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  1. This morning when I 'Sent to GPS' caches in Oxfordshire England they all uploaded with the BLUE FLAG icon, not the CLOSED CACHE BOX icon, and the NAME OF THE CACHE was substituted with the word GEOCACHE.


    Yes, this change is part of the "site improvements".


    A member of a German forum sent an enquiry to Garmin about it (in case it was plugin related) who confirmed it was an a web page issue.

  2. - small icons (in densely cached areas like here in Germany, less overlay of labels)


    But much harder to see in Hybrid mode.


    the size of the map on the screen!!!


    | don't get it. It is only about half the height of the old one?


    Improved filtering options.


    Filtering options are a _lot_ worse. With the old maps you had the full power of the PQ engine. Now it is just a few tickboxes that unselect whenever you pan the map.


    I notice the maps now have an optional cache listing like the old maps. Looks lke they really are listning, just not communicating well.


    Well, I guess you don't use that particular feature, but it is not at all "like the old maps" - there is no way to relate the cache name back to a location on the map and vice versa.

  3. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go back to the old maps these are almost(if not) unuseable. :shocked:


    I have to echo the comment. The new maps are no good for printing as there is no legend and there is no double height. They might be okay for online browsing but this is not what I want to use them for. Please bring the old maps back at least as an option.

  4. I still don't get it. I use Word, and I'm not having any problems with my html.


    Funnily enough what Microsoft considers to be 'cute' (to speak in sTeamTraen's terms) differs with the locality setting on your computer. For example in Germany the first quote gets moved to the bottom of the line. Maybe grannies in your reqion quite like the straight quotes? :laughing:


    And as Tharagleb pointed out, there is a setting to disable the replacement which may be checked on your computer.


    <font color="“red”">



    If you look carefully, you will notice that the inner "double quotes" are a different shape. They are not proper quotes (I would guess you use MS-Word to type your text, as it will change quotes to smart quotes as you type). As html tidy doesn't recognise them as quotes it will treat them as part of the attribute value and add its own. So make sure you use proper quotes (ascii 0x22).

  6. I had the same problem with my 76Cx and Garmin fixed it right away for me. Give them a call.


    I had the same problem with my 76C. While they have been very co-operative on other occasions (replaced my geko 301 free of charge) they weren't this time. I suppose it is down to luck...

  7. Yikes! We can no longer print an area map and see the location of all the caches we want to visit without a TON of work. We used to find the area we wanted, and print screen the map with the right legend with the name of the cache. Then we'd print the cache pages and off we go. I can't see any way to do this at all!!! We really, really want our old maps back! It is a ton of work to click on each cache to see which one it is.


    Or, we used to go to a location on the map when looking for a cache, and then you could just scan the right side to see the cache names. Now you have to hover over each one. This is really a lot more work.


    I could not have said it better.

  8. What i don't like about the new maps.

    - without the cache index, the map is completely useless as a printout.

    - you can't doublesize it anymore, so you are restricted to a small strip

    - when you move outside of an area no caches are shown - since there is no indication of the area border you can never be quite sure if you are just outside the area or if there aren't any caches at the location you are looking

    - What is the point of the zoom to address feature, if no caches are shown (because too far from origin?)

    - "found" webcams don't show up as a smiley


    Also displaying the waypoint code and country at the beginning of the title is not very helpful when it gets truncated. Please start with the cache name (as it used to be).

  9. Can any one recommend any "must do" caches, or any we should avoid?


    I have been caching in Brussels twice so far and must say I found most of the more urban caches (micros) in the centre quite stressful with the amount of muggles around. There are however quite a few nice parks as well. My favourites park caches were:




    I fondly remember:




    I hated:


    GCXP6G (attempted during rush hour)

  10. The deadline has passed and I am very pleased with how stimulating my challenge has been. There are four contenders for the prize:


    GC10Z9T by Haggis Hunter

    GC11TNF by chizu

    GC120QB by Edinburgh Walker

    GC123H5 by skinnymalinky


    They are all very good caches and everyone is special in its own right, but GC120QB beats them by sheer size which was my primary criterion. So the prize will go to Edinburgh Walker and I will pass the coins on to him at the CITO tomorrow .


    I hope that the cache setters had as much fun creating the caches as I had finding them and hope they will bring joy to lots of other cachers.

