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  1. Ressurected this thread again rather than start another.


    I haven't received any e-mails for nerby new caches for weeks. I've deleted the categories I want notification of and re-registered them again but still nothing.


    Any ideas as to why I'm getting nothing, or even better, what I need to do to start receiving them again.


    Edited just to mention that I do get the weekly notification.

  2. I'm sure when I read this yesterday there was another reply after TLHM........or am I losing my marbles?????


    p.s. BUMP

    You are correct, however the person who posted has been suspended for a week for a breach of forum guidelines. Unfortunately this means that they will not be able to reply to this, or any other, thread.


    errm that means no one can confirm the answer for a week


    intermediate question


    how far can a dog run in the woods?




    Was the person suspended the question setter or just someone who put a reply there. As I didn't see the post in question I have no idea.


    Can we have clarification?




    Caches in the hundreds in 2001!!!!!! :huh:


    When I started I would hide one and another cacher would hide one and we would both do a 30 odd mile round trip to find each others!!! ;)


    Moss T


    Were we sub 100 caches back then? It's all too long ago. ;)


    Of course, Moss T was an "old timer" even back then! :huh:

  4. Did GPSr's exist for less than a million quid then, and were they like the history of mobile phones? e.g. the size and weight of a housebrick?


    I'm still using the same basic yellow etrex as I did on day one and it cost me £99 on the high street, about what it is now.


    What has changed is the number of caches. I think the number of UK caches were in the hundreds rather than the thousands and you could probably have fitted all the active cachers on a single decker bus! :ph34r:

  5. I'd hazard guess, they've been monitoring company's selling GPSr's, and noticed mention of caching. And it's a case of jumping on the band wagon as a marketing ploy :unsure:


    I reckon yu may well be right, because surely, if the copywriter knew what he was talking about it should read "The ultimate FOR gecaching". I know you could use "in" but this makes more sense in general usage.


    Edited to correct my grammar complaining about theirs! :blink:

  6. Well, I can't even manage to be the worst geocacher. There's no hope for me! :D


    I can't believe Moss T is slower than me, it must be an age thing.... :D .


    Indeed LIS. What a remarkable drink and meet that was. And, as I remember, on my way back I was propositioned by a lady of the night! :D .


    Those were the days. No GPSs, only divining rods and we had to log caches by semaphore. Well perhaps I'm exagerating a little. :D

  7. Am I the worlds slowest geocacher?


    184 finds in 2324 days?


    That's an average of 1 cache every 11.625 days. I did have a break from physically finding caches as I was caring for a relative, but during that time I was posting to the forums so consider myself active for this period.


    Am I wrong or should I be awarded the Golden GeoTortoise award?


    Now, if only I'd found 2324 caches in 184 days that would have been impressive! :grin:

  8. kennamatic wrote:

    Changed my SEcaching forum avatar last week and now got around to this one.


    except it doesn't seem to have worked. Can anyone see a robot on a christmas tree?

    Nope, no Christmas tree... Go to your profile page, click on the link in the navigation bar top left of the page to "Forums", then on the next page click on the link "Enter the Groundspeak forums" near the bottom of the page. That should refresh your avatar.


    Yep, that did it. Thanks!

  9. The only other one I've heard of and I have no idea how to spell it (or say it for that matter!) but what about Cornilius or Corinthius or Corilinus.........something like that!


    You're reaching for Corialanus.


    My guess at another obscure one is Titus Andronicus


    Oooh I'd have given you the ding but I'd already started to reply to TLHM before you posted, but was then delayed by website problems - Sorry :huh:


    No Problem. I'm enjoying these picture questions and I doubt I'd devise one as good as these.

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