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  1. Is it intended that this functionality exist only from the new search page? I tried the old search page and can sort of understand why it's not there as I imagine you want to encourage folks to wean themselves away from the old search (which, btw, I still find much more intuitive, not to mention easier, than the new search). But why wouldn't it be available when choosing "search for geocaches near my home location" from the profile page? Mrs. Car54
  2. I, too, sympathize with the CO, primarily because of the behavior of the other cacher. What about the "sense of community" we're supposed to strive for? I could be way off base here, but I'm sorta betting that if that honked off cacher had contacted the CO directly and politely rather than rushing to GS to "tattle" on the CO, that things could have been resolved amicably and the cache would still be there. I know my first action if I have a problem - almot any problem - with a cache or a CO's action, is to contact the CO and see if we can iron things out cacher to cacher. And you can tell the other cacher has an attitude "issue" here by the title of his pic in his reinstated log and (assumption here) by the fact that GS felt the need to edit his reinstated log. While the CO may have had a knee jerk reaction, the onus of bad behavior is on the other cacher, IMO. YMMV Mrs. Car54
  3. I admit I haven't read the Help Center article yet , but I'm wondering if an invalid e-mail bounce back (whatever it's called) to this automated HQ message would trigger an archival - thinking of long gone cachers whose e-mail account hasn't been valid for years..... Mrs. Car54 P.S. Since Groundspeak didn't communicate this change, the implication (at least to me) is that unless I get one of those e-mails, the Help Center article doesn't warrant my attention. If I'm wrong and it does warrant my attention, then surely it warrants the little bit of Groundspeak's time required to post a notification in the releases forum.
  4. Car54


    Your daughter is very creative and very talented. She also obviously loves her dad - congrats! Mrs. Car54
  5. I recently had cause to wish for this feature. We've been working on the series of "play anywhere" Wherigo hangman caches - with 4 different caches in each of 18 states. As we solve each one, it sure would be nice to be able to correct the co-ords, (visible only to us - just like a puzzle), so we'd know about where they are for whenever/if we visit that particular state. I think it would also be handy for long multi's. We have some within an hour's drive of us that are quite excellent and cover quite a bit of ground, so we work on them off and on. It sure would be easier to be able to update the co-ords to whatever stage we left off at. Since the logic already exists for puzzle caches, surely it wouldn't take much development time to add it to at least some of the other cache types, if not all? Please? Mrs. Car54
  6. I'm confused - is blocking another player the same thing as hiding a conversation? In other words, if I've hidden a conversation from Narcissa, say, does that have the same effect as blocking Narcissa? (No offense to Narcissa. ) Mrs. Car54
  7. Ahhhh, thanks for the clarification - my bad! You are not mistaken. And yep, I'm good. I was just continuing the discussion - probably because I've had trouble with newbs on two caches that are causing me to think about archiving those two - nothing at all related to MC. **must learn not to let one issue bleed over into another** :laughing: Mrs. Car54
  8. That's it!!! Change the word "drop" to "archive" and the word "hobby" to "cache" and you have perfectly summed up my feelings!! So tell me why archiving a cache or caches is "silly", but quitting the whole hobby is not? WHATEVER reason causes a CO to find a cache more headache than joy is a valid reason for THAT CO to archive THAT cache or caches. An example would be the recent thread about a DC virtual. Posters commenting on that thread are sorry to see the cache go, but no one is insulting the CO for his/her decision. And they don't even know for sure why the CO made that decision. Mrs. Car54
  9. ^^^ This - I've bookmarked the cache so I'll remember to look for it when we are in that area. Still, sad to hear that a CO was taking so much grief from the "gotta have my smiley" crowd. Mrs. Car54
  10. If they sent you an MC message and you logged into your profile they would be at the top, aiming of course you hadn't gotten any more messages in the mean time. Their message would be right there waiting for you to reply to, no need to search them out. Option 1 is on their Kindle, where the MC doesn't work. The searching they're talking about is for looking up the cacher's name in the old email system. Yep, A-Team is correct. Didn't work on the Kindle. Mrs. Car54
