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  1. We are currently using a Palm Z22 pda for paperless caching. Works great except very hard to read outdoors. Would like to get another pda that can be read outdoors. Don,t want one for a phone or that can connect to the internet, just the basics. Thanks for any info. Team Elk-Rib
  2. We agree with the majority of the negative comments about the new maps and their placement. As far as we are concerned we would much prefer the old maps.
  3. ELK-RIB

    Print Page Map

    We completely agree that the maps should be back on the top of the first page. Also, is it possible to have a few road names placed on the maps. If not, we would prefer the map that was previously being used.
  4. I agree with Rabbitto about the way the maps are now printed and would like to see them changed to the way they were previously printed on the cache pages.
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