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  1. Just trying to find out if there is any interest in this. The route is in Spain and travels over the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It would probably need to be set up for Oct/Nov next year 2016 due to weather conditions. Would anyone be interested in doing it? Maybe sponsored for a charity? here is some info on the route: http://casa-rural-el-paraje.blogspot.com.es/2010/04/sulayr-gr240-introduction-and-links.html
  2. I have responded to all messages and emails, it seems that a few people are interested in the same coins.... Also I will wait at least 24 hours before agreeing any sales as I realise that I am on the other side of the world to some collectors and I want to give everyone a chance.
  3. OK so my liking for coins got a little much and along with everything else that I collect I am running out of space,so I've decided to thin my collection a little bit.I don't have a huge collection anyway but I have decided to only keep the coins that mean the most to me. I am in mainland Spain,so postage will nee to be paid at cost,as for the coins I am open to offers. Sorry but I'm not one of the super collectors who knows every edition of every coin and every colour choice and SE/LE, so I'm posting photos of my coins to avoid any confusion(if anyone wants close-up photos of any coin please ask): The Hedgehog is my own Mijas Costa Edition and I have 3 left - One I am keeping, but the other 2 are still sealed and available
  4. Last package received yesterday - thanks everyone
  5. The list of what each person is receiving was not mailed out. It was posted to this thread. You can find it on page 5. ah thanks - I knew I had seen it somewhere - Received from: DrNeal SixlittleSpookies AtlantaGal Pingos TheMoopAlong Scificollector Avroair Acasim Where´sMyMarbles not received - Mauison
  6. I´m struggling with knowing which I have received as I somehow managed to delete the email that was sent to me to let me know which coins I would be receiving.....I have received some coins but I think I still have some outstanding, however a lot of folks have posted under their "proper" name and have not included their geocaching name which makes my task even more difficult lol.... I know I have received from sixlittlespookies and Where´s my Marbles... if the rest of you could post or PM with who sent what I would really appreciate it .... sorry to be a pain...
  7. Sorry sorry sorry. It has been crazy moving house and also trying to find a post.office that is still open in my new area rural Spain. I tried 4 destinations before I found one that wa still in business. All parcels were sent Tuesday or wednesday and I will be collecting post from my old address tomorrow so I will update as soon as I can get back online...
  8. Just a quick note - A lot has happened since I signed up for this mathtrade - the biggest of which was that we decided to move house - crazy timing I know but we are currently running backwards and forwards from the coast to our new inland property with car fulls of stuff... I also have no internet at home now - nightmare!! Anyway the upshot of it all is that it may be wednesday before I can get the coins sorted and packaged ready for posting and it may be Thursday before they get posted - I will have access to the post at my "old" address for another couple of months so do not panic that you don´t have my new address - main reason that I posted is to apologise for the delay in posting...
  9. very happy with the trade on my end - all my coins traded and I´ve got me some Nerds coming YAY!! I´m upset to hear about the rise in US shipping as I am in Europe and this will effect most of my coin purchases - not many coins get made or sold in Spain - and most of all I really enjoyed the excitement of this mathtrade and will be gutted if I cannot participate on the next one .... Huge thanks to Chuck for organising this and thanks to everyone that participated and enabled me to get some great trades!!
  10. Thanks Sir Zman for adding to this thread I haven´t updated my collection for a while as I am involved in the mathtrade at the moment so I am waiting until my collection is a bit more stable again, but I will be back using the site soon Thanks foryour hard work and thanks for continuing development...
  11. as far as I understood it, the term "collectable" as a status on a trackble means that the finder can "collect" it, they have the right to claim it. It can be used when someone who has made coins or trackables, leaves them in caches for others to find and claim....I´m not sure but that is how i always interpreted it..
  12. I was only offended by someone twisting my words around to make it seem like I was condoning hooliganism, still a little confused by that, but rather than back up his claims he has now chosen to state he will ignore me even if I email him, so I guess he can´t back it up at allll. I was not trying to antagonise or offend, but it seems that sometimes it is impossible to not cause offence unless you are willing to bend to another´s view. The graffiti medium IS a beautiful medium when it is done correctly. Having researched both youth groups using this medium, and some well known Graffiti artists themselves, I know how amazing it is to watch a true graffiti piece come together. Unlike tagging, the process can take hours or even days to complete and the finished results can be breath-taking. Some of the events that I have attended have been real eye-openers, in terms of both the skill and techniques used and the diversity of the artists. I have met graffiti artists that are head school teachers, social workers and even lawyers! This coin is well designed and the colours are awesome too. Props to the designer on getting a great balance between something that is graffiti based and something that will appeal to the general cacher too.
