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  1. Ben Nevis seems to be a worthwhile cache for such an occasion. I really recommend approaching it from behind though as this route is a lot more picturesque and you don't have to fight your way through masses of tourists. When I went up the last time I had quite the culture shock turning the corner onto the summit and finding it milling with people. The easy tourist route is probably better for coming down though. And I can echo HH's statement about stupid people: we met a guy on the way who went up in flipflops and bathrobe ! (we were wearing three layers and there was still snow about) . I don't think I want to go up again so soon after my last trip but I wish you a lot of fun and a good hunt! Roolku
  2. Yes, that would be very helpful. Thanks a lot. Roolku
  3. http://www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk is the way to go. I am still waiting for the TBs that I ordered from GC.UK on 20/05/2004.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I have "Enable long cache descriptions" in GSAK ticked, but where do I enable it in cache mate? I don't know anything about Palm OS programming, but doesn't it support dynamic datastructures at all? It seems pointless to reserve the same memory for all lengths of descriptions. *sigh* Could we perhaps have a warning when truncated entries are imported into the palm database ? Roolku
  5. First let me say that the program has revolutionised the way I geocache, so thank you very much. However I ran into the problem that the cache description gets truncated in certain circumstances which can be really annoying. I got caught out twice already with elaborate multies (GCH59Y and GC6AA9) and would be very grateful if this limit could be lifted in the next version. To describe it a little better: I have selected the cache in gsak (where the description is still complete) and upload it directly to the palm. After the import into cachmate a bit at the end is missing and replaced by "[truncated]". Not very helpful. Thanks for looking into it Roolku
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