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  1. How much space is required for loading all of the east topo's from mapsource?
  2. Sorry if this question is asked often, but what is the main diffrence between City Navigator and City Select? Which is better?
  3. Whta the diffrence? I have a 60Csx. Can I load the National Geo on it as well?
  4. I do a lot of backpacking and camping in NC/SC looking for geocaches. Whic map CD is more detailed with trails and campsites, etc; US Topo 24 National Parks or Topo?
  5. How can I get tide tables loaded on my unit?
  6. Wow. Thanks for the response. You will be happy to know I just received my map today and I am very satisfied!!! We are planning a off trail hike to some waterfalls. Thanks again.
  7. I was wondering what your experiances have been with Topozone.com. You can look up a topo map, then place the cursor on an area and it can give you the cords. I was curious if anybody knows how accurate the cords are.
  8. I would like to purchase some MapSend CD's from my local Boaters World. They do not seem to sell very many of these and the box is faded from sitting on the shelf. There faded from the lights, not the sun. Is there a way to make sure there the latest ones? Or is this not an issue because the maps don't change?
  9. Does anybody have any experiance with one of these? http://www.nexian.com/product/handygps.asp I just picked up one for a few bucks to see how it works. Maybe I'll bring out the Visor out of retirement!!
  10. I just started geocaching and have been using a garmin Geko 201. It seems like a good little gps, but I feel it is usually off by 15-20 feet on the cords. Has anyone else had any experiance with them?
  11. Thanks for all the info. I have the basic idea down now! And thanks for all the extra info. I have a Tungsten E, which in hindsight has been a bad purchase. It is a great Palm, buy I really shot my self in the foot by not having the Universal connector. The mini USB has made connecting anything to it a pain. I keep checking ebay for a decent priced T3 Do you guys think it's easier to do with a Pocket PC than a Palm?
  12. I'm sure this has been asked before, but some of the post I have read are a little more tech. What are the basics of using a Palm w/ my GPS. I understand I can keep track of my caches, etc. But all these file conversions and third party apps are confusing. Couls someone just give me the real basics to get started. I have both GPS and a Palm Thanks
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