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  1. The volcano hunter is still there, it's Tiger Hawk. I think it's probably going to have to move quite a distance before it finds it first! Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  2. And now there is one less, as I was holding one of them for our American Friends and I've only just got round to logging that one and the others from another cache into my possession. I agree with Mr & Mrs Hedgehog that this, and the other Tomb Raider cache, are well worth doing. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  3. Thanks for the help. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  4. I have a friend who is looking to buy a GPSr. He wants one on which he can display maps and it will be used mainly for travel whilst on his bicycle, thus the usefulness of having the map on screen in front of him. As I am only of humble beginnings as the owner of a basic yellow etrex advice as to the best and most suitable model would be most welcome. He has read through all sorts of fora and groups and just got himself confused as to which would be best. In addition, if the model had a clamp system for handlebars that would be a big plus, as would keeping the price towards the lower end of the price spectrum. I told him someone here would be the fount of all knowledge! Who knows, once he's kitted out I might well get him turned on to geocaching. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  5. Out of interest. When you are logged in and hold the cursor over the link to "My Cache Page" the picture changes to a kid holding a large glass screw top jar! (Take your pick which graemlin applies) Just a coincidence that I noticed it today. I have no great feelings either way. Might be safe if the area it was stored in was grassy or earthy, but avoided when placed near tarmac or other hard surfaces. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  6. As a fellow robot I'd love to meet up and swap data. Whether that coincides with Mr & Mrs Hedgehogs visit we will have to see. I will e-mail you though your profile to discuss possible days etc. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  7. quote:Originally posted by The Robot Family:Are all the Sherlock virtual caches (1-6) and the final physical cache locations easily accessed off the tube? How long would people guess it takes to complete the series and find the final cache? Having recently done that series, although not by tube, I know that it could be done by using the closest stations. I would allow half a day to do them all with the travelling time added in, maybe even a bit longer. It will take you to bits that are both well known and not so well known on the tourist routes. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  8. Many congratulations on reaching the 500. I know everyone normally wants to know favourite cache etc. etc but I'd really like to know how you've managed to find the time to do all the stuff you do, I reckon you've found the secret to 28 hour days with 8 days to a week. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  9. There is also the Where On Earth geocoding site which allows you to put just a postcode/zipcode in or other partial piece of the address, choose a country, and back come the lat/longs. I use it all the time for work and I've only ever known it be out once by about 100 foot and that was probably due to the GPSr and a very hot day. I've never used it for non UK addresses so if anyone checks it for overseas use I'd be interested to know if it works accurately for such delights as Azerbaijan and even Antarctica. I originally got that site of these forums so praise goes to the original poster whoever it was. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  10. Somewhat like the curates egg, the changes seem to be good in parts. I've often wanted to just load a page with all my nearest caches which I haven't done. Although I can't do this from the "my cache page" it is possible from the "search a postcode" part. I think I'll wait for all the adjustments to come in before making a final decision. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  11. I have a piece of advice for you all. When you put your right foot down and it sinks past your ankle into mud, it is better to move back onto your left foot and minimise the damage rather than immediately put your left foot next to it which sinks just as dramatically. Now, why didn't somebody tell me that 6 hours ago!!!! Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  12. As it won't allow me to update my previous entry the following is the link for the Captain Pugwash Keystrokes. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  13. Cheap as Chips! Actually I've no idea if it is but I just had to say it. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Gaz, Suni, Jack & Kashi:The Clangers...now your talking. Yay! The Soup Dragon, Iron Chicken and The Froglets As polyphonic sound becomes more popular on phones and perhaps midi files as ring tones we might eventually get to the Clangers informing us of incoming messages. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Paul G0TLG:Where did you get the ringtone? My phone has a composer and I got the keystrokes fromthis site. they are literally changing servers at this very moment so you can't get to the kids themes. I'll update the link as soon as they are back up and running. In the meantime, if anyone is desperate you can mail me at kennamatic@deskb.co.uk and I'll send you them. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  16. By amazing coincidence I started using the Captain Pugwash theme as the ringtone on my mobile last Sunday. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  17. quote: To blindly do the bidding of someone who's trying to make money out of you seems daft. To blindly do the bidding of someone who's trying to make money out of you and expect it to be fun seems even dafter. If a restauranteur set a cache that ended up giving you a free meal in the hope that you would dine there again but you never did, would that make you daft or him? quote: I have also considered leaving items in caches which I have made myself with my email address attached to the packaging, but decided this was flagrant advertisement, and wisely decided against it. I think it depends what it is. If you make something and leave it, even with your e-mail address on it, providing it isn't anything to do with your work or used by you to make money then I don't think there would be a problem. The fabled T&J bears come with their details. (I think). It is just a signature item in effect, even if each is different. If, however, you made little pottery dachsunds and left a note saying you could buy more from your website and contact you at sales@dachsunds.R.us then you would indeed be in trouble. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  18. quote:and others I can't remember. There was also one called ? surprise. The surprise being that when you bit into it bolts shot out through your cheeks. I think I'm right on that. quote: "Across the Andes by Frog" Ahh! Ripping Yarns. Excellent series. Particularly with all this precipitation we've been having just lately. