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  1. It was for the Bradford Football disaster. Ah. my source says he was, (non-internet source so can't link). Oh, and it is The Crowd. (1pt) However, no-one is likely to overtake Martybartfast so I'll Ding him. And the name of the mother and son were Hilda and Rob Woodward.
  2. Yes, that's the one. (1pt) Just the name of the group and possibly the name of the mum/son combo from Q3. If no-one has the answers by mid-day tomorrow I'll give the answers and the points will be as they are now.
  3. No, the title of the song and the name of the "group". I'll let you off the year!
  4. Yes, it was. Have 1pt. I plead stupidity due to reading the logs on the reply page which are in reverse order! Correct Keehotee. Have 1pt I think Marty is in an unassailable lead (I should start working on your next question), but let's be neat and tidy. What was the song and "group". You've got as far as it being a collective charity record and there weren't that many that reached number 1! Of course, if anyone does know the mum and son in Lieutenant Pigeon....
  5. You're right, it is Ringo. (1pt) But we need the sons name. You're on the right line with a Band Aid style record though. Still a likely 3, but possibly 5, points to get!
  6. No, but you're closer than you think. Sean and John Lennon? No, but definitely in the right area.
  7. No, this father and son will be known by name. Fraid not. They are real people.
  8. Bumping back up now you're all back at work and need something to fill the time! And is no-one even going to guess at number 2?
  9. Yes, you get 1 point for getting the title. Scores so far, MartBartFast 3 pts Ayepee 1 pt minstrelcat 1 pt
  10. Dino-Irl : Afraid not. Ayepee : Right names, wrong song, 1 pt. MartyBartFast : Correct group and song! Well done. 3 points. You're right about the old girl on the piano and her son but does anyone know their names.? Still a possible nine points to get!
  11. Thanks. Three part question. 1) (Easy) Who were the first father and daughter to get to number 1 in the UK charts duetting on the same record. (1 point in total for both their names plus 1 point for the song title.) [Total - 2 points] 2) (Medium) Who were the first father and son to reach number 1 in the UK charts singing on the same record. (Names - 1 point each, the title of the song - 1 point, and the group within which they were appearing - 1 point. [Total 4 points] 3) (Hard) Who were the first mother and son to reach number 1 in the UK charts. ( I would like their names - 2 point each, but, if it proves too difficult without googling, and make sure you don't!, I'll just take the group name - 2 point and the title of the song - 1 point.) [Total 7 points] Ding to the person who gets the most points!
  12. It is the first sunday, after the first Paschal full moon after the 21st March. The church has a list of dates for which full moons are given, even though they don't correspond entirely with what you see in the sky so that everyone throughout the world has a "full moon" at the same time. The church has used 21st March as the Spring Equinox since 325a.d. a date chosen by the Council of Nicaea.
  13. Heresy! Heresy! There is pretty much only one rule of this thread, and that is you can't google the answer. And for the pedants out there I suspect all search engines are included. There have been questions where someone has asked a friend who would know the answer and that appears allowable. (I don't think the idea is that they know because they googled it! ) Questions are meant to be of "pub quiz" level.
  14. I think the Levanter goes across Mallorca, so I'll guess that for Levanter and Leste.
  15. I shouldn't worry, half the stuff that comes up on here isn't pub quiz standard. If it's any consolation I liked the question and would be interested in knowing the answers. If you don't want to post them I shall go off and google them.
  16. WHITE HORSE : This has been bugging me for days because I'm sure I know about it. From the murky depths of what is laughingly referred to as my mind comes an idea. Is it "named" after the horse that became famous in an early FA Cup final involved in on-pitch crowd control? Don't have any othr details because I know more about white horses than I do about football which obviously ain't much! Of course, I might well be completely wrong, as usual.
  17. I'm afraid I'm too "old school" as well. Unless you've signed the log you ain't found it. There are some ingenious hides out there where you might well see the cache but the skill can be in how you retrieve it. Yes, these people who log fields as a find are cheating themselves but they do cheat other too. They can make new cachers feel "inadequate" because they aren't able to log at the rate they do. And would you allow such leeway in other fields? I, by pure chance, happened to have walked past Twickenham Rugby ground when The Rolling Stones were playing. Who would like to buy me a drink whilst I tell you about the time I saw The Stones in concert?
  18. I hope you clean it using 1001, (cleans a big, big, carpet for less than half a crown!) with your Bex Bissel! (dadgum, I'm getting old!!!! )
  19. Boots by Karrimor, Car by Lexus, DNFs by Stupidity!
  20. Thanks for your replies. The W000 problem is interesting as all mine would start with that. However, and wouldn't you just know it would happen, I downloaded my e-mails tonight, and having done nothing, I get my first notification for 3 months! Hope all the rest of you with the same problem are getting the same result.
  21. I use my work e-mail and I get all my other notifications fine and my premium membership is current until October. The new cache notifications used to come through fine and then just stopped.
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