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  1. Sorry, am I mssing something here now. I was all in agreement with having it back and what seems to have hppened is it now appears in the pinned topics at the top of the UK forum and we can just click on it and post away. It's not a topic I ever look at or use, or at least not to date, but it is no longer in the main forum body where it would slide down the pages but is easily findable at the top. It is no longer on the US side of things. Of course, I my be missing something obvious. Rather like when I look for 1 rated caches!
  2. Not sure what lives there but there is presently a fieldmouse living behind our kitchen cupboards and occasionally in the workings of our sofabed. We have upwardly mobile rodents in this suburb of London.
  3. I've certainly had a 2 or 3 dnf day before with no finds, although now you know if you want to find something there's bound to be a handy 35mm cae micro somewhere nearby just to break the run of bad luck. Don't worry, the geocaching gods will smile on you another day and you'll find the cache that has had 5 dnf's before you looked and it will only have taken you 5 mins of looking. And as for throwing the GPSr in the river it's as well you didn't, with that days luck you'd have probably missed!
  4. And no doubt those who are thinking of doing the same these days with LPG cars have the same to look forward to. Anyway, back on topic. I'll cache locally, and I'm dusting off the bike to help, but long distance caching will be a by product of other travel. I'm going to stop now otherwise I might go into a political rant and upset them upstairs.
  5. Thanks. I didn;t know it had ever appeared on there. Then again. I'm always too busy guessing barcodes! Ah! I've just seen what you mean!
  6. It was the first of the two. Thanks.
  7. Some time back, possibly a couple of months back, there was a thread about a foot injury/problem some of us suffer. Can anyone point me at it because I think my other half has got it and I want to get her back geocaching again! The other question, is that I can only see 5 pages of the forum. How do I set it to show more, or is that it. Even if I use search or "go to" it only looks at the first 5 pages. If I could have worked that out I would have trawled through the archives myself for the above topic. Thanks.
  8. He is a great lyricist. My favourite is the line from New England. "Though I put you on a pedestal you put me on the pill." Does anyone know the morse code distress call for "I appear to have ants crawling across my screen!"
  9. Elver Calf Kid Joey Well, that's the first four attempted. Nothing after that, but there are a few rattling round at the back of my brain.
  10. Funnily enough, this example was one that came to me early this morning and made me think there is some rationale behind the decision. No-one is saying that the majority of charities are Political with a big P, but in this case there would certainly have been a set of very opposing views had it ever come up. And, as expressed previously, even "normal" charities can put peoples backs up. I did a bit of time with an animal charity but some people hated the fact that money went to that when there were people in need. One man's meat is another mans poison as they say. And no, I'm not trying to divert the topic onto vegetarianism!
  11. It's been a little like Dr Who. First there was The Hornet and Dodgydaved and they morphed into Lacto and Ecki and now they've morphed back. Enjoy your time back in civvies. I've never run a forum but I have been on a social committee and I suspect this was probably a hundred times worse. Thanks for all your work. I reckon you'll both be on 30 finds a day with all the spare time!
  12. Number 2 seems familiar and i've only een a couple of musicals this year so I'll guess at Wicked!
  13. I normally keep out of these threads where toys go flying and eveyone attacks everyone else, and Lord knows after 7 years of following this forum I've seen a few, but I would like to point out one thing. "The Yanks" aren't telling us what to do on a UK forum. They are telling us what to do on a section of a US owned and administered site which has been set aside for UK cachers to discuss UK geocaching. If a US cacher came over to one of our regional hosted forum sites and told us what to do I would be alongside telling them where they stood, but that's not the case. And the £15 (or whatever) we pay is for some additional features, not to run the site, not to make the rules, and everyone is free to be a non-paying member and they are none the lesser geocacher than those of us who do pay. (Breathes out) I shall now wait to be flamed to a cinder. But whilst I do, I'll take this opportunity to add my thanks in this thread for all the good work our reviewers/moderators do. (Goes off muttering about how it wasn't like this in my day.....gone to h*ll in a handcart......)
  14. Mine thought I was a bit mad! Now, however, she actually has her own account and is quite happy to go find a couple of caches at a weekend. Indeed, we've even done a couple abroad on holidays. Yesterday I cached for 9 hours for about 30 finds. Mine thinks I'm mad!
  15. Freedonia - Marx Brothers, Duck Soup. (hope thats the right one).
  16. It's no good deciding between the GPSr and a map. It's perfectly obvious in the article that you should actually be going with someone who knows the way and can show you. I for one willl definitely be leaving the GPS behind next time I go on a long walk of 157 to 325 yards!
  17. Seeing who the other four are, it's not going to be Westlife is it?
  18. Of course it's hoist, I was obviously having a funny 5 minutes. To nit pick slightly further, is the petard not just the launching equipment for the bomb, and thus, if you did not get out of the way on putting it in place, you were "launched" or hoist(ed) with it. I haven't googled it so I am relying on a very old brain to remember! I hope your old brain does not remember back that far, as the petard is a 17th Century item (probably earlier). It was a container, often bell shaped, containing an explosive charge, that was attached to the fortress door and the then the explosion all went out of the open end and into the door. It was not launched. Luckily, I only have to remember back to last summer for full recall of the 17th C I'm obviously thinking of something else, and before this turns into a new strand of the pub quiz I know I'm sort of describing a trebuchet. Better get this back on topic or TPTB will be hoisting me by more than a petard!
  19. Of course it's hoist, I was obviously having a funny 5 minutes. To nit pick slightly further, is the petard not just the launching equipment for the bomb, and thus, if you did not get out of the way on putting it in place, you were "launched" or hoist(ed) with it. I haven't googled it so I am relying on a very old brain to remember!
  20. The Bongtwashes have just made a point I was going to. What has put "their" noses out is that they wanted to keep the FTF for themselves. Geocaching, for those involved through geocaching.com is a community event and that means for the thousands across the world who participate, not a very small group who attend an event. I think that makes the thousand of individual and team cachers "the majority", not the people at an event. And as Dakar said earlier, you can't hold an event with the purpose of going caching. By complaining they hang themselves from their own petard, as they say, the event was obviously for the puropse of caching, not for going on a hike.
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