro (blk nickel GLOW) I will entertain other offers as well. email me.
  10. I'm looking for : Walpurgis Night Geocoin Check my trading list below and email me, Thanks!
  11. If in Chicago area, you MUST do the APE :mission 12 cache.
  12. I would contact the seller before posting too negatively as they should be the first to be able to resolve this problem. As far as they knew, the coin might have been unactivated.
  13. I also put as mission 9 to get to go thru and emailed about changing it to mission 12 as found.
  14. I emailed you the info thru your Gc.com email. hope that will work.
  15. Glad I'm not alone..even tried Firefox and same error..
  16. Tried ordering gold and getting a date error..found mission 12 on aug.11 2005 and it says date in not good...help please.
  17. You must use the TBxxxx number of the coin. Hope that helps.
  18. I've always given Rusty his due credit..he does a top notch job!! I highly recommend him to everyone and I will continue to use him for future coins.
  19. Exactly as those are the same colors that Windows uses in their logo.
  20. Now thats a good question. It would be nice to see that posted with their coin info as I know some are in stock and some are preorders. That info would be nice to know!
  21. There is no need to post in trading thread and to open new thread. BTW your link is bad here also.
  22. Thought I saw one on geocoinstore for sale.
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