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  1. I would like 2 or 3 of them. Thanks, from above the 49*.
  2. I feel your pain. My clip fell off within the first month of owning the GPS. I can't understand why they would put such a mickey mouse clip onto a battery pack when you have to give the battery pack a pretty good tug to get it out (No offence to any Disney fans for the mouse crack). I didn't bother to replace the clip. I took a small drill and drilled a hole in the plastic piece of the battery flap. I didn't drill through into the compartment risking water leaking in, just through the extra plastic piece above the screw. I then put the lanyard cord through the hole and I have never had a problem since. Here is a pic of what I did:
  3. Not to late at all. You have just come at the start. We are just testing the waters to see what kind of interest and what kind of numbers we are looking at for a mint run. No details have been finalized and no orders are being taken yet. We will start a new thread for design and ordering when the time is right. Looks like we are getting a good amount of interest so far.
  4. Nice job IcenRye! I lived for a brief time in the areas you visited in this episode. I didn't know about caching yet, but it was neat to see some familiar places. After watching the episode, it makes me want to go caching. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to #4. And by the way, congrats on #100! Here is to the next 100. Cheers, Chilli.
  5. Once again, this is supposed to be a topic about interest in a BC geocoin. I would order 5 myself.
  6. They won't show up on your stats page. There are so many different coins out there that it would be very difficult to incorporate all these into the statistics page. There has been dicussion of them possibly being trackable. How do people feel about the trackable feature? Individually numbering the coins increases the minting cost.
  7. Received mine in Canada today @ V2R 4M5. Thanks
  8. Great offer Mr. K! I'm sure that cache will have some people racing to it! I have an M130 with 8mb of memory. I have over 2000 caches loaded into it and that only took 4 mb. Like you said, 2 mb is really plenty for the PDA if you are only using it for caching. I will be interested to see who gets it.
  9. Man....I'm really batting zero tonight. Do you have a signature item ZZ?
  10. Congrats on the find. You will have to go to this cache page, Canadian Geocoins. You can log your find and then hide it in another cache and log where you hid it.
  11. No, no, absolutely no offence taken. That is the problem with forums......you can't see the look on someones face when you are talking with them. I had never heard that term before (never ask for a wooden nickle). Like you said, before my time.
  12. I make my own wooden coins. I have traded with other cachers from the States that have signature wooden coins. Most have sent me three or four coins in trade, so I have some extras to trade.
  13. I would trade with you Dagg, but I have seen your name on all the recent for sale lists that I have bought from. Do you have any wooden nickels you want to trade?
  14. Hey everybody, I too would like to respond to Curious George's questions. I think it is fair that people know how I feel about the issues. I believe that Parks (either provincial or federal) are run for the people and that geocaching should be allowed in parks. I am prepared to be involved with talks and park officials. I hope that we can be involved with future discussions and decisions. What has happend so far and how it was handled by parks is unfortunate. I personally signed the Parks Canada Petition. I plan (personally) to write my MLA about the problem too. Provincially, I am more hopeful. I feel as DocMagoo does....cautiously optimistic. I also feel it is very important to host events like the novice night and CITO events. With upcoming land use issues, the more community service we are involved in, the more credibility we will earn as a responsible, family orientated community. I love caching and I am involved with the BCGA because of my love for geocaching. I hope to positively affect the BCGA and further this great activity in our province for all geocachers. Edited to add info.
  15. I too am a little concerned as to how they will show the sport. I will of course watch and I hope the game is seen in a positive light.
  16. The Magellan definately has that "slingshot" effect. In my experience, the longer the GPS is on, the less the slingshot effect. If I am going out for 5 caches, I will sometimes walk past the first cache by 20 metres. It does correct itself, but it is frustrating. By the fourth and fifth cache, the GPS is right on. Weird
  17. I use the Magellan SportTrak Map. I really like it because you can upload maps (6 mb) to it. No, it isn't colour and doesn't have the fancy features of a 60CS, but the price tag is right and I have never not found a cache due to the machine. I have cached with others who use Garmin Ventures and Legends, and I feel that my satellite lock is better. With all that said, next time I would look at a 60CS if I had the money. I like the features and the 1000 waypoint memory of the 60CS.
  18. I was looking into replacing the battery in my M130. There are lots of batteries available on Ebay. They seem to be pretty cheap online. Just search M515 batteries.
  19. I love the idea of making stickers and then making them tough to get by only having them available by being FTF. Where did you get them made up?
  20. I make my own and it only takes about 5 minutes using a simple program like Word or Word Perfect. Making your own allows you to personalize it for the cache. I wouldn't use one that Groundspeak made, they would all be the same. I only collect geocaching "stuff" that is either a signature item or handmade/personally made. My $0.02
  21. Please put my name on the wait list to purchase one coin. Thanks.
  22. I have my own personal wooden nickels. If anybody wants to swap wood coins, let me know. You can see my coin on my profile page. Email me through my profile page if interested. Thanks
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