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  1. It does not work for me, neither with Edge nor with Internet Explorer on Windows 10.


    And there are other problems: I cannot page through search results.

    It always remains on the first page (1-20 of 200).


    It does not help using an inprivate-Browser.


    It yet worked some hours ago, the time before the annoying but necessary 
    Cookie setting window first appeared.

  2. To give a reminder:

    the kernel problem was: the Oregon 700 did not offer any Geocaching

    functionality without a registration.


    Well, I had an urgent need for the Oregon, so I went through the process of

    re-registering via WiFi/WLAN. Everthing is working now. I am currently not

    eager to go through the process again, to find out where something went wrong.


    Reading your reports, I do believe that something must have gone wrong,

    because at your site the problem did not occur this way.


    I want to thank you for your patience, your suggestions and reports.

  3. I did this experimenting:


    - I made sure there were no GPX from geocaches too far away (less than 20miles)

    - I downloaded by USB GPX files from geocaches close to each other

    --> they did not appear in the list of geocaches

    - I made a factory reset

    --> I was unable to access the geocaching function any more

    I had to re-register my Oregon 700 with geocaching.com

    by WiFi/WLAN

    - after re-registering there was no geocache in the list of geocaches

    - I waited some time, letting the Oregon be online by WiFi/WLAN

    - I powercycled the Oregon

    - all caches now appeared in the list of geocaches

    - I turned off WiFi/WLAN

    - geocaches were still present

    - I copied some new caches to the Oregon's Garmin/GPX folder by USB

    - The caches appeared instantly (after power cycling) in the list of geocaches

    - It did not require to go online again by WiFi/WLAN


    Maybe the Oregon got locked by the firmware update to 2.60, maybe the

    registration with geocaching.com faded away to take me into that miserable

    situation where no upload of GPX files was possible no more.


    For the time now everything works fine. Hopefully it lasts a longer time now.


    (I am still wondering why I had to register and go online by WiFi/WLAN to

    make this work. Anyway, as long as this works its fine for me,)

  4. The Oregon 7x0 does NOT have to be registered to use geocaching functions as with previous units, it only has to be registered (linked to the users geocaching account) to use LIVE geocaching features.


    Could you please let me know how I come around the 'Register' dialog

    and proceed to normal Geocaching operation? I did not manage to do so.

  5. Not a unit I know, but reading:...

    Did you register it before you Factory Reset it?


    Well, as I wrote in the beginning, I was unable to do anything

    with Oregon's geocaching function. The only thing that was offered

    was to register the device.


    Yes, I had it registered in the beginning, but always had troubles to

    get the caches visible in Oregon's list of geocaches, after having

    transferred them to the device by USB. I did not enable WLAN though.


    After re-registering with geocaching.com and having the WLAN connected

    all of a sudden the previously loaded GPX files appeared in the list of

    known geocaches. They remained after having disconected.


    So now I wonder, how I can get any use of OREGON 700 without having

    WiFi/WLAN or Bluetooth connection. It was far easier with OREGON 300.

  6. Garmins have a 'Default' that if you have any files/caches loaded as a Basic Member,

    then files/caches loaded as a Premium Member wont show ALL PM information...


    I have not got any Basic member files. All files were downloaded as PM member.


    I did a factory reset because the Oregon would not show downloaded GPX files,

    which were placed into Oregon's Garmin/GPX folder. After reset I was faced to

    the registration. Had no WLAN then.


    After having re-established the WLAN connection, then the registration, then all

    caches downloaded to the Oregon appeared in the list of geocaches.


    So it seems to be a clear NO

    NO you can't use the Oregon to display GPX files without having the Oregon registered

    to geocaching.com



  7. From my Oregon 300 I know, that geocaching on the GPSr works this way


    - copy a geocache's GPX into the GPRs->Garmin/GPX folder


    and then you are able to search for a cache with all cache information.

    I just applied a factory reset to my Oregon 700, and tried to work with

    GPX files.


    There is no way to go into the geocaching mode of that device.

    It always enforces me to register my device with geocaching.com.

    It refuses geocaching without a registration.


    Isn't there a way to display the geocache's details and waypoints without

    registering with geocaching.com?

  8. If you deleted everything on the GPSr...

    Where are you storing the GPX files? GPSr or uSD card?


    GPX on my GPSr->Garmin/GPX. There is a uSD, an original Garmin with Topo from my 300.

    But there are no GPX files on it.

    My deletes are always: Shift-DEL on MS-Windows. No way to the recylce bin.

    As I already wrote: after deleting the SQL (database file) all ghost caches are gone.

  9. First check the filters.


    Thanks for the hint.


    I already checked filters. I did it again and again, without success.

    I deleted the sql file and this way got rid of the ghost caches, i.e.

    deleted GPX files with caches still shown.


