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  1. You're reaching for Corialanus. My guess at another obscure one is Titus Andronicus
  2. I thought it was Singapore? And I've seen picture 1 before but I can't recall where!
  3. I can remember when it was a penny! And before anyone says it, no, I didn't go there by horse drawn omnibus!
  4. I live within a couple of miles of Kew Gardens and I've never done them because I refuse to pay the entrance fee. I have however just been given a membership card for free entrance so I might go pick them up now. But I agree with you Yanni, it should have been mentioned and I thought, even going back to when they were placed, it was a rule that admission charges should be highlighted. Maybe just an unwritten rule though.
  5. I'll say 1 mile but I have a feeling it might be less. It's a bit of a thirsty beast.
  6. I always carry two GPSs. The second one is for when I've thrown the first away in exasperation! The most important thing I have ever remembered when caching is to waypoint where you have left the car, (or bus-stop etc). It's always embarrasing to find the cache and then DNF your transport home!
  7. The same people who try the engine one last time when they have a flat battery just in case it miraculously starts that time. And yes, I'm one of them! I'm with McKryton on this one. I'll look until it's no longer fun.
  8. I read this in a flight magazine on the way to this countries Capital the other day.........what country has approx 188,000 lakes and name them in order of size......only joking just the country will do! Canada?
  9. Time to show my complete lack of culture.... 1) Looks like it might be by Vermeer. 2) A bit Bosch like. Even if they are I have no idea what they are called. I recognised the Rolf Harris though!
  10. Blimey. This sounds like what I have got. (As well as bad grammar!) I'll look into it. Although the overweight bit certainly rings true in my case.
  11. A DING for Helen. Yes it was used for tanning and in laundries see wiki. Now that's annoying as I've read nearly all the Falco mysteries which are set in Vespasians reign so I've probably read about it. Edited to just point out I'm annoyed by my forgetting, not that Helen got the ding!
  12. Well, good luck with whatever you get up to. (bet you can't make it to the end of the month without finding somewhere you think will make a great place to hide a cache. )
  13. I've got to cry off as well. Bottoms! I was looking forward to this. Hope everyone has a good time even if it does blow up a storm.
  14. i'm a fan of graveyards too. Particularly Brookwood Cemetry, previously known as The London Necropolis. They are good for charting changes in social history.
  15. 111. Just because it's one of those mysterious numbers that sportsmen get excited about.
  16. Now, if it claimed to increase my find to DNF ratio it would be excellent value!
  17. I should think there's loads who haven't scored any points for either but I gues that isn't going to be the answer.
  18. As NickPick said, don't let it put you off the forums. Over the years there have been a number of occasions when things have gotten out of control, toys thrown out of prams, people disappearing in a huff, resignations from the powers that be, geocachers marching on Parliament, (OK, I might have made the last one up), and you're probably right, a simple do's and don'ts for topic starting pinned to the top might be useful. When you started the topic I wondered how long it would be before you were "restrained". Annoying as it might be to have the thread locked, particularly for an inadvertent "infringement" as least you didn't get flamed which occasionally happens. Also, this a chance to add my welcomes to you. Hope you continue to be as excited with the game as you are now.
  19. I can't see the problem with this sort of event myself. I shan't be there because it's not my vicinity but might well do one if time and place were right. There must be lots of cachers in our community who have other commitments in their lives, as I do, who cannot put a whole day aside, let alone a weekend, to visit a "normal" event. There have been a number of unusual types of cache/events over the years, such as the "fox hunt" a year or two back, many of which I couldn't or didn't want to attend, but I managed to to survive their existence wiithout it somehow devaluing my geocaching experience. If you can't be there it's just another event you couldn't attend. If you try to get there but miss the 15 minute window will it really be any more annoying than travelling a long distance to log a DNF. (And I have enough of those to know how annoying they are!)
  20. Before I go off for a days caching I normally check the cache page, partly to check it's not been suspended or co-ords changed etc, but also to see if there are any new bugs in there and if so what their mission is. Once I know that I can decide whether to take it or not. Of course, sometimes one has been placed there during the day or just not logged yet.
  21. Wow, I want that Whoopee Mask but I bet they wouldn't get away with that masthead graphic any more!
  22. This is annoying because I can sort of picture it. I know it has an ostrich in it so i'll guess at Ozzie the Ostrich. They liked their alliterative titles.
  23. I'll guess at Indian. His father was probably something to do with the Raj.
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