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  1. My daughter and I are going to the SBC convention with our choir and would like someone local to drive us around G'boro to snare a few caches. Of particular interest are any near Page H.S. out to the battleground. We'll be traveling by bus so we won't have our own transportation up there. We're looking at caching on the afternoon/evening of Tuesday the 13th, and/or mid-morning/afternoon on the 14th. If you can provide us with some caching, we would really appreciate it
  2. Ummm..... too late in metro Daytona.The Daytona Beach Police Department officers love watching people go for this one from their office windows.... and this one is hidden in the middle of the Ormond Beach Police Department's parking lot. At least that one was hidden by an officer (one that has been afraid to do Agent K's caches for fear of being arrested by clueless DBPD officers.)
  3. And I'm embarrassed to say I didn't educate Agent K well enough last summer and she found some.
  4. I would respond, but I think this thread is in response to my wife's bug.
  5. My wife sent out a bug a little over a year ago, with the hopes of having it end up on her mother's grave. It has now done just that!
  6. No, I totally disagrre, you heretic! Teach your kids to love caching. Teach them playgrounds are evil unless there's one hidden on it! Note: the pics of my 2 youngest were on playgrounds, so tounge is planted firmly in cheek
  7. Caching with kids... my older boy, J, is a fanatical hiker at only 5 y.o. with around 225 finds. Then there is E, with about 125, who just loves the playground stops. And then, there is Agent K, who I think likes this sport... I'm not too certain... is it a good thing to let kids hide caches, especially as evil as hers? (You should see what she is planning next... on second thought, you might not want to. )
  8. Curiosly, I have one planted in the middle of a 6 lane highway. Perhaps I should change its name...
  9. The fun part is... I work outside. My saving grace, the seabreeze kicks in around noon. The heat index is usually at its highest from 11 to 12. Heat index at 11 a.m.; 105. Heat index at 2 p.m. ; 90. If it rains, the temp drops to 75 for a bit, but we haven't seen the rain most of July (this after nearly 15" in June). Where's those tropical waves when you need them?
  10. One that I enjoyed when I visited Cacheville last month, although I don't know the proximity to the GOOHotel, is "Rebirth of a bridge". That provided a fantastic view of downtown. There are also a handful of nearby caches.
  11. On the attributes list there is a wheelchair accesible/ not accessible tag. If we could get more people to use it...
  12. Quick! Set the hook! Hey, y'all are cachers now. COme visit us a lot, because this is your home too! (Following pretty GPS to the OT forums )
  13. The one thing that caught my attention was the distance from your home coordinates. I had a virtual shot down for that very reason.
  14. Anonymous? You signed it Big Idea. We looked up those caches on your profile. We love the looks of the finger in the forest... not that that gave us a.... (ahem) "big idea" on how to hide our next cache.
  15. Linky to a picture of a banana spider and a Florida skunk ape.
  16. I believe I qualify as a skunk ape. Anyway, invest in DEET, skin-so-soft, and a not-so-nice stick. You can wave the stick in front of you to clear the banana spider webs. Personally, I don't like being bit by them... it hurts. Mosquitos are the state bird. Gators are a concern... if you walk along the water's edge or actually go out into the water. However, the site of my kids scared one off. So where in Florida are you moving to? Each of the major areas has geocaching families, and of course we all have fun together!
  17. Found their profile. 5 finds. Looks like Tim Hodge is the actual cacher of the group. Veg out y'all!
  18. Hey, we've found that the micros are actually the ones to bring us to the historical sites. We've found all sorts of historical homes and churches through the almighty micro. My daughter "Agent K" has used the micro to bring people to interesting places in Daytona, including her "favorite places". It was the micros in Nashville and Atlanta that provided a great self guided historical tour of both cities, so don't go knocking that micro.... unless there's a thousand of them in the middle of a parking lot......
  19. Well, we're "Mom"&"Dad"ofKJE. So the picture is of K, J, and E at a cache site in Palatka, FL. J is the one holding the GPS, K is the poser, and E is the one having fun between the 2. The picture was taken before we realized how much the GPS would take over our life. K became the infamous "Agent K" and now posts here on her own. We applied the "Agent" moniker on the two boys until they come up with their own. I know, it's an uncreative avatar, but it's who we are.
  20. OK, who wants to set up a Veggietales series? We all set up one or two in our area. Big Idea guys, are you reading this? We need "creative containers" to make this work.
  21. Simple cure for muggles: bring a child retriever with you. Then use the shock and awe technique. Agent K has been known to ask people to get up so she can look under a bench for a "logbook to sign". It always works, and no cache that she has gone for with this method has gone missing. I guess they assume it's a child's game, but this works out well in high-muggle scenarios (see Off your Rocker or anything hidden in Palatka, Fl.). They usually look at her like "What just happened" and go on their merry way, completely oblivious to the cache, and usually wanting to stay that way.
  22. Reviewer qualities 1: Severely masochistic 2: Loners (cause they are about to be) 3: No family (as they are about to lose theirs) Who wants to be a reviewer now?
  23. Ahhh, I've enjoyed watching people go for my daughter's. It's more fun during the busy parts of the day.
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