    But I still cannot get news GPX shown as caches in geocaching.

    FW is 2.60.

  10. Can anyone let me know, how I reliably can transfer GPX files to the

    Oregon 700. On my Oregon 300 I simply put them into the Oregon GARMIN/GPX



    I tried this on the Oregon 700 and got different results:

    - it only listed 6-7 caches, no more

    - it only listed nearby caches

    - it did not list caches at all

    - it lists caches from GPX files already deleted


    I also tried downloading directly from gc.com by WLAN and got different


    - it listed the caches, but after power cycling they were gone

    - it listed only a few of several caches.


    I currently have a GPX file holding several caches, put it into the

    Garmin/GPX folder, and none of caches is available in the Geocache

    list on the Oregon.



  11. No matter who behaves in what way, let us break it down to the facts:


    What is the percentage Garmin covers the market with?


    Here in Germany there are many good guys laying out hiking tours. They do it voluntarily. By this they take people to the wonderful countrysite.

    And they supply tracking information in form of GPX tracks. And yes, most of them use Garmin software.


    There are countless multi caches actually offering similar hiking tours, many of them are based on tours offered by public organisations.


    Whoever supplies the GPX track, most of them do it using Garmin software.


    What is KML? You are familiar with it, many of the hikers are not. Because you yourself know how to convert, this does not make the whole world knowing the same.


    I am a programmer. I dealt with file uploading to a web server. I dealt with handling XML files on a web server. And I know how simple it is, to remove the BOM. So I am wondering why GS does not perform that little step, to make the user interface user friendly.

  12. You mean the BOM, Byte Order Marker? There was such thing in the original file,

    but not in my modified file. So the 500 error comes from the BOM.


    The modified file (map source, reduced number of points, no BOM) still says 2 points,

    not the expected number of 93.


    I tried removing useless namespace declarations. No success.

    I tried removing useless schemalocation. No success.

    I tried yet another old GPX -- successful, now.

    I tried again my new GPX, changed the header to the successfully loaded one.

    Upload still gives a track of 2 points, not 93 points as expected.


    And then the idea: it was a round trip. I removed waypoints from the end

    of the list, so now having an open loop: the number of uploaded waypoints

    increased from 2 to 6. That's fine for me and for that short trip.


    So the rules are

    - remove the BOM

    - don't give a closed loop that is too short

    - even on an open track let it be at least more than 5km


    Thanks a lot for your help.

  13. I have just tried to upload a gpx track to create a pocket query.

    I either get error 500 or the upload succedes by there is no point

    within that route.


    I have tried different GPX files, even one that I uploaded successfully

    some month ago. I have deleted all my stored routes and tried again.

    No change.


    Is there something going wrong at the server?



  14. FYI: i opened a case at the Help Center

    I received a reply but enabling compatibilty view does not solve the issue ...

    Hello danny


    - Thank you for contacting us about Wherigo.


    We have identified compatibility issues between Internet Explorer and Wherigo.com and Geocaching.com. We're working to address these issues, but in the meantime you can take some steps to ensure you have the optimal view of our site through IE.

    1. Go to your Tools menu
    2. Click "Compatibility View Settings" and insert Wherigo.com and/or Geocaching.com under "Add this Website"
    3. Click "Add"
    4. Click "Close"

    Please also clear your browser cache and cookies. Alternatively, you canaccess the website through a different browser.


    For more information, please check out the Wherigo forums.These forums are monitored and can usually provide you with the best support.


    Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.



    Geocaching Community Manager



    Why don't they put experts on this issue instead of letting Janelle post irrelevant stuff?


    Having a script caught in an endless loop is no compatibility issue. It is bad programming.

  15. I have got the same problem: it hangs in a script.

    Appears to be in the 'modernizer' script, but can

    be elsewhere.


    It's on Internet Explorer, Windows 8.1

    No probs on Firefox.


    It's the same problem on Android, built-in browser and Chrome.

  16. ....ich versteh trotzdem nicht, weshalb man dem Reviewer ne Mail schreibt, statt ein NA oder NM oder ein Fragezeichen ins Log. Und das hat nichts mit Hexenjagd auf den Betreffenden zu tun - ich finde sowas grundsätzlich SINNVOLL.


    Sicherlich ist das sinnvoll. Aber lies dir bitte die Einträge zum Cache durch. Dort gibt es eine Stellungnahme des Owners, die zu keinem anderen Logeintrag passt. Folglich hat der Owner mindestens eine Email oder einen Telefonanruf erhalten, der ihn auf die missliche Lage hinweist.


    Es gibt (andere) Owner, die NM oder Notes einfach löschen. Dann kannst du als Außenstehender gar nicht nachvollziehen, was tatsächlich gelaufen ist.

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