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  1. Not sure about the co-ordinates changing but if one fell into a giant rift you might have to add a couple of miles to the distance!
  2. Is that on foot, by bike or public transport? A record set for public transport only would be interesting Big cities only I suspect! I have my licence back in 5 days time so it would have been by car, but I might look and see what I could manage by walking and the odd bus. I think I need a planning session!
  3. Having been lurking for some time and not really caching, (something to do with the local constabulary requesting I didn't drive for 12 months), I now have 38 aches within 2 miles of my home, and over a hundred within 4 miles. That obviously covers about a 16 square mile area but I think if I planned the route and was lucky I might knock them off in one, very long day. Actually, I might try it. My best number of finds in a day I think are only in the teens so I should break my personal record whatever happens.
  4. DING be doo be doo be! That's exactly who, and with what. Over to Minxyy
  5. You're right. that was the singles chart! I think it was Spanish Eyes.
  6. No to both, and it wasn't a "best of" either. Hope you slept well! :D
  7. Okay. Thanks Crazy Druid. Who was the artist and what was the album name of the first record to top the Long Player (Album) Charts.
  8. I think they were "Nippies". I assume because they were nipping here and there to serve people.
  9. Well, if my question was in the running Paul has a DING! and possibly a collection of Barbie dolls which is why he knows the answer! Our ex-prime minister was Margaret Hilda Roberts. I went by the fact that posts made it look as though I had got the answer first but I am but a poor broken down robot so I may well be mistaken.
  10. CORRECT> complete list = John Lowe, Keith Deller, Jocky Wilson, Dennis Priestley, Phil Taylor Okay. By what name do we know Barbara Millicent Roberts?
  11. Oh dear, I'm old enough that I really ought to remember this. I'll try Lowe, Dellar and Taylor. If that's wrong I have another guess up my sleeve.
  12. Aha! One I think I know. Was that My Way? I've a feeling Paul Anka was the guy who did the translation as well.
  13. more still needed Oh No. Now I've got to go out and someone else will get it. And I know the moment I'm as far away from the computer as possible it will come to me!
  14. Almost but the band name is a bit longer than that The Electric Mayhem ? Animals Electric Mayhem ? Eckingtons Electric Mayhem ?
  15. Electric Mayhem? If I'm wrong it will prove my obsession with the muppets many years ago was all a waste of time!
  16. Well, you can't say that geocaching isn't educational!
  17. Whilst on a picnic yesterday I was amazed to see someone pull out a Tupperware Geocache Container. To my surprise they had placed sandwiches and other foodstuffs inside. Has anyone else noticed any other strange uses for geocaching containers?
  18. Well done OzGuff. We're going to miss Perthos! I shall amble along finding them in your wake no doubt, unless you've lost anymore! (Ducks!!!)
  19. Congratulations from me too. Just thinking about the amount of planning, travelling and searching involved means I have to have a lie down! Let's not just have favourite caches etc, let's also hear, favourite pub, favourite pint!!
  20. Many congratulations. So, the bets are on, will he hit the 1000 before, during or after Easter? My money is on "before", and I've a feeling those are the short odds.
  21. Sounds like a good one, and the perfect excuse to spend a day at the races too! I'll have a choice of Kempton, Sandown, Epsom or Windsor, so I'm sure I'll get hold of it at some point. I'll look forward to seeing it under starters orders.
  22. Welcome to the World of Geocaching! Don't worry, soon what you now think of as your real life will disappear and you can be fully focused on your caching activities. I see you are in the armed forces. How lucky is that! An endless supply of ammo cans when you want to hide your own caches, and think what fun you'll all have when everyone wakes up one morning to find you've hidden all the tanks and they have to search for them! All you now have to do is to convince the top brass that it is a perfectly legitimate part of your job to scour the countyside looking for hidden ammo boxes and you'll be the first one to be paid for the hobby. When my brother-in-law gets back from his present tour he's promised to come out with me and his kids, perhaps it's only a mater of time until The Queens Own Geocachers form their own regiment!
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