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    IMHO All information required to find a (Multi-) cache should be in the (so-called) additional Waypoints. Leave the cache description field for information about the history etc of the place. I find this separation very practical and am very grateful for the introduction of the AWP. I realise that there are teething problems (such as the problem mentioned by the OP - one of my caches has the same problem), but I am hopeful they will be fixed eventually.



  2. Re; Garmin TOPO


    Is this too good to be true?

    Looks good - the normal signs of 'dodgyness' are not there


    OK - You buy one first and let me know if it works. :laughing: He has 93 apparently!

    Ah, missed that bit


    Ignore everything I say....


    Hehe, look at his recent transactions:


    - jiffy bags

    - CD labels

    - CD sleeves

  3. Edited to add: I think I've found the answer to my own question. It seems as if Babel doesn't output the format as per the script - e.g. "gpx:type='Waypoint|Parking Area'" does not appear in the gpx file generated by Babel. Or am I missing a step somewhere?


    I was in a bit of a rush when I posted this... Unfortunately childpoints are not passed on to the script from gsak:




    So the workaround is a two step process of generating a gpx file first and then converting it into the csv file. For reference here are my settings (need to be adapted):





    Let's hope Clyde fixes little shortcoming soon.




  4. How would this script need modifying to show a different icon for additional waypoints, ie anything with | in the type tags or anything not starting with GC?

    I now export a filter to a gpx file and then use that gpx file for the MM export script which then includes all the extras but it just shows them as traditional geocaches, this is a bit of a pain when you get 10 extra waypoints and don't know which one is the actual cache.

    Any help gratefully recieved.


    http://roolku.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/GSAK2MM_2b.ZIP is the version of the script I am currently using for that purpose. Maybe it helps you.

  5. The icon is still up in the air but we are planning for one, there are about 800 for sale here.


    I know you probably have your hands full with all the replacement coins etc, but could you please tell me your plans with regards to the icon issue?




  6. I've had trouble running this script with the above suggested change. It came up with a Groundspeak namespace undefined error (or similar, I forget now). I then noticed that the Groundspeak had a capital G, whereas the rest of the script was lower case g. I changed it, and it works fine. I now have parking co-ords and multi-locations too... ace!




    Hm, that seems to be a "feature" of the forum.


    testing Groundspeak testing


    Sorry about that. :D

  7. I can't wait until GSAK supports the new waypoint types (at the moment it converts them all to others ;) ). Until then I have added some code to give at least a distinction between parking and other waypoints (plus the ones that I have manually added). This also works for grabbed waypoints. If anyone is interested, this is the new bit:


    	<!-- Other -->
    	<xsl:when test="Groundspeak:cache/Groundspeak:type='Other'">
    		<!-- House -->
    		<xsl:when test="Groundspeak:cache/Groundspeak:placed_by='roolku'">
    		<!-- Car -->
    		<xsl:when test="contains(Groundspeak:cache/Groundspeak:name,'Park') or contains(Groundspeak:cache/Groundspeak:name,'park')">
    		<!-- Flag -->
    	<!-- Event -->


    It should be obvious where it goes, just after the second <!-- Other --> comment.

  8. Received the coin. Thanks a lot.


    The icon is still up in the air but we are planning for one, there are about 800 for sale here.


    Are there any news on the icon? It seems a shame to have such a beautiful coin with the ugly generic icon.



  9. You find the cache, you sign the log, you log your find on geocaching.com.


    Anyone who decides to delete one of my logs because I don't fulfill their additional requirement will spend the rest of their days re-deleting my log as I will re-log it until it sticks.


    That could be interesting. The cache setter would just write a script to auto-delete the log. Presumably you would write your anti-script. The server load would increase. TPTB would take notice, probably remove the contentious cache. Two parties would be upset. The rest of the community would lose out on a potentially good cache. Seems like a well thought out approach to me. :D


    Why not spend your efforts on fulfilling a small extra condition? You can be proud of the achievment, the cache owner is happy... I don't get it.

  10. Caches with additional logging conditions are not uncommon. I have seen requirements to log in ryhmes (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=d473c600-8bfa-4d6c-b721-94a45c8ab26e), give information from a sign (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=c233a8de-1010-47b1-af4c-4c6bd55acb17) or not to not log it if you are premium member (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=b5f41724-44ee-4517-bb47-0ed7c5276322). The most obscure condition I know is where you have to submit the picture of you taking a cold shower (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=da306c5e-4b74-4f86-a7fb-359b24e1b9a7&log=y).


    Sure it can be annoying if you went there without reading the description, but I say the cache setter spend time, money and effort to provide you with a past time. The least you can do is humor him. If you really can't bring yourself to fulfill the condition, just log a note on the cache. And of course - there is always the ignore button.

  11. I have now been in contact with the cachers and it appears that they actually have the coin in their possession, but the geocaching web site doesn't let them retrieve the bug from the cache!?


    Update: I tried to retrieve it myself and it worked. Now I just hope that they can grab it from me...

  12. Today I received two email notifications that people had posted a note on one of my travelbug pages. For some reason these entries don't show up as notes but as "retrieved from" see below:




    Note that the "from" part is empty. The TB shows still up in the cache, but also both people have now got the icon in their profile.


    I am guessing they posted a note and changed it later to a retrieved log?

    Is this now the way for the icon hunters to get their icon without even touching ithe coin even virtually?




  13. My general thanks go to the geocachers who hide their caches for me to find, to those who find my caches and to the ones who move my TBs along to new and exciting places.


    Thanks to Firth of Forth and Haggis Hunter for driving me to those hard to reach caches and caching events and for being good mates.


    And not to forget: Thanks to Haggis Hunter for pointing out this thread to me. :)



  14. Looks a lot more professional, but putting portrait photos into landscape is ridiculous!!!  :unsure:

    I've got to agree some of my pictures look terrible you have to open them to view them correctly, before you could still view them in the thumbnail option.


    Other than that it is a nice improvement, I doubt as though Groundspeak will alter the portrait pictures though? :anibad:

    raine has already acknowledged the bug (link) so I think it will be fixed soon.



  15. Any chance you can put these settings in a text file so we can download it...............saves typos?


    And there is no readme in the zip file now?



    Unfortunately I lost the original zip and so I had to create a new one from the working script in my gsak directory. If somebody still has the readme.txt - could you post it to me (roolku at blueyonder.co.uk) and I will update it to reflect the changes & include it in the zip again.




  16. ...noticed that Owner was set to


    <xsl:when test="Groundspeak:cache/Groundspeak:owner='roolku'">


    This line appears in two parts of the xsl file


    I have now changed this to reflect who I am :santa:

    With the current version, this only needs to be done once near the top of the file:


    <xsl:variable name="me">roolku</xsl:variable>


    It now also matches caches you have set with somebody else, but as a side effect, if your name is a subset of somebody elses name it will show their caches as owned as well.




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