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  19. quote:Originally posted by The Northumbrian: The thing to me is , how can this be raised on the forum , surely this sort of thing should be discussed directly with the site owners I think intentions are worth signalling through the forum as it gives goecaching HQ an idea of how we feel about different things. Also, at the moment, any discussion that can be seen to be discussed on this sort of subject in an "adult" way will help negate our bad publicity of the last few weeks. quote: after all, no one on this forum can change these guidlenes that have been setby Groundspeak incorporated, after all they own it and they call the tune, and thats how it should be. I agree. In the end it is a matter for geocaching.com if the cache appears on their site and they get to have the final say. The use of their site requires the acceptance of their "rules". When a cache is proposed it can be denied, but some of my examples happen afterwards when items are swapped or left. this community have had arguments about this before and not that long ago, and often they are worse because we only think about things the moment they crop up, this usually results in fingers typing before the brain is properly engaged, to paraphrase another well known expression, and then we see the result in flaming and toys flying left, right and center. (As well as incredibly long sentences. I must learn to edit! ) How much better it is to have had a civilised discussion earlier that can be referred back to at a relevant point in the future than all jumping in with both feet in the heat of the moment. (Anyone for a mixed metaphore?) quote: Sounds like we could do with some sort of association to talk to GC.com about this sort of thing for us. I'm saying nothing! Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  20. I too see no problem in testing the waters every now and again as new people join in the forums (BTW, I've decided to use "forums" on even days and "fora" on odd days. It's as good as reason as any! ). I don't think in all honesty we need to change anything this minute but there are a number of scenarios to think about which could want us to change our positions. This really comes down to a choice of where we draw the line and is probably different for each cacher involved. The starting point is though, that we alraedy have "advertising" within our caches and on these forums, i.e. branded items in caches and product names mentioned in threads. This is o.k. because, probably, none of us makes a profit from such things. But what if we held shares in Tupperware? If a cache description said to park in a hotel car park but friends owned the hotel? If Richard Branson became a cacher and as his sig item always left a free return airline ticket from his company. It costs him next to nothing, he could describe it as offering a chance to his fellow cachers to go try some caches in a different country? Would it really make you fly on his airline every time in the future as a "thankyou"? Is it the value that counts? If you agreed to the above, but we know I wouldn't be allowed to advertise my company (not that I want to!), does that make it greed? When I started caching I'm sure there was a cache linked to the release of The Planet of the Apes film by the distributors. (No link now, so possibly deleted). It contained tickets to the premiere and some branded clothing. Would this alone have made you go see the film whether you got to the cache or not? If Computeractive write an article and run a geocache with a prize to the first finder of a GPS would we allow that? And if not, there are rather a lot of us involved in geocaching who wouldn't be here now, me included. (Thankyou Moss) If the above is a by-product of an article and allowable, would we allow Garmin to run a series of caches to celebrate their "whatever" anniversary? I think there is definately quite a lot of grey areas that might need looking at, and possibly on a one-by-one basis. We probably can't have a blanket ruling. This is not meant to be a contentious post, not meant to make us change anything at the moment, not meant to be anti the anti-advertising lobby, it's just something to ponder on those long walks across fields to find our Tupperware Boxes with the W H Smith log book in it, written with the British Airways pen, where you note that you've taken the McDonalds toy the Penguin Book and left a Radiohead CD having taken your photo with the Kodak disposable camera! Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  21. Thanks for offering again Moss. It's good news we can start moving forward again. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  22. The size of the plane to the background definitaley means it's in the air, and looking at the position on the uk map to the right it is definitely on the west bound air route out of the UK. I wonder if there were any travel bugs on board? Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  23. As the debate rages on another thread as to whether we should use the term forums or fora I think it is only right we should examine the evidence. SimonG has already used the phrase Fora, fora, fora.. This as many of you may know is a remake of the film Tora Tora Tora. In the original film, a bunch of Japanese Kamikaze pilots attack the US fleet at Pearl Harbour and sink them. In the remake, a bunch of kamikaze trolls attempt to sink the fora by mischievous posting. To balance things there is the well known musical where people sing about their hilarious adventures whilst out caching. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To These Forums Gilbert and Sullivan however, wrote their operetta HMS Pinafora containing the song I am the very model of a Moderator General. But for me, the conclusive evidence is from the Ernest Hemingway book and subsequent film. Fora, Who The Hell Trolls. Has anyone else further proof to support either word? Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  24. quote:Originally posted by SimonG:Fora fora fora. Isn't that a film about Pearl Harbour? Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
  25. quote:Originally posted by Meriadoc:Having regionally independent approvers would mean that we wouldn't have a mass resignation over a matter that only effecting one region. As the system stands at the moment, and Moss is right in as much as it is unlikely that Scotland, Nothern Ireland and Wales will have their own listings, therefore the moderators, even where they are geographically seperated, will no doubt continue to work closely together to try to have a consistency in the way they apply their moderation. The problem thus arises that if you attack one they all feel attacked. We haven't just lost moderators from Hants. We lost Moss Trooper as well. Can someone else post soemthing I can reply to so it doesn't look like I'm just attacking our resident Scottish Nationalist! Then again it's 1.30 a.m. so anyone with an ounce of sense will be in bed. Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.
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