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  1. That is indeed a DING Just to finish the detail off BFH if anyone wants to know is "Bus Fare Home". Over to you Pete.
  2. Oh good, my brain hasn't completely addled then. Here's a pub quiz question asked in a pub quiz I did last Friday. Take the gameshow where you could win "BFH", a flyer of the genus Bombus, the singer of "That's Livin' Alright" and the star of the short comedy film "The Plank" and you get what connection? Ding goes to the person who gets the thing that connects them all, but please feel free to explain how you got there.
  3. Hmmm. Boardwalk appears on the American Monopoly Board so I'll take a guess that the other two are the equivalent squares on the German and Spanish editions. I can't remember which square though. Either Free Parking or Mayfair. It's too many years since I played US monopoly.
  4. Not to stir up a Hornets nest, (Sorry, couldn't resist) but could the impetus behind the ban not be to do with who started the thread, nor about the swapping of items with charitable status, but because it was a calender which we know TPTB are already touchy about. Just my 2p.
  5. You do realise that that was the very first UK Mega event? We should have some commemorative Geocoins minted!! Neil Aye, and just 498 short of the numbers required to make it an official one! Of course if everyone had turned up who was meant to have been there we'd only have been 497 short!! Of course, we missed a chance to start our very own congratulations thread as well.
  6. This is great news. All i've been able to do so far is find some half filled plastic boxes hidden in bushes. Oh, and one occasion when I ran into some ne'erdowell in the bar at Kings Cross Station! I can't wait to get back home and check the sofa surfing out!
  7. Ideally, it would be really good if you could hook a new cache up in the same location to main electrics. Then when they relieve themselves.............. Yes, I know it's irresponsible and I'm not intending anyone do it, but just once in a while it would be nice to take revenge!
  8. Did it? Or did the words appear on screen as he typed them using only the tip of his left ear and transported them to the main server by telepathy? Some say that Level 5 caches reveal themselves as floating golden orbs when he is within 10 metres of them, and that Eckington and Lactoorum were indeed his love children. We just know him as Geostig.
  9. I was explaining this to someone the other day. When I started there were about 100 caches nationwide, now I have 300 within 5 miles of me. I think they might be breeding!
  10. I had a go at a new cache in Richmond a few months back. I knew from an older cache that it was going to be difficult as the land floods quite often. I got within 20 feet of it but no matter how I tried I just couldn't get there without extra protective clothing. I gave it a miss and someone else bagged it the next day. Fair weather cacher, that's me.
  11. Now, that takes me back! But I don't think we should resurrect all that again, we are able to cause enough new problems not to revisit old ones.
  12. Sometimes it being "all about the numbers" is relevant to the numbers people hide as well as those they find. I know I'm guilty of not really hiding enough but I do like to think that they have been enjoyable. The logs are an important indicator. You can't expect every one to be a glowing recommendation, but I would have though by the time you've had your 100th "another 35mm, SL TFTC" log you'd not be getting the enjoyment from owning the cache you should do. I was caching the other day and managed 6 caches which were 1 large trad, 2 small trad, 2 micros and a nano. That is a good proportion of cache types these days. One of the micros was ingenious, and even the other wasn't a 35mm film container! I never go anywhere on a hunt without having read the cache page and logs to get an idea what I'm going to be "seeing".
  13. Whatever the family affairs have been they're a lot more important than plastic boxes in ivy clad trees. Hope they turn/turned out o.k.
  14. I should hang my head in shame for not knowing this as I have a bit of a rowing history by acquaintance. In the Moscow Olympics two of the bronze medallists in, I think, the coxless fours, Ian Mcnuff and John Beattie were in my year at school. I would have known the other two, one of which is Martin Cross, but I left just as they joined the school in the sixth form. It was in fact pretty much my school rowing team, made even more so because David Tanner, Head of English Rowing these days, was their trainer and also my (and theirs), history teacher. But no, I don't know the answer so I'll leave it for someone else to get back OT.
  15. I also suspect it's a "local" problem. Most of us will not have a problem other than the odd muggled cache, but if one of these miscreants, for want of a better expression, is in your area, there is likely to be a large number of disappearances which thus has a bigger impact.
  16. Oh well, I didn't make the first page of posts but I shouldn't have been far behind. I joined the next month although I'm not sure I started posting to the forum straight away as this was the first forum I'd ever encountered. That, and the fact you couldn't get a word/post in edgeways with Moss and Monz! I was probably lurking though!
  17. I've just changed my car because of it. It still costs me about £90 to fill the car but now i get 525 miles out of it not 225. I can't say I've done that just because of geoxcaching, but next weekend I'm caching in France and I wouldn't have been doing that in the previous vehicle!
  18. Good luck with your first find WW! I've been caching for 7 years and I've only ever bumped into one other cacher in the field! Of course, maybe I'm just as bad at spotting other cachers as I am am spotting the caches themselves!
  19. I once saw a Gecko whilst caching. Actually, it was a very small lizard that ran across a path in front of me. That was quite close enough to nature for me!
  20. Don't know whether it's a condition or not but as far as possible, (nanos are a bit of a problem! ), I would have thought it's a good idea so that muggles know what's going on. If someone finds a cache by accident and there is nothing to say what it is about, we can hardly complain if something happens to it. And I don't think just writing "check www.geocaching.com" is enough.
  21. Sorry not sure what I've done here You haven't done anything wrong. My view of the comment is that it is implying that The Spokes used an internet search engine to find the answer, following an earlier comment, which they may or may not have done. It's against "the rules" which are probably somewhere back on page 1 with occasional reference elsewhere whenever this same "problem" turns up. However, I'm sure one of the others will be along shortly to tell me I'm wrong if I've misinterpreted. On this point, because I've never taken the chance to make it before. It has been said one can use an encyclopedia to look stuff up but not online. As an avid quiz player, and organiser, I can't really see, IMHO, why walking across the room to look in a book is any better than checking online. A quiz should be about the knowledge you have and that you learn from questions and answers that others supply. If you were in a pub you couldn't get an encyclopedia out to answer a question, even if you were carrying one on you.
  22. OMG!!!! Forget the micro lovers coming in here and getting upset, the real ale cachers will be along to beat you to death with a hop bush! Frosty beer mug indeed!
  23. I wouldn't normally go off in the rain but last December I was in France with The Magnificant Marjory, Mad Mick and Scots Lassie and we had a cache planned to visit, plus I was carrying TBs that I'd promised to drop. To be fair, it stopped for the five minutes we started out of the car, but not long after the rain came down and the wind picked up. We found the cache. Started back down the hill/mountain towards the car when the local ranger turned up to tell us we needed to get off the mountain and out of the woods a.s.a.p as the weather was now so bad there were safety problems with falling trees. We got down safely and decided to have a rather good lunch instead of proceeding to the second cache we'd planned!
  24. I'll have guess. It's Anne Boleyns brother and he married Catherine Parr. No idea of his name. Let's say, James Boleyn.
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