  13. NevadaNick - first off - I was not attacking you like you seem to imply and I am sorry if I caused offence. I was just trying to point out that, A:there is a huge difference between tagging and graffiti art pieces and, B: that artwork associated with bad elements does not make the art bad. I am not quite sure what you mean about honoring bad behavior as I never said anything that would condone bad behavior at all.....and certainly nothing that would honor hooliganism!! very confused about that to be honest and a little offended... FYI - "tagging" is a quick sprawl,sometimes done by a single colour spray can, but more often a large tipped marker pen. It is usually done on buses, trains, public phone boxes etc in a guerilla style. In my opinion tagging has no artistic merit at all...
  14. got it - thanks - I am terrible with technology....
  15. Sorry to be such a newb but I have never used spreadsheets before - I THINK I have entered my coins - I used the link for the data entry form - but I can´t seem to view the list. Is it not viewable until the entries are finished or am I missing something....I can see where it says "form" at the top and a number which keeps going up so I assume that is the number of entries on the spreadsheet but it is greyed out....
  16. This was a theme that was asked for by CacheAddict but I enjoyed creating the back. I understand your point of view and unfortunately tagging and gangs are a major problem but graffiti art is an amazing skill and I have to take my hat off to the fantastic artwork the artists can create. This is the side I wanted to show. I have to agree , there is some amazing skill that goes into graffiti art - tagging is just not the same thing and I hate it. You have to also realise that graffiti has been used to do good in some urban areas. Workshops have been set up which use this art medium to connect with kids and engage them in a way that they enjoy, removing them from the streets and giving them some else to focus on rather than gangs and drugs. It sounds to me a bit like the parents in the 80´s blaming heavy metal for their kids behaviour...or football(soccer) being blamed for hooliganism. If you banned football the hooligans would start going to cricket matches(or some other sport) and causing the same problems, if you banned heavy metal satan worshippers would start playing Chopin backwards and find some hidden meaning in it... you get my gist?? Don´t blame the art..... I love this coin and I will have to have one
  17. Adding mine Widmowy Król / The Ghostly King (Murazor) - 45915km / 28531mi - TB50AJM Smurf´s Hope Coin - 10964Miles/17644.9km - TB41GM1 DNF Duo - Super Cacher - 10,889.2 - TB2B968 For Those About To Cache (Penny and Kona) - 10 miles - TB41KYP
  18. I have to admit that although I was loving people reactions to receiving these coins I was a bit upset that I had not got one, I kept checking my mail daily and was feeling a little neglected. I went away for a few days with my mum and when I returned last night I found a bubble envelope waiting for me. As I opened the mailer I saw a flash of silver - I had not been forgotten after all!! YAY!! This is my first mystery coin and I have to say it is lovely. A huge THANKS to the mystery giver - I will treasure it!
  19. I too did this with a non gmail email and needed to ask for permission again, I also sent you an email telling you about this by replying to the email you sent, but I have nothing so far.... Edit, just checked my spam folder and all is sorted, cheers
  20. Congrats! What a great way to start the year...
  21. I´d like to be included please Happy New Year!
  22. Season´s Greeting to all on the forums
  23. Sounds to me like the storage locker was sold legally and the person who bought the contents SHOULD have the right to sell them on, or do with them whatever they wish. It becomes complicated because the original owner has decided he can and will make things difficult - he CAN because if the trackables are activated by him and in his name he can refuse to let them be adopted. MORALLY that is not the right thing to do as far as I am concerned. If they meant that much to him he should have removed them from storage, or paid his rent. If it wasn´t for the fact that these particular items have a kind of dual existence (they exist phsyically and online) this situation would not have arisen. The buyer of the storage area would sell the items to another party and that would be the end of it. In this case part of the value of the items is in their online existence and the original owner has decided to be awkward....
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