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  1. Yup....channel 2. See this link: GC.COM FAQ It is the last item at the end of the page.
  2. I am in Chilliwack (100 km east of Vancouver) and here are a few caches to hit on the way through: These first three caches are all located at Bridal Falls just east of Chilliwack. It is a provincial dayuse park. There is a 15 minute walk up to the falls. The park also has washrooms and is a good place for a stretch after driving. It is located right off the highway. There are three caches, all on trails within a few minutes of parking. Chilliwack's First - Chilliwacks first ever cache. Bunker Cache - A two stage multi. The first stage requires you to find a sign. The cache is then sighted by compass. Fern Grotto - An easy goto cache. And here is my shameless plug for one of my caches. It is located right off the highway in Chilliwack at the tourist info centre: Educating the Tourist This is a two stage cache. The two stages are in the same parking area. Hope this helps and have a great trip.
  3. Hey Zuuk, Good luck with the trip! Looking forward to checking in on your website to see what's up.
  4. Received mine in British Columbia, Canada today. Thanks for all the effort of producing these. They are a fantastic looking coin.
  5. Anyone curious about geocaching or wanting to try geocaching before buying a GPS unit should come to the FREE upcoming event: The ABC's of Geocaching Event being held in Vancouver BC. I agree that nobody should have to pay to learn how to cache. More than enough people around to happily show you what it's all about.
  6. Thanks for the making the video Icenrye! That makes a lot of sense now. I will have to look into it. I don't have a mic. right now though.
  7. I found a container today that looked suspiciously like one of these. The log inside looked like wood pulp. Even though I carry tweezers, I didn't even try to get it out because previous finders mentioned how wet the log was. I just took some pictures to prove I found it. If I was setting up a multi, I would laminate the paper and put it inside a 35 mm film canister or Altoids tin. That way, if the container leaks, the coordinates, or instructions for the next waypoint, won't get damaged. I got my TB's tag laminated at The UPS Store and the price was reasonable. I should have added that I always use waterproof paper (write in the rain paper) in these caches. The first small tube I put out ended up as pulp in no time. I have had good success with the waterproof paper though.
  8. If you want to go really small, you can find pet ID tubes at your local pet store. These are meant to hang on the pets collar with their name and address inside. They are cheap to buy and are half the size of the bison tubes (really drive the finders nuts!)
  9. Most people in our area (British Columbia - where yes.....it does rain a bit) use lock-n-locks. I have used the dollar store ones and they don't do the same job as the brand name ones. The true lock-n-lock made by Starfrit are extremly water proof. A fellow cacher here even did a submerssion test with one and it still kept the cache dry. Another cacher in the area had a lock-n-lock float away in a canal when the water level came up. He retrieved the cache several days later down stream and it was still dry.
  10. Hey Icenrye, Could you give us a little run through of what it is exactly? Is it like MSN messenger? Thanks.
  11. I believe that geocaching is a family sport and should be open and available in Parks. Of course this must be done in such a way that is environmentally sustainable and doesn't cause permanent damage. I feel that Parks are owned by the people of the country and we as geocachers should be allowed to participate in our activity within our parks. Our parks allow people to experience nature and natural history up close which is also one of the key aspects of geocaching that I love. Geocaching and parks seem like the perfect marriage to me. I believe that physical geocaches can be placed and maintained within parks so that people can enjoy parks and geocaching. I think Parks should be using geocaching as a teaching tool and to fill out their mandate for the environment, history, health and family values. Other park agencies allow geocaching within the boundries and it works fine. With the proper information, our parks departments should be able to see that geocaching offers great value to the parks. These parks are for people to use. Management exists to manage parks for everyone, not to own them. I am pro-geocaching. That is why I want to be involved with these discussions. Please forward your comments and suggestions to Claire at Parks Canada. Claire is the goto person for the Parks Canada geocaching policy as she is collecting the information to form the policy. This is our time to be heard. This is where I am coming from.
  12. I was online as the representative for the BCGA.
  13. The rock I saw looked to be made of vinyl. These were not micro rocks either. The one I saw stood about 2' high. It looked real enough too. There was no bottom on the rock, it was just hollowed out. Big enough to fit a good size lock-n-lock under.
  14. British Columbia Geocaching Association - Canada
  15. I saw those a few months back at Superstore in the spring but they wanted $19.00 at the time. I picked one up, and almost started walking to the till. Changed my mind after reconsidering the price. I think they would make a cool cache hide! I might go grab one and then hide it on the river! I can see the hint on the cache page now.....It is amonst the rocks
  16. Great point. I would have no problem with it at all. People have the choice of doing the cache or passing on it. I would definately want to find it.
  17. Received my coins in British Columbia today. Beautiful coins! Thanks for all your effort and time. It has paid off in the end!
  18. Nice job again, Icenrye! Like Doc said, next time you're down this way, drop me a line and I would love to go cache hunting with you! Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to #5!
  19. That would be a cool spot for a virtual cache. The only problem is trying to get a virtual cache approved. A fellow cacher tried to get one approved here recently. They supplied all the historical info, explained why a cache container wouldn't work in the area....etc, but the virtual was still denied.
  20. I second the TRAIN 48 cache! Great hide in a neat little town (Ladysmith). If you continue down the road a couple hundred metres, you can enjoy Transfer Beach Park. Nice spot for a picnic lunch on the beach.
  21. Yes, this is very true. The main idea behind this thread was to just jumpstart some ideas. The final design will be created by committee but going into the design process with as many ideas as possible makes it a little easier. I really like your idea of representing both coastal and interior areas on the same coin.
  22. Thank you to all who have expressed interest in the creation of a BC Geocoin. We have had enough interest to start talking about design ideas. What do you think of when you hear British Columbia? Please post your ideas for design!
  23. BC Parks is willing to meet with us and consult with us before creating a geocaching policy. The initial information that has been shared between us (the BCGA) and BC Parks has been positive. The BCGA is asking for cachers input on what they would like to see happen with geocaching in BC Parks. This input can be given through the news article on the BCGA website. I am optimistic that a policy that benefits both cachers and BC Parks can be created. I hope that a progressive policy can be created and act as a model for other Canadian provinces.
  24. I too have pondered how to do an underwater cache. The problem I see with the underwater container is that the cache is only as waterproof as the last finder leaves it. If the last finder doesn't get the lid screwed on tightly or doesn't clamp down the lid tight enough, all your hard work is er.... down the drain. I was thinking about using a Nalgene bottle and weighting it down. I think it is possible to do, but the maintenance might become a pain.
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