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  1. I vote for the Tomb Raider series out of Brookwood Cemetery. I loved this series and the cemetery itself. I took a number of new cachers there for their first finds and it was enjoyable just to follow them and re-walk it.


    And as they've come up in a previous post recently, The Monopoly Series.

  2. However, I wanted to know, just for curiosity, whether there had ever been, or if anyone had ever thought about doing, a London cache series based on the traditional Monopoly locations?


    Yes, there was about 5 years ago. They were set by tophat, (where is he now?) and are archived. They were called The London Monopoly Board Series and were most enjoyable but the whole board was never set.


    The following is the link for part 1



  3. Both museums?


    Do they both have the same co-ordinates (one east and one west)?


    Is it that HMS Belfast could just about blow Scratchwood Services off the planet with it's guns 'cos it's at the limit of the guns range?
    So close that I might have given you it because that is a substantial part of the answer if it hadn't been for the fact that The Lavender Hill Mob were obviously stal;king your answer for inspiration :)




    Or its guns are pointing (trained) on Scratchwood!


    When they berthed HMS Belfast in its current position they wanted to set the guns at a target at the limit of their range to give visitors an idea of the distance they could cover. That target is London Gateway/Scratchwood. Many would say it would be a good idea if they decided to fire them some day! Not sure that they re-set them each day to take into account tidal rise though, so watch out if you live in Hendon!


    Over to you Lavender Hill Mob.

  4. [i logged it as a DNF and emailed the owner who verified that I was at the correct place and the cache had gone, he said I could log it as found...............is that OK?


    Log owners discretion. If they say log it then you can. I have a virtual which requires an e-mail with some information. If I get a slightly wrong answer but it is obvious that they visited the site to get even the wrong answer I will let them log it. My reason for having that cache is to get people to see the object involved not answer a question. By the same token I just did a cache in France and realised, whilst in the middle of nowhere that I hadn't got anything to sign the log book with so took a photo of the actual cache container and asked for that to be taken as proof of visiting and finding the cache.


    I would have thought that most "finds" that are not 100% as should be will be given if they have been approached in the proper spirit of the game.

  5. Yes I've done that too! I haven't seen one of my caches for nearly two years but people continue to find it on a regular basis. I guess each time someone replaces it it is 6 inches further to the right and by now it's moved quite a bit. Well, that's my excuse anyway.

  6. I too tend to log a DNF if i've had a goodish look. As a cache owner I wouldn't go rushing to check mine unless I had two or three DNFs in a row and also taking into account the experience of the cachers involved.


    I wouldn't expect anyone to take my DNFs any more seriously than the fact I can't spot a cache the size of a barn. I wonder if there is a log of the caches where only one cacher has failed to find it. I suspect I'd hold the record! <_<

  7. I'm part of the " don't care what sort of cache as long as it's interesting and well hidden".


    I did a micro last week which was cunning. I have virtual finds which I enjoyed and also traditionals as part of a multi which took a day and gave much pleasure on a quiet sunday.


    Regardless of container type, let's think about where we are placing them and why bring someone there. A cache in the middle of nowhere with a stunning view, a micro hidden in an unusual way in an urban setting, a virtual of a unique site or monunent, all have their merits.


    We need all types though, as has been said, without the traditionals there will be few places for bugs and coins.

  8. Not totally sure about this one...


    Isn't there a tuba and a gnome on the cover of the Beatles album - Sgt. Pepper (along with loads of other stuff)?


    Don't remember a velvet snake or snow white though! :unsure:




    Wait to see but I think you might be right Jackie cos I'm pretty certain SnowWhite is on the cover. I can't remember the velvet snake either.

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