  11. Now I can appreciate that others will not want to give away what their plans are. So do you think we can come up with a way of avoiding clashes with locations?


    I think the best bet is to use the service as offered by Deceangi


    If you have a location in mind, submit the coordinates as a new cache. With a request that they be checked to see if they are ok, and mention it's a work in progress. Which ever of the UK Reviewer Team sees it will check the location and Temporarily Disable it, allowing the owner to work away on the cache in their own time. Knowing that the location is protected for them.


    Just one of the services the UK Reviewer Team provide :signalviolin:


    This would stop others from placing a cache there without making the coordinates public.


    It's just a thought, do you think it matters?


    It hasn't occurred to me as a potential problem, but I can see how it can potentially be very disappointing if someone puts a lot of effort in only to find the location is already taken.

  12. The latest increase in the placement of micro or even nano caches in Edinburgh (and I am guilty myself) made me think how nice it would be to have a few more large caches in the centre of town. So when I saw this posting by the German reviewer º in a German geocaching forum: http://www.geoclub.de/ftopic11873-0-asc-0.html I immediately thought to have something similar here.


    I am offering a gift of not one, not two, but three shiny geocoins – all un-activated and with individual icons – to the placer of the largest urban cache placed in Edinburgh before the 12th April 2007.





    - traditional large cache according to Groundspeak guidelines

    - placed in Edinburgh within a 5km radius of GCHXMH (Crag & Tail)

    - published on the www.geocaching.com website between 12/2/2007 and 12/4/2007.

    Bonus points are given for:

    - size (the bigger the better)

    - creative cache containers

    - imaginative camouflage


    Points are deducted for

    - caches placed in parks or other non-urban environments

    - caches with a potentially short life span

    It is not necessary to place the cache at an attractive location – the cache itself should be the attraction. To give you an idea, here is a very cheeky German geocache in the middle of a roundabout – the local council adapted it as a piece of art: http://www.garbsener-kampfcacher.de/html/the_cube.html But I admit this is hard to beat.


    I will make my decision once I have found all the caches that fulfil the condition after 12/4/2007. This is not an official competition in any way but my way of showing appreciation to the efforts of my fellow geocachers.

  13. Oh, and I'd like to see the questions back in the main description in a PQ. I too have a number of caches where the questions are only listed in the AWs, and at no point was it ever pointed out that they need to be duplicated in the description.


    Because initially (when the additional waypoint feature was introduced) it wasn't neccessary.


    I copy and paste the html for the table in the long description as an ugly work-around: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...96-16f2ba191553 but this shouldn't be neccessary and and wastes ink and paper for people who still print their sheets. Also there is the danger the information gets out of sync when things need updating.

  14. In the early days of additional waypoints, the "questions" were added to the end of the description in the GPX file. I'd like to see this feature come back, which would fix the problem debated in this thread.

    this would be the best solution. even gpxsonar could so be useful again

    I very much agree. I mean how stupid does this look:




    The first copy is completely redundant. I only put it there when the waypoints where removed from the description field in the gpx.

  15. 2) there's no way to receive just updated caches (i.e. with new logs, TB's or changed status or descriptions) - you have to get them all. In most of my PQ's (which I run once a week), over half the caches have not changed since the last PQ.


    What's wrong with the option "Updated in the last 7 days"? Works well for me.

  16. I wanted to bring up the subject of caches where the waypoint info is not in the description because people seem to think putting it inthe additional waypoints is good enough. No it isn't. The GPX file only includes the description.


    This is a recent change. They used to be included in the description field of GCXXXX waypoints as a table. For reasons unknown (maybe because people insisted in repeating information in the waypoints and the description) it has been removed - see for example this thread. So it used to be "good enough" and frankly I am not going to go back and change my pages again just to see that Groundspeak decides to change their policy. I like the idea of having additional waypoints and will support it in the hope it will all get sorted eventually.

  17. There is one caveat to that. If you populate GSAK using a GPX file from the cache page then all the waypoints are shown, not because they're in the AW section but because they're in the long description which, as I reported here is no longer sent in PQs.


    Blimey, I missed that. That of course makes my statement above somewhat problematic. I hope the issue gets fixed asap as there are now caches that can not be found just using the pq data.

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