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess the person who posted that comment to you can no longer see your reply. So I will venture to say that for people of devout Christian faith, using that phrase is considered profane and violates one of the ten commandments. Speaking for myself, I often don't understand why someone archives their cache - any cache, not just ECs. I still think it's mildly impolite to call them silly for doing so. Those of us who are CO's have vastly different motivations for placing caches and it is the height of hubris to assume that my reason is the same as, or even superior, to someone else's. If those reasons are no longer valid for a particular CO, who am I to call them silly for their opinion? So last week, I'm sitting downstairs at home on my Kindle, checking my e-mail and I get a "time is of the essence" MC e-mail from a fellow cacher (relating to an upcoming event). I attempt to click on the links to the MC from that e-mail, but apparently the MC doesn't play well with my Kindle. I can't reply to the e-mail because the cacher did not attach their e-mail. So my choices now are: 1. I can log into my GC profile on my Kindle, look them up, try to remember the exact spelling of their user name so I can find them and send them a reply. 2. I can decide that my "trick" knee is up to another trip upstairs to log into the PC, which would allow use of e-mail, MC, multiple monitors, etc. 3. I can ignore the message until I am next at the PC for a different reason, which could be a day away. None of those options take "mere seconds" for me. I get that you are very tech savvy, almost certainly in better physical condition than I am and the MC is a big ol' No Problem for you. Please stop assuming it is that way for everyone. Mrs. Car54 (Yes, I have gray hair. ) (edited to clarify that the Kindle episode actually happened - it is not hypothetical)
  12. I received mine at a comcast address. Mrs. Car54
  13. Snoogans, that is a beautiful tribute! We've only attended one GW - the one in our home state of IN and I don't think we've ever had the honor of meeting JoGPS. It sounds as though that is most definitely our loss. RIP, Joe. Mrs. Car54
  14. OK, I will admit this comment is the height of nitpickiness, but I prefer to be called a "cacher" instead of "gamer". I know it doesn't actually harm me to be called a gamer, but I personally don't care for it. Maybe I should just be a bigger person and find it within me to ignore it. Mrs. Car54
  15. Yes! I, too, am having this problem and find it annoying! Mrs. Car54
  16. By this logic, most people like spam because they get so much of it in their in box. Now that there's funny! :laughing: Mrs. Car54
  17. Sigh.....why can't we all be courteous to each other? Some think this thread is calling cache finders names. I have seen other threads make demands on cache owners: - take me someplace interesting, take me someplace pretty, give me a challenging nano, don't hide a lame-o micro, and on and on. There is PLENTY of "do it my way" on the part of both hiders and finders. It makes me sad. It also makes me tired - there is just a whole "entitlement" philosphy out there these days. Since, as GeoBain quite correctly stated, the only behavior I can control is my own, maybe I should just concentrate on the finding part of the game, where I can try to write decent logs, replace container lids properly and carefully, thank the owner, etc. Oh, and wmpastor, it's "Quayle", not "Quale"! :laughing: Mrs. Car54
  18. I do understand what you're saying, but please remember not all of us have the same equipment you do. I have a GPS but not a smartphone. So I'm not ever going to be responding to e-mails *or* MC messages in the field. If they've changed things so the full text of the MC message shows in the e-mail notification, I'm good. Otherwise, the MC requires more work on my part. Granted, it's not a lot of work and it's not hard work, but as things become less "fun" to me - per my own definition - the less likely I am to do them. What with new app-only cachers w/o a verified e-mail address trying to log EC's, the idea that the fix is to make more work for the CO just doesn't make sense to me. It says to me that the need to accomodate folks who can't be bothered to log into the website and provide an e-mail overrides the need to respect the established cachers who have gone to considerable effort to get an EC published. I'm sure that's not the intended message and I'm sure not all EC owners feel as I do. That does not make my opinion any less valuable. Mrs. Car54
  19. I promise that if you own an earthcache, or two, or more, you might feel differently. Mrs. Car54
  20. They do. See the efforts by ecanderson to get his weekly email in this forum or was it the technology forum. Oh yes, I know they currently have that problem. I was trying to say that the MC wasn't going to help that and therefore that couldn't have been the reason behind the MC. Hmm, I think I may have confused myself! Mrs. Car54
  21. If the issue were truly a large e-mail database and avoiding blacklists, wouldn't they still have those issues with the monthly newsletter? Mrs. Car54
  22. I keep seeing this argument about "when PM fails". I will just say that one of our EC's is 7.5 years old and the others are 4 yrs old and in that time we've never experienced a failure of the e-mail system. I am not saying it couldn't happen, just that in my own particular history, that is not a valid argument for the desirability/superiority of the MC. Furthermore, I really question the advisability of EC's being available through the intro app. YMMV Mrs. Car54 (No matter how carefully you review a post, you're often able to spot a misspelling the instant after you hit "post".)
  23. Hope I'm not clipping out of context. I'm probably misunderstanding, but how would the MC be a godsend to a user who doesn't have a smartphone or an app? As the recipient, I *still* wouldn't know my email was malfunctioning. In that example, this is no worse than without the MC, but I'm not seeing how the MC makes it better??? Mrs. Car54 And I resent the implication that those of us who dislike the MC are somehow petulant children.
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