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  1. Having just seen this (a advent calendar cache series in the shape of a star) in the German forum I was wondering if there any similar caches in the UK. I know about You Plonker Rodney (which should be easy to find in this season) but are there others? Roolku
  2. I can't seem to replicate that problem here. I sent an example by email.
  3. I think I have found a bug: The travelbugs in a cache are not updated when you use the option "set user flag" on the import dialog (PQs or single download gpx files). You will get the log entry that says took TB A, left TB B, but the listing still shows TB A in the cache. Similarely the last updated column is not updated under some (similar) circumstances. So you get log entries that are newer than last updated. Cheers Roolku
  4. Another possible explaination is that a cacher might have accidently logged the TB at a cache different to the one where he left it. I just had such a case yesterday, where I found a GeoCoin in cache A even though it was supposed to be in cache B. If I hadn't found it, people finding cache B might have thought the bug was missing while it was safe in cache A. Just give it some time, get more TBs and don't get attached to individual ones. Roolku
  5. This is not fair. I will still be in some foreign country then. Maybe I can change my flight - or maybe I should get my priorities right? Anyway. Have a great day! Roolku P.S. There are some cracking caches in/around Sydney. I am sure you (FoF) would have liked this one. (NOT!) Roolku
  6. My favourite cache (locationwise) in London was GCH9HP. And I didn't even find it.
  7. The cache owner can do it as well. Roolku
  8. If you haven't noticed it yet: GCKGYM Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Roolku
  9. I believe all states will suffice as it includes 'none', but I might be wrong. Roolku
  10. This isn't as bad as it sounds as you can select more than one (i.e. all) countries or states in the PQ: click first in list then shift-click last in list. Roolku
  11. I can't seem to insert a log (note) that is partly encrypted like this: [some text Hint:] more text It seems to work okay initially in the log view, but reverts back to plain text when I go to the bug page. Is this a bug? Roolku
  12. Have a look here. I wanted to order my cable from their UK branch but they were out of stock and so I ended up making my own cable. You may want to check their other European sites or order it straight away from the states. Roolku Edit: They seem to have stock. I believe it is article BH121900. Roolku
  13. I use automation in a batch file to import my pocket queries and then delete the zip file. Occasionally I forget to close GSAK before doing that which means the pq is not imported (gsak error) but deleted. Would it be possible to - use DDE or something like that to import the pq into the currently runing instance - shut down any open instance of GSAK prior to use automated import or - return an ERRORLEVEL <> 0 for failed imports so I can test for that in my batch file and not delete the PQ Cheers Roolku
  14. These odd characters are in fact subject lines encoded according to rfc1342 (http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/cgi-bin/rfc/rfc1342.html). This encoding is required if the text contains special characters (e.g. umlauts) which are not in the us-ascii charset. "Proper" email clients will correctly interpret them so they should be invisble to the ordinary user. They should not be associated with spam, as that could potentially discard any email from e.g. Germany. Roolku
  15. If I go caching away from home I will just ignore them. If they come up on my 'nearest' list I will grudgingly do them. No TBs, no logbook stories, no swaps (depending on size obvioulsly) - IMO definately second class. While the location might make up for those shortcomings it is usually impossible to tell before setting off. Roolku
  16. Yes sorry FOF...only one officially archieved at the moment (I believe I was the one who discovered it had been muggled !!) ... though of course that could change as I suspect there may be another which has been muggled....but I could be wrong !? and I suspect you are not keeping up to date with events. And to lie to poor unsuspecting fishermen... tsk tsk Roolku
  17. Where in my reply did I say you suggested it? In the bit that I quoted?
  18. Where in my post did I suggest you should do that? Planning ahead is the key. (PPPPPP as Haggis Hunter would say ) Heck, I just invested £150 in mapping software for my holiday area so I can find out precisely where to go so I don't need to "aimlessly ramble". It appears to me you want to shift the guilt from the cacher who is doing damage to the environment onto the cache hider? Why shouldn't the cacher take responsibility for his own action? In my message I also wrote to leave it up to the cache owner to provide whatever info he feels is required. If this includes parking co-ordinates, so be it. I can simply ignore them (and trample down the vegetation. ). What I have a problem with is when it becomes a requirement (technically or socially) for cache pages to have parking co-ordinates as already discussedhere. Roolku
  19. Not "having to" but "wanting to"! You could just treat it as the first stage of a difficult micro. Roolku
  20. Since there seems to be a show of hand developing here: I am against car park co-ordinates on cache pages as I generally find them patronising (park here and then take the footpath to the north) and also ignorant of the fact that there are other modes of transport (I want co-ordinates for bus stops! ). Geocaching to me includes planning the approach to the cache all the way from my computer to the actual location. But I acknowledge that different people have different needs and fortunately there is a wide variety of cache descriptions out there. Leave it up to the owner to provide whatever information he/she wants to make available and pick caches that you think you will like and/or can cope with. Roolku
  21. I agree with FoF that going in one big group is neither feasible not desirable. At the last SGDO groups were forming and disbanding dynamically and I expect an even higher diversity on the WoL trail. Keen cachers wanting to do all caches on one day (a record not yet achieved) will probably start at 6am while the local cachers who only got a few caches missing from their list might have a later start. I think the fun will be to meet different people at different caches and if you can't find a particular cache, there is a good chance someone will catch up with you and together you get a better chance in finding it. And for those people who think they have done them all: There will be multi-cache with virtual stages along the whole trail. So no excuses for not walking/cycling the trail again. I am looking forward to seeing you all soon. Roolku
  22. I have found a possible source of errors. Under some circumstances which I haven't been able to reproduce (I believe it is to do with exporting/importing other formats) the default directory changes and files can not be found. Giving full, absolute paths for all files seems to cure it. Cheers Roolku
  23. I am glad you got it to work. I didn't even know the icons would transfer to the PDA as well. Added bonus. As far as size and variety is concerned - I think it really depends what you use it for. For me it is good to get an overview which types of caches are where in order to decide which area I want to tackle. I mark those caches in gsak and then export using Pharisee's method to get all the carpark and multi-cache co-ords as well. There are only the 8 'official' Groundspeak symbols for caches (plus micro which I wanted to distinguish) in the 4 GSAK colours so I hope it is not too confusing. The size is really a compromise - the blue dot/red flag doesn't cut it for me in an overview. They blend in to well with the map. So I have to live with some obscured area. Anyway. Everyone can obviously use his own favourite approach. I just thought I would share mine here. Thanks for all your feedback Roolku P.S. Don't forget that you can selectively hide/display all caches of a category (e.g. only show micros) using the menu "overlay/hide" and "overlay/view". Roolku
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