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  1. Statistics settings are now changed on the statistics page (http://www.geocaching.com/my/statistics.aspx). Shouldn't going to the statistics page by clicking on that tab while in user profile show that same info? It does not show either the option to display/hide your stats or when they were last generated. Mrs. Car54
  2. +100 - talk about an excellent example of police communications! Mrs. Car54
  3. Add me to the list of long-time cachers who used the "newest in state" link a lot. Can someone more tech savvy than myself tell me what CSP means? I've seen it used in some replies and I don't understand. Thank you, Mrs. Car54
  4. I've even changed the description on some of ours to "STOLEN". Doesn't matter - every so often, we get fake logs, not only on those, but others that have never left our possession. I just delete all of the logs. We also no longer take our trackables to local events nor do we release any. For me, trackables have become just a personal collection and I add to it very seldom these days. Mrs. Car54 (edited to clarify that we no longer take our coins to events, not that we never did)
  5. We have a LBH that folks seem to like - 36 faves out of 107 finds. Not being in the slightest bit artistic, we bought a stamp, wrote "NOT A TRADE ITEM, LEAVE IN CACHE" on it in permanent marker. We've had to replace the stamp twice so far. I'd be upset if it had been a custom stamp. Just another viewpoint. Mrs. Car54
  6. Us: 36 within 10 miles 54 within 25 miles (includes a geo-art series) 82 miles to hit 1,000 found 36.7% within 25 miles no, but would love to see challenge, bonus & Wherigo with separate icons. Mrs. Car54
  7. It also would have been nice, as the Grouchy one mentioned, for someone to at least pop in long enough to say "We know - we're working on it." That would have helped reduce the angst, instead of leaving us all wondering.......... Mrs. Car54
  8. Thank you - that does seem to have resolved the issue. Since I couldn't do so on my lunch hour, I will now try to get my PQ's, bookmark lists and maps ready - don't anyone tell my boss! Mrs. Car54
  9. I also posted this reply in the Bug forum thread: Another IE9 user at work with this problem - no maps, no logs unless I click logbook, etc. I'm sure the folks at HQ are nice people with the best of intentions, but geez Louise! Their communication is HORRIBLE! Mrs. Car54 And yippee, skippee - they've hosed this up for us just in time to plan our Labor Day (US holiday) outing. I was hoping to get everything PQ'd and mapped out on my lunch hour today. Sigh...............
  10. Another IE9 user at work with this problem - no maps, no logs unless I click logbook, etc. I'm sure the folks at HQ are nice people with the best of intentions, but geez Louise! Their communication is HORRIBLE! Mrs. Car54
  11. Oh my eyes, my eyes! Seriously, though, you carry the look off quite well. Mrs. Car54
  12. Chiming in on the side of the "minority" - we have never logged attended on our own event and never will. To hzoi - I don't think other locals (NW Indiana) log their own event, but I'm not sure as I honestly don't police other caches and only police other cachers on our own caches (within guidelines). Mrs. Car54
  13. etarace, Cool story and very cool pics! I like the way you write - it makes me feel as though I were right there with you. Mrs. Car54
  14. This snippet is exactly what I think they are going for. For those who say "listen to your paying customers", I think they are. It's just that cachers aren't the customers any more, we're the product. Just an opinion from a 10-year premium member with vision challenges who does not appreciate the high-handedness or the silliness that continues to emanate from GC HQ. Mrs. Car54
  15. No, I am serious. I found the survey marker while setting up this cache. No code yet, as it is unpublished. Oops - my bad. Sorry about that. Mrs. Car54
  16. Around our home territory, we use a 2011 Chevy Impala. The "good" news is that we don't really like the vehicle all that much, so we don't feel we have to baby it. If we're camping, we've got the F250 we use to tow our 5th-wheel. Even though Mr. Car54 rarely visits the forums, I won't mention the F250's mileage because it is so bad it stresses him out. It's got an off-road package on it, but not off-road tires. We did take it on one cache in a nearby state forest where we forded a creek (after checking the depth first) and did some serious "muddin'", I think it's called. Quite an adventure for desk jockies like us. We're thinking of an AWD Subaru once the Impala is paid off. Mrs. Car54
  17. I suspect the OP was posting "tongue in cheek". Got a GC code? Mrs. Car54
  18. Like a delicious pizza, your feedback has been rejected as we no longer like pizza. Oh, snap! Mrs. Car54
  19. The longest I've gone so far is 17 days, when I was on a training exercise in Grafenwoehr, Germany, and not allowed to leave post. One of my goals is never to go that long again. I'm still at 21 days longest drought, and that was last Spring. Our longest drought is 123 days and we started in April, 2004. We're probably "doing it wrong" and need to "do it more". (wmpastor - keep that out of the "out of context" thread! ) Mrs. Car54
  20. I thought Oh Snap was so 90s... Seriously though, for us old coots: Howdy Pard! Thar's a new saddlebag o' nostrums, 'Way Out Yonder', 3 hoots and a hollar west of the ol' gallows Ugh! You get notification rock! It say Og publish new cache 'Sabretooth Travel Bone Hotel', long way to morning bright thing. or, the ever popular Message for you, Sir Oh my gosh - these 2 posts are hilarious! Mrs. Car54
  21. After I opened a New Publication email I received, the above quote is the first thing I see and it makes me curious as to what the average age of a cacher is nowadays. Perhaps it's getting younger and I'm just some out of date old coot, but my belief is that the average user is old enough to remember when "Oh snap!" was common lingo, and it seems to me that 2014 is about 30 years after that phrase's peak. I imagine that someone on The Design Team thinks that this is a fun and cute and cuddly phrase that can be turned into a swag button or trackable to sell in the store, but to me it just seems unprofessional. Is the new target demographic 12 year olds? Who on earth says "Oh snap!" anymore? It was annoying back then and hasn't gotten any less annoying now. Almost exactly what I thought - we must not be the target demographic any more, but you must not be going for our grandkids either as they quit saying, "Oh snap", years ago. That phrase makes the e-mails just look silly. Are you planning on regular updates as lingo changes? Mrs. Car54
  22. I think that you've broken the analogy. I have no idea what it is that you are trying to say. I thought he was making a kind of "least common denominator" argument. Mrs. Car54
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