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  1. At the risk of placing myself into the "old f@rts" pigeonhole, may I just point out that he was Sir Humphry Davy and, just to emphasise/emphasize* a point that some consider to be very important, he was Cornish. Thank you. Right, carry on with the previously scheduled** thread... MrsB * Please view whichever spelling you prefer. **Please use whichever pronunciation you prefer. Irony of ironies I typed Humphry and my spellchecker (English UK) changed it to Humphrey!
  2. “The Other Stu” has nicely illustrated the point I was making. He complains about the "Americanisms" that are creeping into our culture ….. aluminium. Sir Humphrey Davey (British) first described the element as Aluminum (no i). A decade or so later um endings were old fashioned and the new trendy ium endings were all the rage so some people changed it. The Americans held on to the traditional, British spelling!! Now almost 200 years later people are complaining about the reintroduction of the original, correct, British spelling!!!! Today’s Chemists are taught sulfur, last year it was sulphur! Similar complaints about “Americanisms” but Latin has sulphur, sulfur and even sulpur, My point is people are generally comfortable with the spelling and grammar they grow up with. Language constantly evolves. Technology is letting it evolve faster and inevitably some people get left behind. They are happier with the styles, words and content of the day. The meaning is much more important than the style of delivery (assuming no ambiguity).
  3. My point entirely! If you do not have a sense of personal pride as to how you "present yourself" to the outside world what are others going to think about you? Anyone with any sense of personal pride should wear top hat, white tie, tails, white gloves, and patent leather shoes when out in public. Anyone who doesn't do so does not know how to present themselves, so what are others going to think of you when they see you out in the countryside wearing jeans/cargo pants/shorts/whatever........ Then again you may think that my opinion as expressed above is just a tad old fashoined........ LMAO!!
  4. My point entirely! If you do not have a sense of personal pride as to how you "present yourself" to the outside world what are others going to think about you? The personal sense of pride and presentation you are talking about is based on YOUR values though, not the values of the person doing the writing/presenting. They may have their sense of pride in a completely different thing. e.g. they may value their individuality, regional identity, the speed at which they can get a message across, or something different entirely.
  5. The information being understood is based entirely on the person “deciphering” the message. A cache written in French would be a puzzle in the UK. One written in text speak would not be a puzzle for you average 15 yr old. Try writing in Latin and only a few people worldwide will get it. Ever tried to read “Trainspotting?” Granted for the type of person geocaching in the UK “Queen’s English” is probably going to hit most people. I believe it started in the US, maybe we should all write caches in American? If geocaching is truly a global sport maybe we should use some form of visual symbols that are understood by all people.
  6. It would be interesting to see the ages of the various people on this thread. Language is a constantly changing thing. The current language is vastly different from only a few decades ago. The context is much more important than precision answers. I speak in a different style to friends in the pub, my boss or my Gran. A CV or job application is different from a hobby and the language used differs accordingly. I think I may write my next cache entirely in text speak, it wud b gr8 2 c u stress wif it lol !
  7. Where did you get this info? I'm wondering if there is a similar issue with the oregon (although I have the most current update)
  8. Quite excited when I read this so decided to give it a go. I left my Oregon 400 on top of my tower above everything for miles, completely clear view of sky. Enabled WAAS but didn't get any D and no better than the usual 6m I get in such good conditions. Is the system on permanently? Any other suggestions? Ta Paul
  9. I was looking under some rocks in Spain on holiday and found a snakeskin, kind of put me off. I do sometimes wonder about the sanity of grubbing around with my hand down a hole.
  10. Is there a way to download caches to my tom tom so I can see if I am passing any as I drive around? Sorry if this has been answered before but it keeps rejecting poi searches as too short. Ta
  11. Ta for that, although I 'l leave it open so everyone can see it!!
  12. Hi all, A post a while ago talked about a way that you can see if people have looked at the details of your cache. I've just placed a new one and am interested to see if anybody is looking, but can't for the life of me work out how. Any help? Ta Paul
  13. When ever you go into an outdoor shop there is a PC next to the GPS section showing a 3d fly through of a route. Is it possible to do this with Mapsource? It’s such good software that you would have thought it should but I cant work out how to do it, or even find an mention of 3D or topographic view. Any help appreciated. Paul
  14. When I press on address it asks for state/province first. I live in the UK so don’t have state or province! Somebody else claimed theirs asks for country instead. Any idea how I can change to this? Any help appreciated. Paul
  15. Have got the free routable as recommended by talky toaster and it works well, but the Oregon does not even get as far as checking. It stops at the state/province with unknown if I try UK, England Lancashire etc.
  16. I'm North of Manchester near Bury and could help out in the day as I'm on school holidays at the mo.
  17. Anybody manage to use the addresses facility on the Oregon? It asks for state/province - does this mean it doesn't work in the UK? Ive got the Europe base maps. Ta Paul
  18. I can't find where they live! Any help apppreciated Paul
  19. I think the photo viewer on the Oregon 400t is a great idea but it is the only user unfriendly thing on it. A simple software upgrade could make it much easier to use - Ie to look through folders etc. on the sd card. Anybody know how to suggest this to Garmin? Ta Paul
  20. I agree totally with the above, a GPS receiver has no way of knowing direction; it can only extrapolate it from previous movement. I got the Oregon specifically as it has the compass. I don’t see how else you could use your GPS to point to a cache, waypoint or whatever. You do need to know how it works and how to use it to get best out of it. I still think heavy clouds must make a difference – GPS does not work underwater the problem I had with jumping around was the position, not the bearing.
  21. Today I did a circular walk around a reservoir (found 6 of 7 caches). Flat ground, no trees should be perfect but my GPS was bouncing around like crazy. It’s an Oregon 400t and usually performs well. Could the heavy, low cloud be causing grief, there has to be several tons of water between me and the satellites?
  22. Excellent map, where did it come from? I guess it’s a dot a cache. Anyway it could be changed to give more detail e.g. a colour system as there are so many in most places that it is uniform blue!
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