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  1. I can only speak for myself, but my beef with it is as an EC owner. Currently, a finder e-mails us with the answers (or not). No e-mail within a week and I send a friendly reminder. No answer within another week and I delete the find. While the new message center *does* offer a way for us to contact users who can't be bothered to log into the site long enough to validate their e-mail address, any logs sent via the message center just result in a e-mail to us saying "you've got a message - log into the site to see it". Nice - don't make the new users log in, but make your loyal customers of years log in - just doesn't make sense to me. Mrs. Car54 Okay, I get that and it seems only half-done if that's true. If the bolded part were changed - if the message DID show up in the body of the email - would you change your tune about the message center? I must say, the idea that I don't have to go into a separate app to send a message (talking mobile here) is appealing to me...and not being able to attach images via the in-site email system is frustrating. Seems to me like they could address this on two fronts and make it all more acceptable: 1 - allow the message from the message center to show in the email notification and allow the receiver to reply via email. 2 - allow the attachment of image files in the current email system. The message center should be more directed at mobile users while the email communication can be the default for those who log in via a standard PC. It almost seems like the two systems ought to be integrated somehow...emails sent show in the message center notification system and are accessible via the mobile apps and messages sent can be (at the "opt in" of the user) sent out to the recipient as an email. Yes, if those 2 changes were made, I would change my tune. It is not my intent to force others to do things "my way". I get that the mobile user is an important asset. However, some of us dinosaurs still have only a flip phone and are happy with that. I hid our EC's because it was fun to own them. I have no interest in continuing to provide those opportunities to others if it becomes a chore - that's not what I need from my hobbies. Mrs. Car54
  2. I've posted my comments in the release thread, so rather than repeat myself, I'll just say I don't hold out much hope for our 3 EC's. Mrs. Car54
  3. I can only speak for myself, but my beef with it is as an EC owner. Currently, a finder e-mails us with the answers (or not). No e-mail within a week and I send a friendly reminder. No answer within another week and I delete the find. While the new message center *does* offer a way for us to contact users who can't be bothered to log into the site long enough to validate their e-mail address, any logs sent via the message center just result in a e-mail to us saying "you've got a message - log into the site to see it". Nice - don't make the new users log in, but make your loyal customers of years log in - just doesn't make sense to me. Mrs. Car54
  4. Own any EC's? Virts? No? Then you are only seeing half of the feature - from the finder's perspective. The vast majority of the complaints are coming from the other half of the feature - from the cache owner's perspective. Mrs. Car54
  5. Well good for you. We've been cachers since 2004 and we know under what circumstances we can and cannot delete a log. Hope you're just as happy with having fewer virts and EC's to log. Mrs. Car54
  6. That's a nightmare for those cache owners who do not wish to be contacted via the new message center but by e-mail. There should at least be links for both systems. "Message this owner" is quite misleading and many cachers will now use this link instead of e-mail. I would appreciate a way to opt out of the message system and to remove the link to the message center on my cache pages. I will not react to messages sent via this channel. + 100 Were you listening to the feedback? Or is it something that is just non-negotiable (totally within your rights)? I noticed this change yesterday when logging an EC and actually clicked on it by accident. It wasn't until the message center thing popped up that I realized what you'd done. As an EC owner, this is truly a pain in the butt. It's already tiring to get logs from cachers with no validated e-mail address claiming the find without performing the verificatin tasks, but this message center thing will prove to be the straw that breaks my own personal camel's back. EC's require a huge amount of work to get published as compared to the other cache types and HQ keeps making the "maintenance" (ie, verifying logs, answering questions, etc) harder and harder. I promise that with the first e-mail requiring me to log into the message center to see if the cacher has a legitimate find, I will archive our 3 EC's. Let someone else deal with the headaches - I'm obviously not cut out to be an EC owner in this new mobile-preferred environment. Mrs. Car54
  7. Thanks for the definitive answer - I was wondering the same thing. Mrs. Car54
  8. Should GS decide it's ok for a challenge cache to be logged as found by those not meeting the challenge I would immediately archive my challenge caches. I put in a lot of effort to qualify for my challenges before publishing them and will not let anyone that hasn't log them. You'd better go and archive them now, because they all appear to have been found and logged by a number of people who haven't qualified. http://coord.info/GLGZ423F http://coord.info/GLGBV5V1 http://coord.info/GLGBDRPH http://coord.info/GLGZ40GT None of those are "found it" logs. Mrs. Car54
  9. So was that the objective all along? Mrs. Car54
  10. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this issue. I am sure it is frustrating and upsetting. It seems as though the cache owner "may" (note - I have made no attempt to verify this) have a legal right to place these caches near, but not on your property. Most cachers don't want to irritate others, though. My suggestion would be to e-mail the owner, explain your concerns - including safety - and see if she'd be willing to move the 2 that cause you the most anxiety. In the upper left area of the cache page, right under the title, is a line called "A cache by" followed by the cache owner's screen name. If you click on their screen name, it will take you to their profile page. On that page is a line titled "e-mail address". If they have chosen to have their e-mail address public, it will list it righ there. If they have kept their e-mail address private, it will just say "send an e-mail message". In either case, you can click that link and a page will open for you to send them an e-mail through the geocaching web site. If you want a response, be sure to click the box that says "I want to send my e-mail address along with this message." I hope that helps and that the cache owner will work kindly with you to resolve the situation. Mrs. Car54
