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  1. Det är väl säsongsuppehåll i fotbollen antar jag. Inte mycket jag kan göra åt saken, jag dömer ju bara. Ska det bli ett skandinaviskt spel får det bli något annat än fotboll, som ju tenderar att mest röra sig på mittfältet. Kanske kan man överföra någon annan sport till geocachingens värld, något som inte är så koncentrerat till mittfältet och som kanske kan ha mer än en "boll". Geo-biljard??? Nya cacher godkänns av en liten kommitté på några få personer. De har delat upp vissa länder mellan sig, beroende på att alla inte kan/förstår alla språk. Jag antar att någon "approver" förstår nordiska språk, men jag vet inte. Är det någon annan som vet?
  2. And I'm the first to post in it. Any other Scandinavian cachers here? Kanske rent av några svenskar?
  3. I'm very careful when scraping data off GC.com. My program reads cache pages in a very slow pace and only at times when the load on their servers is low. The last thing I want is to cause any harm to GC.com (or Marks site). So far, I haven't been contacted by anyone from Groundspeak and noone has yet complained to me personally. And MCL - you are on 76:th place, just outside the list (less placed than LazyLeopard).
  4. quote:Notwithstanding the problems gcuk.com has, I think any issues about web scraping and this site are between its owner and gc.com. We should keep out of it. I'm not with you there. I think this discussion is important.
  5. http://www.m.kth.se/m95_bef/geo/uk.htm
  6. Possibly in New Zealand. This has a log of January 1:st and was last generated: "12/31/2002 10:50:04 PM (GMT)". That is 10:50:04 AM, local time.
  7. I found my first 50 caches without GPS. I still leave my eTrex at home sometimes, when going for low-difficulty caches, but I once found a 4/2 multicache without it. Doing multicaches without GPS is fun, if you know how to do it. You need to know the length of your steps to be able to measure distance. Then learn how to calculate the distance and bearing between to sets of coordinates. Now all you need is a calculator and a compass!
  8. There are 136 countries in the drop-down menu on the search page. I just compiled a list of the 135 countries I found that have, or used to have caches. Archived caches are counted as well. Top 135 countries
  9. And now we know the average size of Geocachers
  10. There are "just" 135 countries in the drop-down menu on the search page
  11. There are a few countries that had caches, but now don't. El Salvador, Lesotho, Qatar and Curacao had one cache each, now they are all archived.
  12. I don't have the answer to all those questions, but some data can be found on my web site. I changed the design a few days ago, so a few things may still look strange.
  13. The "useless knowledge" section is just for Sweden, but if you find a cache in Sweden in less than 135 minutes after it was placed, I'll put your name there Besides, I don't think my record ever will be broken, since the approval process is much slower now than it was back then.
  14. quote:...the only strange thing was that it says i have placed 1 cache and i have actualy placed 16? You changed user name. You have placed caches as "dan wilson", "danwilson" and "geobadger". I'm correcting this in my database now, please report any other errors to me by e-mail. I'm trying to keep everything as correct as possible.
  15. I am maintaining statistics for Geocaching in the Scandinavian countries. I just aimed my robot at the UK and here is the result. I will not be able to keep this updated on a regular basis.
  16. Nalle really travels with class! Look at the pictures by cmm.
  17. There is too much discussion on whether there should be a vote or not. If you don't like the idea of a vote - then don't vote. If you don't like the winning logo - then don't use it. Let people vote if they want to. End of discussion. (Well, it probably just started... )
  18. I just noticed: Anders finally got rid of his famous catsuite. He is now wearing this new outfit.
  19. More bonus points to earn: quote:You see a bug hole, YOU NUKE IT!
  20. Since the Groundspeak logo is protected by copyright laws, some of us think we need a public domain logo. View all the submitted logos here and choose your favorite.
  21. The logo is supposed to make you think of geocaching when you see it. That is impossible if we all use different logos or different variations of a logo. I will use the logo that gets the most votes, so you won't see any drive by caching from us "Globes". And I just might vote for the GX myself. I like it.
  22. This is what my logo would look like on a coin.
  23. I'm not sure about the colors, but they match my avatar and they are the same as in the Groundspeak logo.
  24. I have a few more variations of my logo here. More to come.
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