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  1. So are these only going to be sold to Indiana folks only?? Are these only going to be sold at cost without profit? I think it would be nice to see these travel in caches w/ tracking numbers like geocoins were meant to be and not worry about what the trading value will be. There will be several placed in caches I'm sure. If not trackable then these CANNOT be discussed or sold on Geocaching forums unless they are going to be available as trade only.
  2. While these are indeed state icons, what do they have to do with geocaching? These were just suggestions, what does the history of Walbash have to do it geocaching in Indiana as a whole?
  3. There is a pinned topic on this subject. I hope this doesn't turn into a free advertisement place for those that mint coins.
  4. There are several things that comes to mind when thinking of Indiana to us Hoosiers and others outside of this great state. Such as, Indy 500, basketball, and our state bird and state tree could be represented on coin with pride. Also corn crop is also a big part of this state. Monument circle in Indy could be also a good canidate for back of coin.
  5. I have to agree, this coin is top of the class. Thanks Mark!!
  6. Thought you weren't going to mention any names
  7. You can still make a coin trackable and keep the price down low. There are way too many out there trying to make huge profits on their coins.
  8. Is that a new version of the Goblindust coin I see??
  9. Looking for : Experience Minnesota geocoin (reg or LE) Email me for a trade, Thanks!
  10. Just post a note and drop it in like any other geocoin or TB. of course only the owner of the unapproved cache can do this. Hope this helps.
  11. I guessed I should have looked at the coin first..my bad. My vote is still for gc.com trackable coin, I would like to put a few in caches and watch them move.
  12. I like the idea of using the same reverse. It's a great design and would also help keep the cost down by recycling it. Of course the date will need to be changed, so the die will need to be changed, meaning a new die charge.
  13. Awesome design....email on the way.
  14. Prairiepartners


    There are 2 versions onf the Indy Diver pin. One is 3D and one is 2D. Thats what it looks like to me.
  15. Unfortunately with my new career, I can't be too helpful. But look foward to getting several when they are produced. I vote for trackable and with icon. maybe a special metal for Indiana residents only.
  16. For that price, (probably better ) I bet I can locate a few spares. Just send me an email.
  17. I've Been YIMED!! Thanks, never knew it felt so good!
  18. Keep an eye out for surplus auctions such as the one at Fort Knox,KY. where I bought a couple of pallets worth. FYI there are 200 ammo boxes on a pallet and can be bought for around $100 or find an army surplus and get them for around $3.50 each. BTW I'm running low, so I don't have any extras to sell at this time.
  19. I've been out of the loop for a week and look what happens. My order remains as placed and paid and I haven't received any refund from Paypal. Hopefully they will release the money to you as I want these coins and not the refund!! Thanks for keeping everyone informed!
  20. I will be interested in one of each metal. Would also love to trade for Blk Nickel.
  21. I'd say the Shadow coins and Moun10Tyke coins are pretty tough to get. Low production and limited cache placements adds to rarity.
  22. Thanks for link , somehow I didn't receive the presell info on this one.
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