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  1. Ding - your go again! Yes but what was he better known as? I was going to say The Red Baron, but that was Von Richtofen so I'll keep quiet and not make an idiot of myself.
  2. Well Done The Biffas! Thats a DINGDINGDINGDING The Answers are; Fay Presto - Magician and member of The Magic Circle (The Biffas) The Old Bailey - The Central Criminal Court 07.06.1977 - The Queens Silver Jubilee (NickPick) Posh Spice - Victoria Beckham Over to you...................
  3. So is this something they ALL have in common or a chain of connections (A connected to B by x, B connected to C by y, etc...) All four people/events/places are seperate but, when you come up with " answers" for the other two you should see a connection. So far you are correct with; Fay Presto - Magician and member of The Magic Circle (The Biffas) The Old Bailey - Nothing Yet 07.06.1977 - The Queens Silver Jubilee (NickPick) Posh Spice - Nothing Yet. A clue later today perhaps if no-one is there yet.
  4. Yes, the date is that of The Queens Silver Jubilee. Yes, Fay is a magician. Fay is now a member of The Magic Circle but the connection with The Old Bailey is not to do with her.
  5. That would explain all my DNFs! Of course the ones I find I are down to my skill!!!
  6. Not sure it should be me but just to keep it moving along...... What is the connection between; Fay Presto "The Old Bailey" 07.06.1977 Posh Spice and explain. The ding goes to the person who gets the fourth explanation. Hope that makes sense!
  7. The two Hells are 1) in Norway, I also think, and 2) there is another I think in Texas or New Mexico. If I'm wrong about the state then it's definitely somewhere in America as I'm sure it was on a programme a few weeks back.
  8. I'm jusy about to become a dual personality. I am going to be caching within a group sometimes. Because that group will consist of maybe four or five individuals and I won't be present every time I want to count those finds i'm involved with as the team but also as myself. I guess it is about the numbers found because I wouldn't be able to seperate those I found with the team from the groups total and although I'll never make the top cacher in the UK I do like to know roughly how many I've plodded along to.
  9. Die Zauberflute, Mozart? A greatly operatic DING to Eckington. Or for those who prefer the title in English, The Magic Flute.
  10. Time for a bit of culture. In which opera would you find; Sarastro, Monostatos, The Queen of the Night and Papageno?
  11. At long last Badger finally finds a really useful cache swap.
  12. Ah, the time clue might help. (Which it's why it's a clue! ). Is it HMS Ark Royal, I think I saw it had come into the POol of London to mark the 25th anniversary of The Falklands War.
  13. Not only do I find that quite funny but he has also logged it as a find - TWICE on the 7th July 2006 and 13th April 2007. Strange....! Perhaps he put it out for someone and then forgot where he'd put it, thus claiming the find when he fell over it a few days later.
  14. Hmm... 1) Steptoe & Son? 2) My Hero? (Pure Guess) 3) Only Fools & Horses? 4) The Brittas Empire?
  15. I hope they catch the person/persons responsible and do more than muggle them!!!!
  16. I shouldn't worry on the stupid question front. I once asked someone in New Zealand when they celebrated Christmas!
  17. It's a big DING to Dorsetgal or GeoDog depending which one guessed it. And I never got to use my clue. There are 98 caches worldwide called Bridge Over Troubled Water(s). That must make it one of the most popular names for a cache.
  18. Nope, but you're right, that is the best selling UK album. (approx 5.4 million copies and counting) That's the longest record by a group ever to appear in the UK charts (211 weeks) That's the longest charting album by a male artist (244 weeks and never higher than number 9 in the charts). Nope. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Depends who you are thinking of?
  19. ....to be sure, to be sure by the Revd John Darby in around 1827. Over to you......... O.K. Another music "record" from me. What L.P. has spent the most consecutive weeks in the UK album charts and by whom was it recorded?
  20. Surely she would have seen the railtracks sunk into the road surface with her car headlights? Then again, perhaps she thought it was a cattle grid? I suspect that on the run up to it there were also road signs to say she was approaching a level crossing. I don't know, maybe I'm just a grumpy old robot and am doing her a disservice.
  21. I've racked my brains as I know a member of the religion and also a teacher who teaches at one of their schools. I know we've had conversations about it. I've got a choice of two so, first guess, I'll plump for Dublin.
  22. I am a male robot. Nearly always cache alone. About to start a new team to cover multi person aching which will be two of each gender but we're still arguing about what to call ourselves! At least it will be three new cachers joining me to swell the community numbers.
  23. Is that on foot, by bike or public transport? A record set for public transport only would be interesting Big cities only I suspect! I have my licence back in 5 days time so it would have been by car, but I might look and see what I could manage by walking and the odd bus. I think I need a planning session! Despite the density that are placed around me, which I don't think is too bad it would be impossible to do 100 in a day I reckon. Allowing for no sleep I would have to pick up a cache every 15 mins which doesn't allow enough travelling time, time for signing logs and with each DNF the figures get worse. I still might have a go just to see what I can manage, but if I do it will be on caches I haven't checked before hand so it is done within the spirit of geocaching. I think bike might be the best form of transport as well. Must order a well padded saddle!!!!
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