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  1. The guidelines state that the moratorium is only in place until the new site comes online, expected anytime now, (April/May). I'm just putting this in place and doing the "groundwork" now so all is ready for when they are acceptable again. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles. [This message was edited by kennamatic on May 02, 2003 at 01:28 AM.]
  2. Let this be a warning to others as to what happens when you stir up a hornets nest! Many congratulations. Now you're through the 500 it's all downhill to the 1000 mark. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  3. Hi there, I'm setting up a locationless cache which needs a photo to be taken in or on the outskirts of Richmond. If you can help can you e-mail me through my profile or leave a note here and I'll contact you. We'll discuss your reward when we talk! Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Gaz, Suni, Jack & Kashi:We have just come back from holiday in the Algarve & our kids bought two of these back with them...obviously they are now going in the bin when i get home. I think putting your kids in the bin is banned as well! Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  5. Well done that man! Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  6. Many congratulations. It'll be a miracle if I ever get to 400 so you don't need to look over your shoulder in my direction. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  7. I tend to get my stuff from GPS Warehouse although I can't tell you whether they are the best value or not. I have one of the cables that connects both the laptop to the gps and also plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car which certainly saves on the batteries for the e-trex. I agree with Big Nick on the EasyGPS software. So simple even I can use it, and believe me that's saying something. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  8. quote:... this is getting s bit con_tench_ious now. Yep, from my own selfish pont of view I think it's time to scale it down. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  9. Why don't the moderators filter some of these dreadful puns. BTW did I ever mention the time as a Cub Scout when I used to box Brownies (Now there's one for the older cachers amongst us! ) And I've got a digi too so bring on the game. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Chris n Maria: It always seems to take you to a pub! That's because you have it set up to use the EGGNOG system not EGNOS. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  11. Geocentric - A completely mad cacher. Geodynamic - Finding a cache in the most impressive way possible Geomagnetism - The strange pull that makes you go out and buy a GPSr as soon as you hear about caching. Geomancy 1 - When two cachers fall in love</b> Geomancy 2 - The black art of finding caches without a GPSr. Geostatic - A travel bug who hasn't moved for 6 months. Geostrophic - The loss of caches to trashers. GeothermalS - The undergarments required for caching during winter. Geomedicine - Required to cure someone of Geocentricity. Geologist - One who writes in a log book. Geocarpy - An occasional affliction of the geocaching forums. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  12. quote: everyone else who started back then has already got it . I too am one of Moss Troopers article offspring and am trying to emulate him by only so far reaching 51 finds after 17 months. I should hate to think anyone is trying to muscle in on my claim to be the worlds slowest geocacher. And congrats to you Moss. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  13. Just a suggestion, and not aimed at Sel or anyone in particular, but the occasional use of a smiley/graemlin can go a long way to avoiding things being taken the wrong way. I know some people think they are twee and pathetic but as an indicator of tone they are useful. Except for . I'm still none the wiser. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  14. and Simon isn't the only blogger in our midst, but I won't "out" any of the others except for myself. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  15. I'd just like to say CONGRATULATIONS on receiving 13 replies to this thread. Usual stuff, which was your favourite, which was the hardest to read etc. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  16. I too would like to add my support. I have served on a number of social club committees and know what a bloody thankless task that can be and I suspect a moderator of the UK geocaching scene is worse than that. I hope the two of you enjoy what break you take, if anyone deserves some r&r in return for their input it is certainly you. And just for the record I'm in favour of a commitee, although whether we would ever get a concensus as to who should serve on it is a totally different matter. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  17. For myself, I'm not really fussed either way. I do however think that if we are involved we should have an "experienced" geocacher who knows what pitfalls there have been over a period of time. Also anyone who appears should be able to keep cool if it does get into a bit of mickey-taking. The programme goes out live remember. I do think the best people to do it might well be a family team as that is the audience the programme is aimed at being 5:00 p.m. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  18. You could tell it was going to be quiet out there. When I checked the forums at about 10:00 this morning there were quite a few entries. Normally Sundays don't have many new posts until people get back in the evening. I did my bit though and went and bagged a couple before work. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  19. Yuletide felicitations to you all. You're worried about presents! I still haven't posted all my christmas cards yet! Dave Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  20. quote: Thats why the moon was built, and they ran out of money before they built the second one.... We can be pretty certain then that there is life on other planets. Jupiter with at least 13 moons probably has a great caching community. And from what I know of Jupiter, very little in the way of tree cover to block the signal! Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  21. We may not have a waypoint but I can give you the rough lat/long. I know it was filmed at Burgh Island off the South Devon Coast. N50:16.824 W003:53.903 I also know that it is extremely expensive to stay at that hotel! It costs £95 per night for children under 12, they seem to avoid mentioning the adult rate. (I have no connection to the hotel, otherwise I'd be posting on the Bahamian forum!). Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  22. Did anyone see Evil Under The Sun tonight on ITV? In the course of solving the inevitable murder Hercule, Captain Hastings and Inspector Japp went off looking for clues. Armed with a torch Inspector Japp went into a cave, had a look round, and just before leaving decided to look behind a rock. He could just reach what he was after. What was it? A lunchbox! On opening it unfortunatley there was no log book or travel bug, just some illicit drugs. I'm pretty sure they aren't really allowed under the guidelines. If only they'd had a GPS perhaps they would have found it quicker! Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  23. ....and now I read the other thread on this topic and discover it is already up and running. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  24. Until Jeremys system is up and running the following is a link I no doubt got from an earlier forum. http://www.whereonearth.com/demos/geocode/geocode.htm Just type in a postcode and change the country code to UK and it returns the lat/longs (in decimal format). I've been using it for ages when I've had to visit places I don't know and it's always been very accurate, to the point that I haven't bought a map of an unknown town since I started. Only once have I ended up going astray and that was because I went in a straight line to my destination, (up a dirt track between two farms),instead of sticking to a fairly main road. And my thanks to the person who originaly linked it here. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  25. quote:Hands up all those who are here because of my article? I can put my hand up for that. We do need new blood for all the reasons others have said. For myself, I have little time to go out at the moment as I'm involved in three jobs and just don't have the time to drive 100 miles each way plus the time for the actual hunt. (I note from my stats it is 3 months since I last found! Must try harder!). New blood helps build up new caches in an area so that there is always something "locally" to find. (Not completely my problem as I do have some locally I just haven't got round to). I suspect that for people who join in and then disappear, the travelling required in some pockets of the UK may be one of the reasons. If any vandals do decide to take up the sport and trash caches I hope they manage to find them much more easily than I do otherwise they are going to be very disappoited! I'd stick with the bit of advertising we have had at the moment as it seems it has probably been beneficial until we can prove it's become detrimental. I know that might then be deemed locking the door after the horse has bolted but the loss of the occasional cache in exchange for some new friends seems a small price to pay. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
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