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  1. I'm not updating Geocaching Sweden for the moment, because I don't have the time to do it. I have been very busy for a while, and I have some programming work to do before I can run new updates. It is my intention to do this, but it is impossible for me to say when I will find the time to do it.


    The e-mail account I use only for Geocaching related mail is recieving so much spam that haven't even bothered to sort out the important mails and answer them. I am sorry for that too.

  2. quote:
    Originally posted by Marky:

    Have you considered extracting your data directly off of Dan's site and then generating your cool graphics from that?


    How would that be any better? Just makes the risk of errors in the stats higher, doesn't it? If you are concerned about the GC.com servers, you should know that so am I, and I run my updates (in a very slow pace) when you Americans are asleep in your beds, and the servers are spinning at their best icon_smile.gif


    Dan has a great stats site, but he could use a little help from a web designer. A lot of information, but presented in a rather dull way, in my opinion.

  3. Earlier today, CyberJunkie placed his 100th cache in Sweden! It's amazing how someone can place that many caches. I have a hard time maintaining my 13 caches icon_rolleyes.gif And CyberJunkie has only archived 2 of his.


    He must have spent a fortune on lunch boxes.


    [This message was edited by Gustaf on June 21, 2003 at 03:02 PM.]

  4. I found about 50 caches before I bought a GPSr. It's not that hard if you are good with maps and maths. I only failed to find a couple of caches, and some of those I found were multicaches, where I had to calculate the distance and bearing between two sets of coordinates and then count my steps and use a compass to get there.


    I even placed a few caches without a GPSr. This was possible thanks to a detailed map with grid lines. I calculated the position of the cache from a few known points in the area, like road crossings, that were easy to find both on the map and in reality. Again, I was counting my steps to measure distance and used a compass to get bearings.


    I have now checked my coordinates with a GPSr, and they were all very accurate.

  5. quote:
    Originally posted by Divine:

    I'd like to see some kind of stats page where one can see things like:

    - caches per country (ok, we already have this)

    - cache®s per capita in different countries

    - cache®s per square area in different countries

    Have a look at this.

  6. Don't try to outsmart me Kobdalis. You know I'm the guru when it comes to statistics icon_cool.gif


    It's 8.37 percent on Wednesdays which is a statistically significant difference from the other weekdays, since there are as many as 9742 logs.

  7. Det brukar vara billigare att köpa sin GPS från England än att köpa här i Sverige.


    Tyvärr räcker inte tusenlappen långt där heller, runt 1700 kronor får du betala för en eTrex basmodell, inklusive moms och frakt.

  8. Länge skrev jag på bara på engelska i loggarna, men sen bytte jag till svenska. Jag vet inte riktigt varför, kanske mest för att det då var så många andra som skrev på svenska.


    Men om det är något problem med gömman, något som jag tycker att andra som kommer efter mig bör känna till, skriver jag alltid på engelska.


    Man får tänka på att alla inte känner sig så bekväma med engelska språket, framför allt då den äldre generationen.

  9. Quoting from Encyklopedia Britannica:

    Scandinavia: Generally held to consist of the two countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Norway and Sweden, with the addition of Denmark. Some authorities argue for the inclusion of Finland on geologic and economic grounds and of Iceland and the Faroe Islands on the grounds that their inhabitants speak North Germanic (or Scandinavian) languages related to those of Norway and Sweden.

    So it's pretty much just Norway and Sweden. And I'm not that sure about Norway either, so let us just call this forum "Sweden".


    OK, bad idea icon_wink.gif

  10. quote:
    Should read country/language instead of ****ry/...

    I wonder what went wrong...

    I know. You misspelled it and got censored. You cant write **** in these forums. Or ****, or ****, or...


    Those Americans... icon_rolleyes.gif

  11. quote:
    Originally posted by jasy:

    That is a more appropriate title :-)


    Who will mail Jeremy?


    I suggested Scandinavia to Elias, so I guess I'm the one to blame. Have you noticed that it says Iceland too, on the main page? That's definitely not Scandinavia!


    However, Scandinavia is more well known to foreigners (Americans) than Nordic countries.

  12. Captain_Morgan&Family wrote on another thread:


    IMHO is that it's unfair and unpolite against other geocachers to make cache descripitions only with your own language, i.e. for example in swedish or finnish only.


    I think it's unfair to write about my site in finnish. I'm getting curious icon_biggrin.gif

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