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  1. Great idea. Love the idea of passing along some knowledge withing the caching community. Sign me up please. Thanks
  2. I would second that opinion on GPScentral.ca I bought my GPS from them and it came quickly and about $90 cheaper than a place like London Drugs. Because it is in Alberta, you don't have to pay the PST either.
  3. I live and cache on the west coast of Canada and several caches in this area are also wrapped in plastic bags. I agree that they only collect water. I wouldn't use one on my own caches. If the container is letting water in, get a better container. I don't like finding plastic bags either. I hate putting my hand into a dark, wet plastic garbage bag. You never know, it could be full of garbage or something else unpleasant.
  4. Thank goodness, I'm not the only one. I will have to show my wife this post to prove it isn't just me!
  5. Must be the start of summer or something. We have been having a nice little flurry of new caches coming out in the Eastern Fraser Valley. Great job everybody! It always gets my heart pumping when I see those new caches coming out. Just wanted to say thanks to all who have spent the time and money to put these new hides out there. Thanks to DocMagoo, Team MJDJ, Zuuk, and many others.
  6. I was thinking of doing something like this. What kind of container did you use. I noticed the chuckles beside the comment watertight in the cache description.
  7. I use the AA maglight but I also picked up a head band that the flashlight can be slid into to go hands free. The band has two slots for different angles. Works well for me, but I am also looking at the LED headlamps and am thinking it may make a great Christmas gift for me. HINT HINT.....
  8. Epoxy will solve all your plastic woes. The stuff sticks to almost anything. You could even just epoxy the hook onto the container. I would avoid the velcro. I just don't think it has the staying power.
  9. If you want to go high-tech.....set up a sting operation with wildlife motion sensor cameras that take a picture when something moves in front of it. At least you could I.D. the maggots then. It has been done in our area to catch people dumping large amounts of trash on one of our river systems. If you want to go low-tech.....(instead of archiving), you could remove all the swag out of the caches and just leave a logbook and pen. Even switching the caches to film containers with just the log books. I know, I know, not as much fun for the kids, but maybe not as much fun for the maggots either.
  10. I picked up a "gently" used Palm M130 off ebay and downloaded cachemate. I have hundreds of caches on it and the part I like about it is that if I decide to just do a quick cache after work or while the wife is at the mall, I have all the info with me. Don't have to go look for a cache description at home on the computer. It allows me to spontaneously cache.
  11. It seems to take one or two people to log on your page before it pops up. There is always a mapquest link on the page that people can manually click to bring up the map.
  12. I'm in my late twenties, Love gadgets, Love the outdoors, Just a perfect blend of the two. Helps me relax after a crumby day at work. I like the fact that it is not really a well known sport to the masses.
  13. 4 hours and three trips to find the micro in Ladysmith BC ~ Train 48 Cache ~ Best cache hide I have found. Even took seven people with me on the second attempt and still nothing. Finally found it on trip #3. Well worth it though.
  14. I know what you mean. I just placed my 6th cache last weekend and couldn't wait for the first person to find it. I could hardly wait for the first log to come in. I checked the cache page several times from work and was thrilled with the first reply. It put me on a high for the rest of the day!
  15. Great point. Invest in a $10 protective cover. It will save you from tears and four letter words!
  16. I too have a Palm M130. It is tough to see in the daylight but you can adjust your contrast. In the top right corner of your grafitti area (the number side) there is a small circle that is half coloured. It is very tiny, right next to the calculator button. Touch this with the stylus and drag the control to the left or right. Hope this helps.
  17. I'm in Canada and received a PDA from UPS to go "paperless caching". They just dropped it on the front step! I was somewhat shocked to come home after work to see my brand new electronic toy sitting out for anyone to grab. I didn't authorize an unsigned drop. Just glad it didn't grow legs and walk away!
  18. Great post. The way I look at it is this way. Ask yourself how much do you pay for a round of golf? How much do you spend on a ski lift ticket? Those activities only last a few hours and I bet you spent more than 30$. Geocaching is a bargain compared to some of these activities. You spend 30 bucks to support this great sport and it gives you an entire year of fun. I have no problem supporting something that gives me so much pleasure. Gotta give a little to something you enjoy.
  19. I too noticed this the other night. I signed up for the premium membership and was somewhat disappointed with the fact that the map seems to end at 49*. We have roads, trees, and mountains up here too. Hope we can get access to this sometime. I would use the tool then.
  20. Don't know who said it but, The clearest way to the Universe is through a forest of wilderness.
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