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  1. It might take a few days for the icon to be uploaded. I guess not...still hasnt loaded...was hoping for another cool icon for the "hand"
  2. Did you decide to not go with an icon? Or am I just not seeing it? I like the other icons for the other cards in the "hand", I was just curious what this one was going to look like, and all I see is a generic symbol.
  3. HAHA wow I finally got it.....YAY I dont feel so stupid now, just a little embarrassed that it took so long.....duh moment.
  4. Haha WOW, I am feeling pretty stupid right now...I just cant seem to get even the slightest idea about this cache.....Ill never log a find on it, but after reading to logs now I want to figure it out haha. Sigh....
  5. Wow I use some of the basic acronyms but sometimes I think its getting a little out of hand. Are people just lazy? I was amazed the other day when I heard someone SAY "B, T, Dub" for BTW, which is By the way. Not only are people just saying the first letters they are now even shortening the letters. Haha and the funny thing is, that the amount of syllables is the same. What is the world coming too. Soon people will just say the first letter and no one will know what anyone is saying....FTNSSIMO...
  6. Perhaps, if you are on that strict of a budget you should consider not being a premium member
  7. I think pm caches are "safer", tend to be better organized and who cares about the complainer....there will always be someone unhappy about something
  8. Haha maybe cookie is on to something...time to locate the "lost" trackables, someone flip the switch.... Seriously though it gave me a good laugh. Welcome to caching, its not addicting you just want to do it a really really really lot, haha.
  9. Hrmm well it sounds really cool but I just realized that I would have to travel to the other side of the country once I met the requirements. Would it be out of the question to set up a cache like this in Maine?
  10. Umm this 81 D/T grid thing sounds interesting, I am sure that I am not even close but I would like to check it out. Can someone post a link, or direct me to more info?
  11. Thanks!! I just ordered the Fool, Ace and Jack. I have the King and Queen. Love this set! I was wondering if you would do a 10 or not. This is much better.
  12. Ive always had sort of an interest in finding hidden things. Also any type of navigating stuff has always caught my attention. I love being outdoors. When I heard about geocaching from one of my map and compass students, I did a little research tried it out and was hooked from there. Geocaching involves so many of the things I love, it was a no brainer. Plus getting to use my GPSr all the time for things that I wouldnt normally keeps my skills honed. If you dont use it you lose it.
  13. I believe that you need to pay an extra 150.00 to Groundspeak for an unique icon when you have the coin minted....not sure but, that is my understanding of it.
  14. I started geocaching last year and I love both caching and geocoin collecting equally. There are a lot of very cool coins out there. I am not sure what coins are most sought after I just buy ones that I think are interesting. I have my own little things, like collecting Maine coins. I am finding out there is a lot more to these coins too, like the missions and cointests. Very cool stuff, I will be watching this forum more frequently now.
  15. I dont really have a team but my name comes from a night navigation tool. In a crescent moon, if you draw an imaginary line from the top point of the moon to the bottom point of the moon and project it to the horizon, the point on the horizon will be south, with in 20 or so degrees. Hence Moonsouth.
  16. I think that would just "up" the challenge to get the cache. You would first need to either obtain a student Id card or have someone with access to the cache retrieve it for you.
  17. I think that emote is supposed to be a ninja
  18. haha thats hilarious, you see cars and boats all the time, rare to see a plane : )
  19. I dont think there is any sort of protocol for giving hints to people. I would suggest that you refer the person to the CO if you feel uncomfortable giving a hint. I can also understand why you wouldnt want to help the person out, because you went through the effort to find it w/o the hint, so should they...but giving a friendly hint to a fellow cacher is a good way to make friends as well : )
  20. [: )] All the more reason to geocache armed....which I believe is discussed in other threads.
  21. Haha this thread is entertaining, its like a dramatic geocaching soap opera.
  22. "Happy wife...happy life" Haha, very true. Well I watched the movie last night, definitely thought it was entertaining. It's obviously marketed towards the 18-35 crowd, and some may be turned off by the language. I myself cuss like a sailor (maybe because I used to be one) so no worries there. Of course the geocaching info was a little off, for example she has a gps and is looking for a cache, they get to a field and spread out and look for it. But they definitely got the spirit of geocaching captured. While it wasn't the best movie I've seen in the past year, I felt it was way better than some of the turds I've paid 9.50 to go see in the theater. Definitely worth the rent! Oh, and Netflix has it, if you're not a member they offer a two week trial, sign up for the trial and get the movie, then just cancel the membership! I enjoyed it, thought it was really funny. Galaxy is a hotty.....which makes it pretty unrealistic haha. Well in my experience anyways, either that or hotties dont post gallery pics.
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