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  1. Cool! Thanks for this - have bookmarked the cache for whenever we make it to New Mexico.
  2. How cool! We plan to be in Victoria in late October, so I've bookmarked this cache.
  3. Bingo! I thought I had avoided that problem by using my home co-ords (don't think there's anything but private property and a cemetery within 528' of our house), but nope, the 2 caches I had ready to go including logbooks with GC codes on them got archived a couple of weeks ago. They had been traveling in our car with us until we can find a good spot - they are both unique containers/hides and need the proper spot. We have traipsed around several areas but hadn't found a place yet. Life gets busy and we end up caching in bursts, if you know what I mean, so we don't really hide very often. Guess I just need to get those caches out of the car and wait until we have more time to cache.
  4. It has gotten worse as others have piled on and the page count is now 328!
  5. Jayme...you've been nothing but a great addition to GS. Thank you for acknowledging this tragedy. IIRC, GS was pretty quiet when the last geocacher death happened. Agree wholeheartedly! Our sympathies to everyone touched by this tragedy.
  6. The thing is That they did not tell us the site is going to be down today or it is down right now. I am not able to get on it either. It has been down for three hours already. Off-line here in Indiana - Eastern time zone - as well. Surely they're not doing an update at 6 am Pacific? Nothing in the announcement forum, either.
  7. I have to wonder, then, why the published guidelines were not updated by TPTB "months ago" to reflect this new requirement? It seems we're hearing more and more about undocumented guidelines... I agree - this sort of communication gap is very frustrating and my perception (admittedly limited) is that it is becoming more frequent. Mrs. Car54
  8. Mrs. Car54 - Lafayette Great Banquet #58 - table of Ruth Mr. Car54 - Lafayette Great Banquet #56 - table of Matthew Since then we have both served on Great Banquet teams and Mr. Car54 has served on a Kairos team. De Colores
  9. Another "older" cacher whose bifocals are having trouble distinguishing the new icons in their gray status.
  10. I know the advice is often given to ask a local reviewer if the co-ords of your proposed cache are clear before you go to a lot of effort setting up a cache. What if the website let you do that? Enter your co-ords and get a "Y/N" for proximity issues. Hmmm, then I suppose it would be possible for cachers to hone in on the location of a puzzle final using that tool. Oh well, I got nothing. Mrs. Car54
  11. The difference, as already mentioned, is that we already KNOW the co-ordinates for all these other "dorky caches" (your words) and can thus avoid them. It's not, "Oh no, I can't put a cache here." It's, "I wonder if there are any puzzle finals here that would prevent me from putting a cache here." Ya, I dig. Mrs. Car54
  12. Car54


    I just received an e-mail from the IDNR and it included the following info: "Earthcaches will NOT be archived - Groundspeak staff we are working with are communicating with the Earthcache team, and they are aware of what's happening. " I thought I'd share that info for anyone else who might also be wondering as I was. Mrs. Car54
  13. Car54


    We've still not received any communication, so I'm guessing our earthcaches in Prophetstown SP are somehow exempt?? I'm a bit nervous about the timing because we're going to be out of state about 10 days in early November and wouldn't be able to do anything about our caches while we're gone. Still don't know about virts - just to be safe, we headed down to Portland Arch yesterday to grab the final virt for the Epic History Virtual Challenge. I, too, don't quite understand why there's not more of an outcry. Sensitive areas, sure, enforce some restrictions. Otherwise, isn't one of the purposes of public lands for the enjoyment and recreation of the public. Mr. Car54 for some time now has tongue-in-cheek felt that the purpose of "public" lands was to keep the land "from" the public. So will we all still be eager to hold our spring and fall picnics on IDNR property? How about CITO's? Mrs. Car54
  14. And here I thought it meant "Thanks from the phone" as in a new found it log acronym. Mrs. Car54
  15. Car54


    So have all cache owners been notfied? We haven't heard anything, so maybe "containerless" caches, ie virts and EC's, won't be archived? Mrs. Car54
  16. Cool! Thanks for that list - will be checking those out soon!
  17. Sorry, I don't understand what you're asking. Can you define what you mean by "put up", and how that specific date and time relates to it? At 15 seconds past 1:14 pm, the date/time will be: 10/11/12 13:14:15 Mrs. Car54
  18. Car54


    I agree with Indotguy. As for our earthcaches, I will wait to see the "step by step instructions for current cache owners already placed on IDNR land". I still believe this will prove to be a net negative for geocaching on taxpayer-owned IDNR property and we are taking that into consideration as we begin to plan our 2013 camping outings. And for jmbed, I'm not worrying and I have no plans to spend the rest of the day on the "ter-lit" as Archie Bunker called it. Mrs. Car54
  19. Car54


    I hadn't seen this. They're going to have Geocaching.com archive all caches on DNR properties? We put a lot of work into our 2 earthcaches in Prophetstown SP and if they're archived, I'm not sure I feel like going through all that again. Aside from geocaching, we are regular campers who almost always choose DNR campgrounds over private ones. Not to mention that the spring and fall picnics often bring a good crowd to DNR properties. While I'm certainly not in panic mode, I'd be hard pressed to see this change as the positive that the DNR quote above tries to spin it as. Mrs. Car54 grammar edit
  20. Chiming in late, here. We've been around since 2004, but are not prolific hiders by any stretch of the imagination. A few months ago, we hid a couple and got a nice note from the reviewer asking for a description of the container and how it was hidden. We had never been asked that before, nor have any of our caches had permission problems. I thought it was kind of weird, but I answered the questions, got a "thanks" reply from the reviewer and the caches were published. My main thought was that it kind of spoils caching for the reviewer in the area they cover. It didn't bother me, but it did make me go, "huh?". Mrs. Car54
  21. Car54

    What now ?

    Based on their user name, I'm guessing J1 is one of the "N3JS", meaning not all 3 J's were along for this find. Just a guess.... Mrs. Car54
  22. I know it may be a small thing, but thank you for this. Mrs. Car54
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