  11. GC5D3Y5: Chach-the angel on my shoulder. Good luck! Northern SC and Southern, NC have some great caches if you know where to look! Spartanburg, Rock Hill, Pacolet, the Broad River Greenway, and Northern Cleveland County are some of my favorite places to cache. Thank you! I've put Chach's cache on my bookmark list. Our daughter's family is moving to Rock Hill, so it's very exciting to know that there's some good caching there. Mrs. Car54
  12. What's the GC number? I keep a private bookmark list of caches we'd like to do if we are ever in the area. Since our daughter and her family are moving to northern SC, we may well take a vacation out in that area. Thank you! Mrs. Car54
  13. Has there been ANY indication whatsoever that Groundspeak is willing to accept this suggestion? If not, then Cezanne's and my concerns about EC's and virts are valid. Mrs. Car54
  14. Respectfully, as the owner of just 3 earthcaches (yeah, we're lightweights ), if we can't opt out of the new system, there would now be three places I'd have to search for verification answers: 1. New message system - e-mail notification followed by log-in to site and no ability to save the message. 2. Old message system - just read the e-mail, reply if cacher enabled it, save message as desired. 3. PM - yeah, someone did that - said in their cache log that they PM'd the answers. I never did find any message, so either I didn't look in the right place or they never answered. I got frustrated looking, so just let their found it log stand. Add in the frustration of cachers with unvalidated e-mail addresses who log it as found without sending the answers and I'm just about ready to give up on owning EC's. In the release notes thread, someone asked for an explanation of how this new message system actually makes it EASIER for EC and virt owners. Can someone explain that? Mrs. Car54
  15. +1 Agreed. Also, an an EC owner, if I start having to log in to check messages, I will most likely archive our three EC's. It is currently quick and easy to read the answers in the e-mail notification and if all is well, I'm done. We are a husband/wife team. Mr. Car54 has a smart phone and is a tech geek (writes code for a living). He has the paid app on his phone. I have a flip phone and use a handheld GPS and I plan to keep it that way. I am the one who uses the website - from a PC - to submit caches, plan our caching outings, create bookmark lists, submit PQ's, log caches, etc. The more you make it difficult for the PC user (me) to use the site, the less likely we are to use your services. No angst - just sayin'..... Mrs. Car54
  16. Having been a moderator on a different forum, I can assure you that visible actions taken directly in threads (nudges, warnings posted by mods) are only the tip of the iceberg. Just because you don't see it in the thread does not mean that action wasn't taken as a result of that thread. As a moderator on another forum for a number of years, I can assure that I know all too well about communications "behind the scenes". Communications between moderators and members, and communications/discussions between moderators in the private Moderators' Forum. If that were the case here, then that probably would have been a more helpful message to post publicly, not that the poster had his facts wrong. What transpired publicly is all that the members have to take away from the forum. Nothing is learned about the "why" and "therefore" of actions / reactions. B. **above quote was liberally snipped** OK, here I go. I didn't get the dancing joke. I don't need to get every joke, but standards for joking should be equally applied to moderators, reviewers, forum regulars and noobies. I also thought Keystone's response quoted above was heavy-handed and snarky. I do understand that it's impossible to read tone in written communication, but here's how it came across to me: 1. Your statement is stupid and doesn't even deserve an answer because you don't have all the facts. 2. The facts either can't or won't be shared with you. (fair enough) 3. So do as you're told and shut up. IMHO, the same message could have been delivered MUCH more kindly and might even have served as an example of how to behave nicely in the forum, even to others you may view as troublesome. Maybe something like, "I understand why you would think that, but rest assured, appropriate actions were taken in manners you cannot see. While we can't always share details with you, we don't want to discourage you from asking questions about situations that truly trouble you." I'm the Mrs. half of the Car54 team and usually the only one to post. I don't post often and have never had a warning or worse, but I still get a "walking on eggshells" feeling quite a lot in these forums. That is a shame.
  17. I have noticed the same thing - works for me and we are premium members. Mrs. Car54
  18. Mmmmm - caches in my dessert! Mrs. Car54
  19. So wouldn't that include the "unsolicited e-mail" from the OP to the CO asking for a hint? And should the CO have ignored that e-mail? Or is an e-mail OK only if the recipient likes the message? Perhaps the CO should have responded with something like IANHTLBTT (It's a normal hide; try looking behind the tree.) If CO's are out of line for expecting more than an acronym, why aren't finders out of line for asking for more than they are willing to do? That' what I see as the entitlement here - the OP wanted the CO to do MORE than the OP themselves was willing to do. JMHO, Mrs. Car54
  20. OK, I just checked the maps on our stats page. I could swear there used to be a county one for our home state, but not any more. We've got 4 maps: Caches you've found in the world Caches you've found in the US Caches you've found in Canada Caches you've found in Europe Mrs. Car54
  21. I did not put in a location and upon adding filters it says "Searching without Location" I queried caches I found with the name railroad in the cache name and it found them country wide! I like that... Hmmm, try as I might I have not been able to do what you did. I can get it for one state but not the whole US. More power to'ya. I, too, have been unable to get anything other than the "DNF" message without entering a location on the main page or entering something in the "Search Only In" filter box. My most recent attempt was to enter nothing on the first page and on the filter page entering "Legends" in the "Geocache Name Contains" filter box. I left everything else the same and got "DNF". Edit to say that the DNF message itself is confusing: Oh no, a DNF! We couldn't find any geocaches that matched your search. Here are a few things to try: •Clear individual filters by clicking the 'X' next to the filters listed above •Adjust your filters and search again There were no "filters listed above" as suggested in the first bullet point.
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