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  1. Alright, thanks for checking that out! At least I know that my basemap isn't corrupt. I just won't be able to autoroute past Fresno for now. Thanks!
  2. Highway 41 and Highway 168 both stop dead just north of Fresno. The 168 ends just after Clovis and the 41 stops dead right when it crosses the San Joaquin River. This is when I'm only showing the basemap. So if my basemap is messed up, then how could I possible fix that? The basemap isn't stored in the firmware, so it seems like I'm out of luck.
  3. On my 60c, the basemap roads heading out of Fresno towards Yosemite seem to stop dead in their tracks (about 10 miles north of Fresno). The major highways completely stop. I just noticed this now, but I'm heading up there tomorrow. Can someone else check their basemap and see if the have a highway heading from Fresno to Yosemite/Oakhurst? If I'm missing data on my basemap, is there a way to re-upload it? Any quick help would be great appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I've noticed the same thing with Metroguide 5. I can calculate a turn-by-turn route with directions in Mapsource, but then when I transfer it to my 60c, it just uploads my main waypoints and uses the 60c to recalculate the route. But without City Select, I think it only uses the basemap for the auto-routing. That's why you're ending up with a route that is fine for highways, but not for sideroads. It's too bad it won't transfer the route with directions that is calculated in Mapsource.
  5. I've just started using Metroguide v5 with my 60c. I know it's not the best option for auto-routing, but it's all I've got right now. I can generate a route in Mapsource complete with directions, but when i upload that route to my 60c, it doesn't transfer the directions. It just sends the beginning and ending points and expects the 60c to calculate the directions in between (which I won't be able to do properly until City Select arrives). Is this regular behaviour? Is there no way to transfer over the directions too?
  6. I'm sure this has come up before, but I just wanted to clarify. If I want to do proper autorouting (with sidestreets) using Metroguide v5, I HAVE to calculate the route on the PC and then upload it. Even if there are Metroguide v5 maps uploaded to my 60c, I won't be able to calculate a proper autoroute on the GPS unit. Correct? But v4 WOULD let me calculate an accurate autoroute on the GPS unit?
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