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  1. mr lost, we chit chatted...i also got an email from a couple other people.
  2. seems like i was way off on price...150 OBO
  3. 200 + shipping to your address This includes a Lightly Used Meridian Gold 256 Meg SD card Sync cable THATS IT! Need money to support budding scuba hobby... Please catch me on AIM at lord1reborn or pm me here. --Lord1234
  4. I am heading to pittsburgh for tomorrow morning..but need a place to spend the night this evening. Would anyone in northern NJ have a place for me to stay the evening? Hopefully, --Lord1234
  5. bah it was a joke..cut him some slack.
  6. Hah, well i bought a Meridian gold today on ebay for 180. Very pleased to get such a good price for it brand new. Thanks a lot to ClayJar for his advice btw...and for the bet idea(that will come later) Interested to go geocaching...we'll see what happens.
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